Tattoos in the form of lizards are quite common in the modern art of telomodification, but not everyone knows that it was this symbol that could be seen on the bodies of the ancient Aborigines of New Zealand. What does this sign mean and should it be used as a sketch for the native image? In fact, the "Lizard" tattoo is a positive symbol with many meanings, we will try to make out the most interesting of them and to understand to whom such a tattoo is best suited.

Lizards in the culture of different countries of the world

It is believed that the first to inflict the image of lizards on their skin were native inhabitants of New Zealand - Maori tribes. The animal's body was curved and resembled the modern letter "S". Such a drawing was considered a magical amulet from evil forces and destructive essences. The "Lizard" tattoo has a very different meaning in the ancient Greek traditions. According to the inhabitants of Greece, this animal is a symbol of Mercury, the patron of eloquence and trade. But the ancient Romans considered lizards a depiction of death and the subsequent resurrection. According to the views of the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt, the creepy reptiles symbolize logic and luck. If you asked what the "Lizard" tattoo means, among the inhabitants of South and Central America, they would, without hesitation, answer you that it is a sign of sexual energy and fertility. Africans are convinced that this animal symbolizes compromises and the ability to negotiate, and according to the version of the North American Indians, we have the personification of treachery. And if in Africa it is believed that lizard wisdom can prevent war, the population of North America, on the contrary, believes that it is the impure thoughts, combined with the cunning of the reptile, that lead to conflicts.

The general value of a tattoo

Lizard - a sign of dexterity and resourcefulness. Surely each of you in your childhood tried to catch this brisk reptile and was amazed at its ability to throw off the tail, and in time to grow a new one. To make a tattoo with the image of this animal will be useful for people who are trying to become more resourceful and learn to solve any problems. Often such a tattoo is made by women who want to become more interesting for the opposite sex or dream of children. Do not forget that the lizard is a symbol of sexuality and fertility in many cultures. This animal is associated with the resurrection not by chance, because it really falls into hibernation and wakes up after wintering. Accordingly, the tattoo lizard is suitable for those who want to upgrade, dreams of starting a new life and "reborn." If you type such a sketch with these thoughts, you will not succeed in everything, and luck will accompany you in all matters.

What else could the image of a lizard mean?

Many reptiles seem incredibly wise animals. Let's turn to the history: lizards, snakes, turtles and alligators live on our planet since time immemorial and at the same time practically do not change. That is why the "Lizard" tattoo, whose significance is multifaceted, can be deciphered in the same way as the symbol of wisdom, dexterity and eternity. This sketch can be applied to the skin as an amulet. Very often tattoos in the form of lizards are chosen by businessmen and politicians - after all, they so need the oratorical talent and the ability to quickly solve any problems. Do not forget that the actual image does not need to have a deep meaning. If you really like the "Lizard" tattoo, do it for the sake of beauty, without thinking about a deep sense.

Choose a place for a tattoo

The sketch of a lizard for a tattoo can be large and realistic or small and stylized, contouring. You can arrange this tattoo on almost any part of the body. The most common options are the "Lizard" tattoo on the leg, on the arm, on the back, the girls on the lower back or the lower abdomen. Some extremely extreme people put tattoos with the image of this animal on the neck, on the chest or behind the ear. Remember the main rule: if the new image for you is a guard, place it where you can always hide under the clothes if necessary. But if, on the contrary, for you the tattoo "Lizard" is an ornament, place it where everyone will see it.