In the modern world, the art of tattoo is in its heyday. A few years ago, to scare a beginner away from the first tattoo could be the statement that he would never be taken to a decent job with such a mark. But today, these beliefs are only laughed at. Beautiful tattoos can boast of many successful entrepreneurs and top managers, athletes and politicians, doctors and representatives of the law.

Of course, and the requirements for the quality of work have increased. In the modern art of tattoo, new techniques and styles develop. The choice is really great. Before those who want to decorate the body, there are wide opportunities.

If you choose a plot for a tattoo and want to prepare in advance for a hike in the salon, our article will help you understand the nuances. Her theme is the tattoo "Peony", a popular story, expressive and very beautiful. This flower, executed by the skillful hand of the master, can become an ornament that will harmonize with both everyday clothes and with a luxurious evening toilet.

Peony in different cultures

Some symbols found in modern tattoo can be interpreted in different ways. In different cultures, the relation to the same flower, animal or object can be absolutely opposite. But the peony is one of the rare exceptions. In different parts of the Earth it has always been considered a royal flower. People believed in his protective power, admired his beauty, enjoyed the fragrance. Only in ancient India (and according to some sources, even in Rome) was believed that the peony - a symbol of pride and vanity.

In the East, the peony is considered a male flower. His image was applied to the bodies of samurai, believing in the protective properties of this flower. Later, the fashion was adopted by seafarers, who brought it to Europe. Sailors, warriors and merchants believed that in the long journey the peony would save from all misfortunes, tricks of evil spirits, and also strengthen the strength of the spirit, give confidence and steadfastness. This belief is associated with the plant itself - strong, stable, unpretentious.

Today, the tattoo "Peony" can be found not only on beautiful ladies. This flower is almost the only one that adorns itself and the representatives of the stronger sex.

The most common values ​​of tattoos with pions

Today, many are convinced: the belief that every tattoo is important - a relic of the past. Yes, and many masters consider the tattoo solely as a decorative element. The main task of skin design is to please the owner, emphasize his style and look attractive.

But do not forget about the hidden meanings. The tattoo "Peonies", whose meaning is related to history, are able to give owners confidence in themselves, courage, courage. In addition, as in former times, many believe in their protective properties.

Work on the sketch

Even if you draw well and clearly understand what you want, it is desirable to develop a sketch together with the master. His experience is useful in working on color, hatching, toning. Still, a specialist is easier to imagine what the tattoo "Peonies" will look like on the skin.

Sketches are best performed in full size and in the planned colors.

Localization on the body

Where to place a tattoo, everyone decides for himself. Today this plot is very popular for large area works, because the peony flower is very interesting, multi-layered, and with tinting there is where to clear up. It is often possible to see large tattoos "Peonies" on the hip, scapula, abdomen.

Smaller works look well on the shoulders and forearms, in the region of the solar plexus and between the shoulder blades.

Quite small peonies can decorate the ankle, wrist, collarbone, back of the neck.

Colors and techniques

Before making an important decision, think about the color of your "Peony" tattoo. These flowers look luxuriously in black and white, and in color are indistinguishable from the living.

Different masters depict them in many techniques, beginning with the old school, finishing with the megapool nowadays. Do not forget, the tattoo should fit organically into your overall style.

Important rules

If you want the tattoo "Peony" to properly heal and rejoice you for a long time, strictly follow the recommendations of the master. Many salons provide customers with printed memos. Beforehand get the indicated healing agent and the necessary dressing material. If the tattoo is in a place that you can not reach by yourself, arrange with someone from home or friends who can help you with changing the bandage and applying ointment.

With proper care at the stage of healing, the pattern will be well fixed and will retain clarity and brightness for a long time.