In the arsenal of every avid fisherman must have a telescopic fishing rod, and not one. She appeared in the 70s of the last century and rapidly began to supplant traditional bamboo rods. As you know, they were a thin stick about two meters in length with a fishing tackle attached to it. Such devices were very inconvenient in transportation, and it was impossible to make a long-distance casting with their help.

To solve this problem and was created telescopic fishing pole.

Telescopic fishing pole

What is she like?

As the name of the fishing rod shows, it moves apart on the principle of a telescope. Its design consists of several tubes, or, as they are also called, knees, which are part of one another. When folded, the fishing rod can reach 10 m in length. When folded, each subsequent tube ideally enters the previous one, eventually turning into a small element corresponding to the length of the first knee.

In this form, it is convenient to transport and store, and in case of damage to one of its knees, it is easy to replace it by disassembling the fishing pole.

"Telescope" with rings

Telescopic fishing pole with rings is also called Bologna, because its place of origin is the Italian province of Bolon.

For the separation of the tubes it has special rings attached to the ends of each of them. They also serve to hold the line. The length of the fishing line can be changed using a reel. When moving apart, the tubes are well fixed, allowing the fisherman to choose the desired length of the fishing rod. As a rule, it has as many knees, how many meters it moves apart.

When folded, its length is not more than 1.2 m, which refers to the classic fishing rod of a long addition. Telescopic fishing pole with rings of this type is very easy to use. It has a small weight, so it is comfortable to keep it during fishing.

As for short-length fishing rods (when folded, their length is 0.6‒0.7 m), their dignity lies only in this small size, compact for transportation. In all other respects, they are very inconvenient, especially for beginners, since their weight and thickness of the rod is about 1.5 times greater than that of a classical fishing rod.

"Telescope" without rings

A telescopic fishing pole without rings is known to many by the name of “flywheel”. It has no rings and reel seat. Apply them for fishing when using deaf float equipment. The line is fastened in it to a single ring located at the end of the fishing pole. The design of the hollow inside provides such a fishing rod lightness and flexibility.

How to choose a telescopic fishing pole?

In order for the telescopic fishing pole to be your reliable assistant and not fail at the crucial moment, you must take her choice very seriously.

Experienced fishermen recommend first of all to pay attention to the quality of the main (first) knee. It should have good stiffness and not bend when pressed with your fingers. If these properties are not inherent in him, then you may be in trouble in the form of a breakdown when you cast a fishing pole or cut the prey.

The next thing to pay attention to is the weight of the fishing rod. It should be easy to use.

Be sure to check the connection of the knees. If it is loose, then at the very first heavy load the telescopic rod can break. And such failures, as a rule, occur at the moment of biting, when a small lever force is applied to it.

But still the main factor of choice is the material from which the rod is made. Now on sale are not only bamboo and fiberglass products. They are successfully replaced by the relatively recently obtained telescopic carbon fishing rods. Produce them from carbon fiber.

The disadvantage of such fishing rods is that they are prone to scratches and do not tolerate mechanical shocks, but this does not stop experienced fishermen from acquiring them.