The meaning of the name Tamara embodies the creative spirit and the desire activities. A woman with the same name is often sweet and charming. She has the makings of a leader, it can become a good leader. And stunning sexuality attracted to Tamara young partners.

The origin of the name

What secret hides the name Tamara? The origin and meaning of the name is connected with the Ancient East. Tamara translated from Greek language means "tree palm". Exists and the Hebrew translation is "date palm".

Secrets names (value)

The meaning of the name Tamara will give its bearer great opportunity. Artistry, intelligence, financial wealth will always accompany the woman. She needs social realization. Tamara is a woman with the makings of a leader. But the secret struggle between desires and opportunities can bring her to a nervous breakdown.

Value: the name Tamara spell

The inexplicable connection between the name of the person and events in his life had long interested scientists, sages, linguists. Semantic-phonetic analysis will help to know the emotional message of each letter. For example, the "T" is considered the symbol of the cross. Her presence in the name reminds us of the transience of life. The bearers of this letter should not leave unfinished business for later.

  • T is a creative person with a highly developed intuition. Fighter for the truth. The basis of life is action, activity.
  • And the symbol start, the beginning. The desire to arrange his life with the comforts (physical and mental).
  • M - care, attention to others, the desire to help. People who have this letter in the name should not indulge in greed, hoarding - it will only bring harm.
  • Р - self-confidence, courage, desire for unjustified risk. The ability to penetrate into the essence of things and people. Excessive pedantry.

Nature girls

Curiosity conceals the meaning of the name Tamara. For girls this is a big plus, however a large range of interests can lead to the inability to focus on one thing. Tamara the child has a lively intellect, artistry. She loves to speak in public. She's got a great imagination.

Girl receptive to new information. Her good intuition helps to understand people and situations. They are friendly and hospitable. Does well – it is easy to provide new knowledge. But she prefers to educate ourselves. The standard curriculum is not interesting Tamara. She only reads the books that she's curious about.

The meaning of the name Tamara gives powerful creative potential of its owner. The girl has an innate talent for drawing, music, dancing. She's a generous, sympathetic, able to empathize. Tamara diligently, but not always brings it started to end.

The character of a female

A broad range of interests, a pragmatic mind – that is what gives the woman the name Tamara. The value of name and destiny will help to achieve career heights. This woman does not recognize abstract concepts. She is very specific in their judgments and actions.

Tamara gets freaked out easily. But she quickly calms down and once again becomes responsive, generous. Her colleagues and few friends. This woman is wary of strangers. She prefers proven friends.

Tamara can not long be alone. She is looking for decent, sympathetic man. For your sweetheart this woman is soft, calm wife. She respects men and will allow the spouse to be the head of the family.

The meaning of the name Tamara will bring the woman the ability to combine an active social life with household chores. A good housewife, a caring mother, these roles Tamara successfully combined with a career, many interests. However, when visible the full authority of the husband, the woman remains the leader. Its wisdom lies in the fact that everything happens in a house with her consent and approval. In this case the husband feeling the main.

Sexuality named

Tamara is passionate and desirable partner. Her ingenuity in sex leaves an indelible mark in the hearts of man. But such a temperament could not withstand each partner. So Tamara gets an extended relationship with such men who are able to completely satisfy her sexual needs.

Usually, this woman prefers younger partners. Her charm, outdoor mildness attract men. But Tamara can't stand monotony, so as a partner will choose a bright, intelligent representative of the stronger sex.

She is jealous, and the man is better not to awaken her companion of the dark side. Her passionate, impulsive nature makes it easy to break off the relationship. But if Tamara is married, divorce is practically impossible. She will fight for her marriage.

Name in numerology

Power carries with it the name Tamara. The value of the name and destiny of women are closely intertwined. In numerology the influence of numbers 1 affected Tamara. The unit is also the symbol of leaders.

Vibration number 1 help to achieve their goals. They give a person perseverance, efficiency, physical. A unit like the vibration of the name Tamara means creativity. Thus the woman is able to take decisions and bear responsibility for them. Creative talents are combined with financial acumen.

"Units" – the open, cheerful people. They love to travel and avoided the depression. But their manipulation, intemperance, arrogance will prevent build personal relationships.

In the name of religion

Ranked among the saints of the Georgian Church of the Queen Tamar. This ruler promoted the spread of Christianity among the Caucasian mountaineers. Queen Tamar ruled the country at the end of XII century. She was the only daughter of George III and Queen Burdukhan (Bagratuni dynasty), received a decent education.

Interestingly, the father crowned her on the throne even during his lifetime. The reign of Tamar is marked by the absence of corporal punishment and executions. Poets, artists praise the beauty, wisdom and gentleness of the lady.

Tamara patronized the various arts. In the years of her reign, the Georgian language was brought to perfection. It was at this period famous poet Shota Rustaveli.

A mystical aura surrounded the Georgian Tamara. On its Board there are a lot of scary legends. Whether they are true is unknown. However, during her reign temples were built, erected fortresses. They are still historical monuments of Georgia.


With whom will create a happy marriage Tamara? The meaning of the name, character, and destiny will help to establish a wonderful relationship with the men, whose names are:

Failure to pursue the Union of Tamar with Vadim, Roman, Oleg, Igor, Timur, Eugene.

The mystery of the name

What secret keeps Tamara? The meaning of the name, the nature of women have one feature: Toma does not know how to forgive offenses. Externally, it can be friendly and affectionate. But deep down inside many years to be lived again and again incurred her resentment.

Tamara is vengeful. The desire to deal with the abuser can reach cruelty. Her intuition allows you to instantly find the weaknesses of the enemy. It is necessary to fear the revenge of Tamara, do not conflict with her.

However, this woman yearns for love. It easily adapts to people and finds the fastest way to their heart. If Tamara will fall in love with a man, she can easily tame it.

The influence of the middle name: disobedience

As a middle name can affect the meaning of the name Tamara? A., A., B., V., G., MacDowell, M., Matveevna, N., p., Romanova, Anna, Petrova, E., Y. – options, naturally, are many and each is interesting in its own way. So, let's discuss how they affect the character of the wearer.

The name Tamara in combination with any of the surnames suggests that before you impulsive, sensual, quick-tempered nature. Her emotion dominates over reason. She is able to suddenly break off relations with the closest people. And after a while will restore the communication so as if nothing happened.

This Tamara does not require from men's obligations and promises. It is easy and interesting. She exudes sexuality, but to keep it difficult. Freedom-loving nature does not tolerate subordination to men. But in marriage, Tamara was devoted to her family. She becomes a faithful wife. Loves to equip your home, to educate children.

Emotional woman

Tamara Antonovna (and Arturovna, V., G., G., Denisovna, I. L., L., O., ruslanivna, S., or F.) – a woman high-strung and emotionally unstable.

She can't listen to the opinions of others, does not tolerate objections. Her moodiness stems from an excess of male attention. Tamara does not tolerate defeat. To take revenge, it will not, but the offender will never forgive.

Tamara does not tolerate gossip behind, but people's opinion of her a little worried. Get happy in a second marriage. Her temperament and sexuality attract young men. She needs the recognition, the respect of colleagues.

Imperious character

Tamara Bogdanovna, Vladislavovna, Gennadyevna, Danilovna, Egorovna, Konstantinovna, Makarovna, Svyatoslavovna is a free and independent person.

Her ego needs praise, compliments, recognition. Tamara does not tolerate indifference to his own person. Indifference is an insult to her. She is able to forgive even meanness, if that is accompanied by sweet words and flattery.

This tyrannical woman. She strives to keep everything in my hands, the desire for power will lead to the fact that the spouse will be a weak-willed person. However, their children Tamara will spare neither time nor effort. She needs to be admired by others. So Tamara is very dependent on the opinions of other people.

Svobodlyubivyh Tamara

How else can a patronymic affect the meaning of the name Tamara? V., Golikova, V., A., artyomovna, V., E., V., V., I., Weiss, p., F., S., Y. – if your friend called by the priest just so you know: she has an independent nature.

A woman is not interested in public opinion. It has its own rules and concepts. She is prone to adventures. Loves travel, new experiences. Loves freedom, tend to change sexual partners. She is jealous and will not allow her man to cheat on her.

After birth, children begin to appreciate the relationship calmly carries the dependence on the husband. Her well-developed intuition helps her understand what feels partner. She is attentive, caring wife.

Will and power

Tamara Albertovna, Anatolyevna, Veniaminovna, Dmitrievna, Markovna, Nikolaevna, Stanislavovna, Stepanovna or Feliksovna is a leader and an extraordinary person.

She prefers to be friends with men. Of the women tries to communicate only with those who like her character. She is able to adapt and achieve goals. Tamara strategically calculates his moves so often succeeds.

Under its influence easy to get – she's smart, charming. Not depend on public opinion. With men openly discussing their sexual preferences. Married several times, she idealizes the beloved men and ready to forgive the indiscretions.

Name the seasons

  • Winter Tamara - eccentric nature. But her bright personality does not prevent her from making a career. Often becomes a small boss. Has an analytical mind.
  • Spring Tamara for a long time experiencing failure. It is romantic and feminine. Prefer a creative profession.
  • Summer Tamara loves to gossip. She is sociable and curious. Able to compare facts and speculate motives. Has critical thinking.
  • Autumn Tamara is respected in the team. This is a talented leader, organizer. Entrepreneurial skills will help start your own business.