Conventionally, all tattoo designs can be divided into common and rare. Agree, flowers, butterflies and wild animals can be seen quite often on the bodies of others. But have you ever seen a tattoo “gun” at one of your friends or bystanders? Meanwhile, this pattern is becoming increasingly popular, so it will be useful for everyone to learn and remember its meaning.

Pistol, revolver - the total value of the symbol

Tattoo gun - a creative sketch for the bold and daringFirearms as a sketch for a tattoo are usually chosen by people who are directly associated with it or have an original mindset. If you see someone has a “gun” tattoo, it is likely that you have a military man, a gangster, or a professional shooter. However, often this picture is chosen and just fans of the militants or American westerns about the Wild West. Most often, such a tattoo emphasizes its "danger" and seriousness. Tattoo "gun" choose impudent people who are not afraid to shock and amaze others.

Variations of the picture

Quite often, the gun is stuffed near the belt, respectively, the picture in this case looks like a real revolver tucked into the belt. The female version of the location - on the thigh (sometimes complemented by a garter). Sometimes girls depict a gun below the armpit, in which case the barrel of the bra overlaps it or the weapon looks stuck under the top. Often depict a pair of symmetrical pistols, they can simply be located near or intersect. The revolver can also be part of a complex pattern, surrounded by flowers, playing cards, an abstract pattern, or other symbols. What is interesting, men often choose tattoo “pistol” of rather large sizes and the images are as realistic as possible, while girls choose elegant stylized drawings.

The value of the tattoo “gun” on the zone

Surprisingly, firearms are not as common as they could be in the culture of criminal tattoos. Most often, this picture is chosen as a sign of remorse and regret. Revolvers depict along with symbols of other vices - drugs, alcohol, gambling and women. Such tattoos often have a deep meaning, like “everything that ruins us”. However, sometimes prisoners do choose a gun in order to emphasize their danger and seriousness. Usually in this case the mark itself has some special meaning, it can be directly connected with the crime that entailed the punishment. In any case, it is worth being careful with a person who has freed himself from “places not so distant” if his body has a tattoo in the form of a gun.

Who is the tattoo gun suitable for?

Wearable images should fully comply with your image and worldview. You should not stuff a tattoo “gun” on your arm, if you are a modest and peaceful person. This symbol is best suited to hooligans and rebels. In order for the finished tattoo to look attractive, it is important to choose the right size and style of execution. When choosing a place for a tattoo, consider also the compatibility of the new sketch with the body images that are already on your body. A pistol is a complex and ambiguous symbol. But if you decide to fill it, you can be sure that your tattoo will be original and very unusual.

Tattoo "gun" value is ambiguous and multifaceted - and this is the scope for your imagination. After all, only the final choice of the sketch and the meaning that you put into it depends on you. At your discretion, supplement the drawing with other images or inscriptions to give it individuality. And then you can be sure that there will be no second person like you.