The first tattoos appeared in ancient, now non-existent Indian tribes and in ancient Egypt. Archaeologists found tattoos on embalmed bodies of emperors, high officials and other people. Drawings on the body divided the population according to caste, social status, in some cases, generic tattoos were used to denote the attitude to a particular tree. In ancient Indian and African tribes there was a cult of applying to the body images of its totem animal - wolf, falcon, fox, snake and other animals.

Tattoo "Skull"


Tattoos in the form of skulls are very popular, because they have many meanings in occultism and in various ideologies. Most often, such a drawing is made to remind that no one is eternal and that we all will sometime die. Simply put, the skull is a symbol of death. In some occult directions, such a picture, on the contrary, is a symbol of immortality.

Tattoo "Skull" in ideologies

And still consider what the tattoo "Skull" is. Its meaning in many ideologies can be deciphered as "committed to this system of views until death". In this case, it is often depicted along with the cobweb, mainly on the shoulder and elbow or on the chest. Skinheads and Nazis have a tattoo "Skull" - a symbol of hatred, a sign of willingness to kill in the name of their ideology. One of the variants of "tattoo of fidelity" is a skull with roses, knives and knuckles.

Also this drawing is one of the favorite characters in punks. Tattoo "Skull" on the shoulder, chest, back or hand of such a person means the phrase Punk not death ("Punk will never die"). Adherents of this subculture piously believe that their ideology will always live, despite the fact that it is still young enough.

What does the "Skull" tattoo mean in a criminal world? Such tattoos, but rather tattoo, are often stuffed by big thieves, who have a thirst for power. Still such representatives of criminality name thieves in the law.

Even the military sometimes uses a tattoo "Skull". The value of such tattoos in people in uniform is more often attributed to the kind of troops. For example, the emblem in the form of a skull with wings and lightning is available from US special services. Therefore, many officers devoted to work fill this image with their bodies.

What does such a tattoo mean in occultism?

In some religions, the skull and crossbones (like on a pirate flag) is a symbol of the remission of sins and the purification of the soul. Therefore, proponents of such religious views were applied tattoo "Skull." They did it as a sign that he let go of all their sins and begin life from scratch.

Another spiritual meaning of the tattoo "Skull" is the memory of a deceased relative or close person. Then a rose and a tape with a name are added to the main element. This symbol is often stuffed "under the heart", in the lower part of the left side of the chest.

Sometimes on their bodies people put a tattoo with their zodiac signs. One of the signs is complemented by a skull. Specifically - cancer. What does this tattoo mean? It is a symbol of masculinity. Normally applied to the chest, is a "magnet" to attract success and strength.

The symbol of wisdom and immortality is considered a tattoo in the form of a skull, from the orbit of which the snake comes out. Sometimes a reptile can twist the main element.

Fans of gambling stuff skulls with bones (for backgammon) or dominoes. Another such tattoo says that life is a game with a sad end. Or it may be a reminder that fun with death is very dangerous.

In the Indian tribes of the skull, inflicted on the body, is considered to be a talisman. The Indians believe that this character should confuse the death. She decides that the person is already dead, and just pass by. In our time such a technique used by racers and riders, dealing in equipment and their transport to skulls and bones.


Now you know what skull tattoos mean on the arm, leg or other part of the body. As you can see, in fact, every tattoo, whether it's a chanterelle or a card, has many meanings. It is impossible to say for certain what symbolizes this or that drawing. First of all, the meaning is created by the person himself, when he decides to apply an image to his body. For someone, the skull on the shoulder is just a drawing, and for another - a whole story. If you stuff yourself a bird, then someone can see this as a symbol of freedom, and you have invested in it the meaning of beauty.

In any case, the main thing is to remember about safety, so avoid applying nacolock and portals in non-sterile places.