Recently, most people have suffered from mycosis (foot fungus). Only units avoided infection. This situation continued until such time as they began to appear medicinal antifungal agents. Some of them allowed to mask the unpleasant symptoms, removing external irritation and itching. Others completely freed a person from a fungal infection. Today, many effective medicines have been developed that can cure dermatomycosis. One of the effective drugs is "Termikon" (ointment).

Termikon (ointment): instructions for use, analogues and reviews

a brief description of

“Termikon” (ointment) is an antifungal domestic drug. The main active ingredient of the drug is terbinafine. The drug has a wide range of fungicidal activity.

The tool is effectively used in the fight against various mushrooms:

  1. Dermatophytes (T.mentagrophytes, Trychophyton rubrum, T.verrucosum, T.tonsurans, T.violaceum, Epidermophyton floccosum, Microsporum canis).
  2. Mold fungi (Aspergillus, Scorpulariopsisbrevicalius, Cladosporium).
  3. Certain dimorphic (Pityrosporum orbiculare).
  4. Yeast Mushrooms.

The drug has an impact on biochemical processes in the cellular structure of the pathogen. Thus, the drug destroys them.

Forms of release

The drug is made in several dosage forms. This allows you to apply the tool for a variety of procedures.

Pharmacologists have provided medicine in the following forms:

  1. Pills. In therapy, they rarely use this drug "Termikon". Tablets are prescribed to the patient only in severe cases. This form may be recommended to the patient if the previous treatment was ineffective. Apply the drug can only be prescribed by the doctor. If long-term therapy is carried out, then the control of the functioning of the kidneys and liver is obligatory.
  2. Ointment, cream. Such forms of the Termikon preparation are very popular. Cream, ointment intended for external use. They are convenient to use. And while providing excellent results.
  3. Spray. This is another popular medicinal form of the drug "Termikon". Spray, the price of which is quite acceptable for most people, is effectively used for the prevention of foot fungus. The convenient form allows to process legs after visiting of a sauna, pool. This tool is used to disinfect the shoes of a sick patient. This procedure allows you to avoid re-infection.

Indications for use of tablets

The medicine is an excellent antifungal agent. It effectively fights common ringworms in severe form. The drug is prescribed for various mycoses of the scalp.

However, it should be remembered that the tablet form should be used only as prescribed by a doctor. Self-medication can be very dangerous.

According to the instructions of the drug "Termikon", tablets are prescribed for the following pathologies:

  • trichophytosis;
  • skin candidiasis;
  • microsporia;
  • onychomycosis;
  • athlete's groin;
  • mucosal candidiasis;
  • dermatomycosis of the skin, characterized by severe course.

Indications for use of an external agent

The drug "Termikon" (ointment) is highly effective. It is known that a favorable result is noticeable in the first days of therapy. But complete healing can be achieved only by regular use of the remedy.

Doctors prescribing the drug "Termikon" (cream), especially insist on compliance with the recommended treatment regimen. After all, a retreat from it can provoke the return of unpleasant pathology.

External remedy, produced in the form of cream, ointment, spray, is prescribed for ailments:

  • mycoses of the feet;
  • fungal skin lesions;
  • mild athlete's groin;
  • fungal lesions of the hair area of ​​the body;
  • varicolor versicolor;
  • the risk of infection with fungi (prevention).


It should again be recalled that such a drug can be used only by doctor's prescription.

Patients who are recommended to use this dosage form, you must adhere to the following standard doses and courses of therapy:

  1. People who are not diagnosed with abnormalities of internal organs are given twice a day, half a tablet. May be recommended the use of 1 time per day 1 pill. The course of treatment depends on the pathology being diagnosed. It can last from 1 to 12 weeks.
  2. Individuals with impaired functioning of the liver, kidneys, as well as children whose weight is less than 40 kg should be taken 125 mg daily (half a tablet).
  3. Children whose weight exceeds 40 kg are allowed to take one pill per day (250 mg).
  4. Tableted drug is recommended to use immediately after eating.

The duration of therapy is determined by the pathology. As a rule, doctors use the following scheme:

  1. Interdigital dermatomycosis. It is recommended to apply the medicine up to 6 weeks. The most common therapy is 4 weeks.
  2. Plantar ringworm. The treatment lasts 14 days.
  3. Ringworm of the legs, trunk. Therapy is prescribed for 3 weeks.
  4. Mycosis of the hair zone. It is recommended to take pills for 28 days.
  5. Onychomycosis of the hands. Therapy should continue for 1.5 months.
  6. Candida skin. Favorable results can be obtained in 3 weeks.
  7. Onychomycosis of the feet. The treatment will be delayed for 3 months. In the case of slow growth of nails, the doctor will recommend applying the tool within six months.

Use of outdoor products

In case of milder pathologies, the patient is prescribed a spray or ointment "Termikon". The use of these tools exclusively external.

The drug is applied to the affected area, capturing nearby tissue. The ointment should be spread thinly over the surface and rubbed into the skin. Spray sprayed on the affected area. The damaged area should be gently massaged so that the substance is absorbed into the surface of the skin.

Doctors recommend sticking to the following rules:

  1. Before applying an external agent should be cleaned and always dry the damaged areas.
  2. The drug "Termikon" (ointment) instruction advises to use 1-2 times during the day.
  3. The tool necessarily spreads to the damaged area and adjacent tissues.
  4. If the medication is used to fight infections that are accompanied by diaper rash (between the buttocks, under the breast, in the interdigital spaces or in the inguinal zone), after application it is necessary to cover the area with gauze. It is especially advisable to do this at night.

The duration of the use of external funds also depends on the disease:

  1. Ringworm of the legs, trunk. Preparations are used for 1 week. The tool is used 1 time per day.
  2. Multicolor versicolor. With this pathology, therapy lasts 2 weeks. Depending on the patient's condition, 1-2 applications per day may be prescribed.
  3. Candida skin. For 7-14 days, the drug is used 1-2 times a day.

Side effects

Most often, adverse reactions occur while taking the tablet form of the drug.

Patients may experience the following symptoms:

  • anorexia;
  • dyspepsia;
  • agranulocytosis;
  • myalgia;
  • diarrhea;
  • urticaria;
  • arthralgia;
  • nausea;
  • stomach pain;
  • rash;
  • thrombocytopenia;
  • lyell's syndrome;
  • the perversion of taste;
  • neutropenia;
  • cholestatic jaundice;
  • temporary loss of taste perception;
  • stevens-Johnson syndrome;
  • anaphylaxis.

If you use the drug "Termikon" (ointment), then the following manifestations are possible:

  • allergic reactions;
  • itching at the site of application;
  • burning sensation in the affected area.

Contraindications to the drug

Do not use the drug in such conditions:

  • fungal lesions in children under 3 years old and children whose weight is less than 20 kg;
  • individual hypersensitivity;
  • gestation period;
  • breast-feeding.

Relative contraindications are pathology:

  • renal failure;
  • alcoholism;
  • liver failure;
  • the presence of tumors;
  • exchange violation;
  • diseases of the bone marrow, which inhibit blood formation;
  • diseases accompanied by occlusion of blood vessels.

With such factors, the medication can be used exclusively on prescription and under strict supervision.

Analogues of medication

It is quite acceptable for the drug "Termikon" (ointment) price. Therefore, the cost of the drug, as a rule, does not force him to look for an analogue. Most often, the replacement of the original means due to the occurrence of side effects.

The main analogues with one active ingredient are:

  • Atifin;
  • Bramzil;
  • Terbinafin Sandoz;
  • Terbizil;
  • Tebikur;
  • "Tsidokan";
  • "Exiter";
  • Lamisil;
  • "Fungerbin";
  • "Binafin".

Cost of medication

The price of the drug depends on the form of release and packaging means. The following is the average cost of the drug:

  1. The drug "Termikon" (ointment). Price per package (15 ml) is 201.80 rubles.
  2. Pills. The cost of packing number 14 (250 mg) - 498.30 rubles.
  3. Medicine "Termikon" (spray). The price of a bottle (30 ml) is approximately 286.50 rub.

Consumer opinion

Among the population is very popular drug "Termikon" (ointment). Reviews of patients show that the tool effectively fights with mycosis of the feet, versicolor.

However, most often therapy is not limited to only one drug. The doctor includes treatment and other means. Such a complex therapy allows eliminating unpleasant symptoms in a few days. However, to achieve complete cure, doctors strongly recommend that you complete the prescribed course of treatment. This is one of the common mistakes of people who use the tool on their own. Having been relieved, they consider the therapy complete. As a result, the illness returns. Such people often say that the drug "Termikon" is ineffective.

There are reviews that tell about a wonderful cure, but indicate the occurrence of adverse reactions. Often we are talking about dermatitis.

Therefore, it is very important, noticing the first unpleasant symptoms, not to postpone the visit to the doctor and not try to deal with the illness on your own. Only a doctor is able to select the necessary treatment regimen. Do not forget that, hoping for self-treatment, you put your body at serious risk, ranging from damage to healthy skin and ending with impaired digestion.