In our time, when sometimes it seems that everything has long been invented and invented, almost every year there are more and more new styles of tattoo. Trash polka is a vivid example. This trend in the art of tattooing appeared relatively recently, but managed to win the hearts of millions of fans.

Thrash Polka Tattoo: features


The main features of the style

A thrash-polka tattoo at first glance often seems repulsive and frightening. Death and the afterlife, ghosts and skeletons, anatomical details, mystical undead in the form of a pattern on the body - all this can not fail to attract attention. Sensations from what he saw are similar to watching the most crazy "horror film", which scares you to a cold sweat, and does not allow you to return to a safe reality, looking up from the screen. What to do, such are the properties of the human psyche, thanks to which we are so attracted by the terrible and shocking.

No less important than the plot is the manner of performance. Accuracy, high detail, attention to detail - the main features of thrash polka. From this images seem even more frightening, because the tattoo done by a good master really looks very realistic.

Plots for tattoo

The range of images that are used to create a thrash-polka tattoo is quite wide. But if this heart is blood red, anatomically correct. If the butterfly is sitting on a bare-eyed skull. If the flower is a spiked, oil-drenched or thick blooded rose.

Often among the works of the best masters, we can see Death dressed in rags, high stained glass windows of Gothic cathedrals, funeral paraphernalia, cold and firearms and army means of defense, fragments of human and animal skeletons, fluttering drapery of savana.

A thrash-polka tattoo is almost always a collage made up of several images. Surely both the master and the owner put a certain meaning into the image, although today in the circles of connoisseurs it is not accepted to take the meanings of tattoos too seriously. But, as in most cases with frightening images, which we often see in tribal, biker, army tattoos and many other styles, the same logic can be traced. According to her, “horror stories” inflicted on the body protect the wearer from evil spirits, troubles and misfortunes, frightening off negative energy and hostile forces.

Color spectrum

The classic is red and black gamma, most of the work done in it. But sometimes you can find tattoos that are much more complex in color.

Trash polka is a style in which any dark shades can be used: dark green, purple, deep blue, burgundy, mustard brown. But bright, pastel and luminescent colors in the works of masters who create in this style are unlikely to be seen.

Places of drawing

As in the case of other areas, it all depends on the size of the sketch. Realistic execution requires a certain space, so we can often see images on large open spaces: on the chest, shoulders, back, abdomen. Thrash-polka tattoos on the arm are not uncommon (for men). Women often have a pattern on the legs, thighs, upper abdomen under the breast.

The target audience

It would seem that the harsh theme in the first place attracts brutal bearded men, but, oddly enough, among the lovely ladies you can also often see fans of thrash-polka style.

Women's tattoos differ from men in great finesse, but they are also frightening and attractive.

What you need to remember before going to the salon

Whichever sketch you choose, there are a number of rules. If you want your thrash-polka tattoo to heal quickly and to maintain a presentable look for a long time, in no case do not show any amateur performance. Listen, write better, everything that the master says, and strictly follow his advice. With any image in a realistic technique, you need to be especially delicate, otherwise the drawing will simply float. Therefore, in advance, find out what drug and dressing material you need to buy, and get everything you need before applying the tattoo. Remember: no popular "proven" means will not cope with the task better than the drug recommended by a specialist.

If you take care of the tattoo as the master advises, it will heal quickly and painlessly, and in the future it will delight you with its unique aesthetics for more than one year.