Every woman wants to find the perfect proportions of the body, and men often look at the mirror with a sigh, trying to hide a protruding belly. However, some dreams here can not cope. You need to set yourself a goal and methodically go to achieve it. The path this path will not be short, and the first tangible results will not appear immediately. However, there are some pluses.

A well-designed system that will lead you to success is not a diet, and therefore, you will not have to experience hunger. Today we want to introduce you to one of the most effective programs, developed an ordinary girl, Tanya Rybakova. Having its own path of weight loss, she wants to help other women to regain a slim figure.Tanya Rybakov: results of a diet

Experiments, Experiments

Every woman who has extra weight can boast a huge baggage of scattered knowledge about healthy eating, the benefits and harms of various diets, physical activity and daily routine. And while learning something new, we are all trying to urgently put an experiment on ourselves and test in practice whether you can lose 15 kg in a week in the barley industry. Perhaps the gift will be stress and depression, weakness and indigestion. As a result, you will want to pamper yourself with something tasty, and dropped kilograms will not miss the opportunity to take their usual places.

The history of the system

Tanya Rybakova, like hundreds of other women, began to experiment on herself from her teenage years. For 4 years she lost 55 kg, and most of this time was spent on various diets, which brought to fainting and returning the dumped kilograms. This gave an understanding of the fact that each organism is individual, and one cannot simply follow a certain general nutritional system.

Tanya Rybakova decided it was time to change my lifestyle and relationship to food. Along with perfecting her body, she became a certified nutritionist, which allowed to systematize knowledge and to help other women.

Three whales of success

In fact, Tanya Rybakova does not reveal anything extraordinary to us. Many people themselves guess how they can lose weight. Motivation is needed first. If you yourself (not your husband, parents or children) do not want a change, then all attempts to diet and go to the gym will remain attempts.

The second aspect - the most important is nutrition. Below we will tell you how Tanya Rybakova lost weight. The main conclusion that led her to the results: the right diet - the key to success. It is worth staying in more detail. Often people, having heard that they will have to change their diet, refuse this idea in advance. Why it happens? Yes, because a person foresees the horrors of calories, half-starved existence and constant weakness.

However, you still do not know how Tanya Rybakova lost weight. The correct nutritional system can not be compared with fasting. This is a complete rejection of unhealthy foods, fried, soda and fast food, as well as respect for the balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. This is not a diet, but a lifestyle. At first, it seems difficult to abandon tasty, but completely useless products. However, soon you will get used to it so much that you will begin to feel the changes: the deviation of the arrow of scales, the improvement of the skin and hair. And after a while you will realize that you want much more vegetable salad and steamed meat than cutlet and french fries.

Now try for one day to get their fast food, ice cream and chocolate bars. You will feel heaviness and discomfort. This suggests that the body is unaccustomed to exposure to harmful products, cleansed of toxins and are now able to distinguish useful from harmful.

And then in the gym

Loads are important, but they are in second place after power. There is no point in working on the simulators for hours, if in the evening a bun with sausage and fried potatoes with cola are waiting for you at home. Under the fat will grow muscle, and you will not become slimmer. You can choose the sport that is most enjoyable for you. This can be roller skating or walking in brisk steps, running, swimming, etc.

The main advantages

Tanya Rybakova’s menu is very different from most fashionable diets. This is just a different approach to the system of losing weight. The main advantages are the balance of the diet and the absence of acute hunger. The menu includes all the main components that our body needs to complete the work. These are proteins, fats and complex carbohydrates.

Due to the balanced diet the diet is safe for a growing body, which means that it can stick to children and adolescents. The lack of hunger breakdowns is another plus, because it is not a short term diet, but a lifestyle. And, as a result of all the work – education of correct eating habits that will allow you to stay healthy and retain the result.

Sophisticated mode

And again we will not reveal anything new to you. However, we all see what has become as a result of such nutrition Tanya Rybakov. Before and after with a difference of 55 kg - this is a good example to follow. The most important thing is that the diet conditions become a habit and become a way of life.

The system is based on the principle of fractional power. There must be three main meals and two additional ones. Your goal is not to starve the body, depriving it of vital substances, but to help it get rid of extra pounds, toxins and toxins. Believe me, if he learns that no one is starving, he himself will gladly give up all that is superfluous.

Immediately give up sweets, flour products and pastries, as well as spontaneous snacks on the run. If you really want sweet, then replace the cake with cream for crackers, and even better - with persimmon or dates. And you can use them only in the morning. Sugar and excess salt in its pure form should also be avoided.

High-calorie drinks are another reason for weight gain. Stop quenching your thirst with sweet carbonated drinks, tetrapack juice, beer and milk. Water or green tea is much better for this.

The final point is healthy cooking methods. Nothing fried, spicy or smoked. At first glance it may seem that the diet will get boring and bland. However, within a few months you will begin to feel the taste of food in a completely different way.

Power schedule

Today, many slimming women are familiar with the seminars that Tanya Rybakova conducts for her followers. Reviews emphasize that it does not offer anything daunting. You just need to learn to live in harmony with yourself, there is something that gives strength, and is not delayed by dead weight on the sides.

The optimal number of calories – 1500 per day. We're not talking about a man engaged in heavy physical labor or a pregnant woman. The calculation is for the average person who works in the office. For main meals have about 400 calories and snacks around 100 calories. You will not get up from the table hungry, and short breaks between meals will not starve. This routine is suitable for people with chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (cholecystitis, pancreatitis, gastritis).

What to eat

Indeed, what set of products will you need to become like Tanya Rybakov? Photos of this girl is a real pride in the will of man. But once she could, others will be able to. But the grocery basket, this diet is very different from the popular rations of stars. No lobsters and shrimps in combination with passion fruit sauce that the average woman can not afford.

For breakfast, porridge and protein are perfect. This combination will give strength for work and study, as well as retain a feeling of satiety until dinner. As a first snack, a handful of nuts or dried fruit, one fruit (apple or orange) or a bunch of grapes is optimal.

Lunch - this is the main meal, which is designed to provide the body with a maximum of useful substances. Therefore, the ideal combination would be fiber (vegetable salad), protein (lean meat) and complex carbohydrates, that is, porridge for garnish. The second snack should not be plentiful. This fruit or dairy products, just to not endure hunger until the evening.

Dinner is the big moment, says Tanya Rybakova. To lose weight will succeed only in case if will not be too big hungry breaks, during which the blood is ejected a special substance that stimulates the body to store everything that will come later. That is to put into fat. This includes a mechanism of slowing down of the metabolism that we do not need. That is the dinner should satiate the body so that hunger didn't Wake up until morning. But not to overeat. On the table at this time needs to be lean fish, vegetables, low-fat yogurt and egg whites.

Monday first day

We present the weekly menu that was developed by Tanya Rybakova. The recipes are very simple. With the help of a multicooker, you can reduce your time in the kitchen. On the first day for breakfast, you can eat 200 g of oatmeal (on water or skim milk), as well as two hard-boiled eggs. But the loaf with butter will be here exactly superfluous. As a snack fit 150 grams of any berries. For lunch, prepare yourself 150 g of pearl barley, half of boiled breast and fresh cucumber. The second snack is quite modest, a couple of prunes or nuts. And for dinner, prepare 150 g of baked pollock and cabbage salad.

The first day can be a bit hard due to the lack of bread and sugar. As a bonus, promise yourself a slice of dried bread and sweet tea the next day, for breakfast.

So far there is only approbation of the new diet. Do not worry that you always want something from the old menu, it will soon pass. Tanya Rybakova’s diet is a way of self-improvement day after day.

So for breakfast, make yourself a protein omelet of 2-3 eggs and porridge. For a snack, grab a grapefruit. For lunch boiled buckwheat and up to three chicken legs with green leafy lettuce. For a snack, 200 grams of low-fat yogurt and an apple. And for dinner, herring in foil and fresh tomatoes.

Variety of diet

Eggs had time to thoroughly bother, so on Wednesday, fill the muesli with low-fat yogurt. And for a snack, leave 3 egg whites. For lunch, suitable millet porridge with lean meat on the grill. As a snack, one peach, and for dinner 200 grams of low-fat cottage cheese and an apple and carrot salad. On Thursday, repeat breakfast the first day. For snacks - 5 prunes, and for lunch - beef steak with a side dish of rice. For a snack, buy an orange, and in the evening bake 200 g of cod with vegetables.

On Friday morning, indulge yourself with an omelet with greens and a glass of kefir with bran. For a snack of 50 g of lean cheese. The main meal is lentil soup with chicken and tomato. For a snack - 200 grams of kefir. Today you will find the most delicious dinner, a salmon medallion and Greek salad.

Saturday – day off, so the temptation to cook a delicious pie will be much greater. Breakfast today repeat the first day and for a snack, prepare a handful of raisins and nuts. At lunch, prepare yourself a couple of baked potatoes and boiled chicken breast. Embed ' delicious vegetable salad of greens and tomatoes. At snack – half Apple and many carrots. And the evening will be a feast: a whole chicken breast and 300 grams of salad from cabbage and cucumber. You still suffer from the fact that I chose this diet?

Sunday day begins with millet and omelet. For a snack, an apple will do. The main meal is buckwheat with beef goulash. The second snack - prunes (5 pcs.), And in the evening - 200 g of pollock and vegetables cooked in the oven.

Instead of conclusion

Speaking in the program “Let them talk”, Tanya Rybakova once again emphasized that her system is not just another fashionable PR, but a completely scientific approach to weight loss, which really works. And let it not be fast, but in a month you will be guaranteed to lose up to 4 kilograms. If the excess weight is large, then its decline will first go faster, and then slow down. But gradually you will not only reach the ideal, but also rebuild your eating habits, learning how to cook delicious dishes from foods that you haven’t paid attention to before. As a result, the results achieved will be your stable weight!