Often in our stores there are shoes with an incomprehensible marking size. Well, if you can measure or at least attach a shoe to your leg. But often in order to find the right shoes, you need to measure a lot of pairs before there is something suitable.

And sometimes there are situations when the shoes are fitting when fitting, and the next day already presses. In that case, most likely, you came to the shoe store in the morning, when your feet were not tired and no puffiness appeared. Therefore, you just need to always know your real foot parameters.

Table of foot sizes in centimeters

Especially this problem is relevant if you order shoes through the Internet. Typically, sellers indicate the size, but do not indicate the length of the inner insole, so often the buyer gets the goods of inappropriate size. In order that such incidents do not happen, there should be a table of foot sizes in centimeters next.

Features of marking shoes

Now in the world there are several dimensional nets. It depends on the country that produces the footwear.

  • Inches - they are inches.
  • UK Size - for shoes produced in the UK and Scotland.
  • US Size for shoes from USA, Australia and Canada.
  • Euro Size is a traditional size for us, but in Germany, Italy, Sweden and France the euro-size is 1 more than in the CIS countries.

Will help determine your foot size in centimeters table. Russia and other CIS countries use a special Euro Size. To determine your, you need to divide the length of the foot into 2 and add again the full length. In fact, our size is one and a half feet long: if the foot is 26 cm, then 26: 2 + 26 = 39 size.

How to determine the size of shoes in adults?

Before you go to the store or choose goods on the Internet, you need to learn how to correctly determine the length of the foot. It is advisable to measure the foot even for those who know their parameters, as often people with confidence buy their own size, and shoes do not fit.

Correctly measure the foot should be like this:

  1. At the end of the day, remove the shoes and stand on the sheet of paper, then mark the length and width of the foot. This should be done in the evening, since then the legs are a bit edgy, and if you measure the size in the morning, then the bought footwear will rub.
  2. If it's summer shoes, then you need to measure your bare foot, if the winter one is in your toes. Do not make marks too close in the foot, because the chosen size will rub, and the shoes will quickly demolish.
  3. Measure the length of the foot and the width of the "socks". In order to be most comfortable in a closed model, you need to make a margin between the foot and shoes no more than 7 mm. This will allow the foot to "breathe" and reduce the burden on the legs.
  4. Next, choose the appropriate option for you to help the table size feet in inches.

Often inches instead of centimeters are used (Inches). If you get such a marking, then know - 1 inch = 2.54 cm.

If you are still not sure, then ask the seller to measure the shoe parameters on the inner insole. Also do not forget that all people have different climbs and caviar width, so these nuances must be taken into account, especially when buying winter boots and boots.

How to determine the size of a child's foot?

Usually, children are difficult to shod, and especially in children under 4 years old. The kid will not be able to tell if it is convenient for him and does not put pressure anywhere. Since it is difficult to determine the size of a foot in centimeters, the age table will help you choose shoes for your child without much effort. But keep in mind that all children are different.

"The size of the child's foot in inches." Table 1.

It is necessary to constantly change shoes to the child and watch how the kid stands on his feet. Up to 10 years, children grow very quickly, and the parameters of their legs also increase. Therefore, starting from the age of 5 (and often even earlier), the table of the ratio of the age and size of the child's leg becomes inaccurate because of the individual characteristics of development. From this period it is better to rely on the size of the child's foot in centimeters, the table below will show the correct ratio.

How to choose the right shoes for adults?

Not everyone paid attention, but men's and women's shoes have different size tables. So, for example, the length along the insole is 25.5 cm for women's shoes - 38 size, and for the male - 39.5. We rarely choose the shoes of someone else's sex, so few people know about such a feature.

Therefore, to select suitable footwear, you do not need a general table of foot sizes in centimeters, and separately - a table of women's or men's shoes.

Table of women's shoes sizes:

Table of foot sizes in centimeters for men:

How to choose the right shoes according to the table?

It will help you to know the size of the foot in centimeters of the table, suitable for sex or age. It is especially necessary to pay attention to the fact that the male or female pair is in front of you when buying sports shoes, as often such sneakers are similar.

Quite often we get shoes "size and a half" on our shelves. However, all over the world, half-size - it's quite convenient marking, which allows you to choose the right option. Choose a mark with a half is necessary when your foot is larger than the previous size quite a bit (up to 3-4 mm).

You should never buy shoes "back to back" - there should always be a minimum of 3 mm. Therefore, if, for example, the length of the female foot is 23.8 cm, then it is better to take shoes 39 euro-size, and not 38. If your foot lengths in the tables are not higher, then you need to choose a size larger.

For footwear produced by the CIS, the principle "one and a half lengths", as described above, should be used to determine the size.

After you know your foot size in centimeters, the length table will help you choose the right shoes. But sometimes manufacturers additionally indicate figures or Latin letters - this is the width of the shoes in the sock.

Fullness of the foot

Often, manufacturers indicate in the labeling and the width of the insole in the toe. But, alas, we rarely have the opportunity to find out beforehand whether shoes fit this parameter.

If you do not take this factor into account when choosing shoes, the buyer will not only feel discomfort when walking, but also quickly "kill" the shoes. Therefore, if this is possible - specify the width of the shoe on the insole before purchase.

To find out the fullness of the foot, it is necessary to measure the foot circumference at the widest point of the foot using a centimeter.