Constant stress and overwork at work, problems in his personal life, lack of understanding in dealing with children - all this can lead a person to nervous and mental disorders. How can you not bring yourself to a depressive state, which sometimes turns out to be very dangerous, since it can even end with suicide? For this it is necessary, first, to seek help from a competent psychotherapist, and, secondly, to purchase an effective drug "Gelarium". This is a plant-based remedy that normalizes the mental state of the patient. Today we will talk about the medicine "Gelarium". Instructions for use, reviews, composition, indications and contraindications - all this will be described in the review. Also we will find out in what forms the drug is produced, and also how and where it should be stored.Gelarium tablets: instructions for use, analogues, reviews

In what cases is it appointed?

The medication "Gelarium Hypericum", the instruction for its use is quite understandable, can be prescribed by the doctor with the following problems:

- Depression in mild and moderate forms (manic disorders with suicidal tendencies, among others).

- Psycho-vegetative abnormalities (apathy, depression, anxiety, anxiety, irritability).

- Asthenoneurotic syndrome, characterized by whims, causeless crying, refusal to eat, putting anger on people, frequent acute respiratory diseases against this background.

Form release, the composition of the medicine

The drug "Gelarium", the instruction for the application of which clearly describes the amount in which the drug should be taken, is realized in the form of a dragee of greenish-yellow color. These pills are round, biconvex.

The composition of the medication is

- Dry extract of St. John's wort is the main component of the remedy.

- Silicon dioxide highly dispersed.

The shell itself has the following composition: titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, shellac, macrogol, sucrose, kaolin, quinoline, lacquer.

Tablets are placed in contour-cell packs of 15, 20, 25 and 30 pieces in a blister pack. Together with the instruction, blisters are defined in cardboard packs, and it is their people who can observe by going to the pharmacy for this remedy.

The medication "Gelarium", the instruction for the use of which clearly indicates that you can not prescribe it to children under 12 years of age, is prescribed to children and adults in such quantity: 1 tablet three times a day. The medicine must be taken during meals, it can not be chewed or snapped, you can only drink it with water. The course of treatment by this means, both in relation to adults, and to children over 12 years old, is not less than 1 month. Usually after this period the ailment passes. However, the doctor should inform the patient that if the signs of the disease persist for more than 1 month, then again you should come to see a specialist for another treatment.

Storage conditions. Manufacturer country

Tablets "Gelarium" are allowed to use as a product of OTC. These dragees should be stored in a dry dark place at a temperature of no higher than 25 degrees. Also do not forget that any medicine, including this should be kept away from the curious eyes of children. After all, kids, often not realizing that they can harm themselves, climb to every pill and eat them. And parents should not in any case allow this. Therefore, all medicines should be kept away from children, preferably even in a closed box, the key to which should always be with the adult family members. The shelf life of these tablets is 3 years.


The remedy "Gelarium", the instruction for use of which is indicated on the package with the drug, is forbidden to use the following people:

- Children under 12 years.

- Pregnant women, as well as nursing mothers.

- Patients who are intolerant of any component of the drug.

- People who are sensitive to ultraviolet light.

- Patients who simultaneously use drugs such as "Cyclosporine" or "Indinavir" with the drug to which the article is devoted.

Similar medicines

The agent "Gelarium" analogs, of course, has. Among such medicines one can distinguish those which, in the same way as the preparation described in this article, contain in their composition a dry extract of St. John's wort as a main component. Analogues of the gelarium "Gelarium Hypericum" are such medicines as "Hexaliz", "Immunal", "Valdoksan", "Adeptress", "Cipralex", "Stimuloton", etc.

Important instructions

1. The medicine "Gelarium Hypericum", the instruction for which is so simple that it can not cause unnecessary questions, should not be taken in parallel with alcoholic beverages, since the positive effect of the remedy in this case may not occur. And any medicine, not only this one, can not be used together with alcohol.

2. During the treatment period, care must be taken when driving a car, any other vehicle. It is also worthwhile to take a foreseeful attitude toward work that requires an increased concentration of attention at the time of therapy with the drug "Gelarium".

3. At the end of treatment, and also within 1-2 weeks after it should avoid ultraviolet radiation, it is contraindicated, including a solarium.

4. Women taking oral contraceptives, for the entire period of therapy with the drug "Gelarium", the feedback about which can be read below, should use additional methods of protection from unwanted pregnancy.

Side effects

In general, these dragees are transferred well, but in some situations, the patient may have undesirable manifestations after exposure to this medication. So, the medicine "Gelarium Hypericum" can cause such side effects:

- Allergic reactions (rash, itching, eczema, appearance of pigment spots).

- From the nervous system: rapid fatigue, headache.

- On the part of the digestive system: abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea or constipation, flatulence, anorexia.

- On the part of the reproductive system, the drug has a mutagenic effect on the ovum and spermatozoa.

- On the part of the organs of hematopoiesis: iron deficiency anemia.

Positive feedback from patients

The drug "Gelarium Hypericum" reviews from people who received it, receives mostly approving. Firstly, many people like that this is a plant-derived preparation. And this means that he will not exert any negative influence on other bodies. Secondly, of course, people note the effectiveness of these pills. And indeed, with the correct reception of pills in the course of time, people felt the result: they began to smile more often, a sense of alarm, anger, aggression was lost. Also, patients note that they began to fall asleep with this medication much faster, and the dream became healthy and strong. Thirdly, people like that the gelarium "Gelarium" is not addictive, but it often happens with similar drugs. Yes, and no withdrawal syndrome, this drug does not. Thanks to this remedy, many people who had mental problems saved their families who were on the verge of divorce. Fourthly, the cost of the drug "Gelarium" is quite acceptable. Anyone suffering from depression or other mental disorders can buy this medication.

Negative response of patients

Unfortunately, the medicine "Gelarium Hypericum", the instruction for the use of which must be necessarily read by a potential patient, receives disapproval reviews. Some people note that the remedy in general did not help them to cope with depression, irritability, excessive excitement. However, as it turns out later, these patients took the medicine not according to instructions, but as horrible. If you had to drink 1 tablet 3 times a day, they could take 1 pills a day. Or, for example, they forgot to swallow a remedy throughout the day, and in the evening, having come home, immediately took 3 tablets. Then such reviews should not be surprised. Indeed, in this case, the medicine may not help. Therefore, in order for the drug to act, it is necessary to follow the instructions clearly. And only by observing everything that is written in it, you can achieve the desired effect. And then negative feedback will not come.

Also, some people unflatteringly write about the "Helarium" means that these dragees eventually lead to the appearance of allergies to the sun. And it turns out that in the summer it is now impossible to sunbathe, and in general it is forbidden to receive ultraviolet rays. This really can be, however, with some amendments. Medication can actually cause an allergic reaction to the sun, so you should avoid ultraviolet rays for the period of treatment, and also for 2 weeks after it. And about the fact that after the patient is treated with the drug "Gelarium", he can not be sunbathed at all - this is a lie. It will be possible to take sunbaths, but only after the complete cessation of the course of therapy with this remedy.

But there are still individual reviews of people, where patients criticize the drug for the fact that it is difficult to buy. Indeed, the drug is not sold in every pharmacy. But if your search is not successful, you can consult a doctor about replacing this drug with another. The good thing is that this tool has analogs, and there are plenty of them.

Response of new mothers to the drug

It is impossible not to mention that women think of the tablets "Gelarium" ladies, who only recently had a child. Many, of course, are unhappy that you can not use this drug against women who feed their babies with their breasts. But those young mothers, who for some reason use children's mixtures, respond positively to the tablets "Gelarium". So, according to them, after birth almost all women are depressed. After all, during the birth of a baby, life changes radically, all the time is paid only to a small baby. Lack of communication with people, fatigue, irritability - all this smoothly leads a woman to postpartum depression. And for some, it also arises because of the realization that the mother will not be able to breast-feed the baby. As a result, depression and despondency are assured. To avoid this, young mummies use an effective remedy "Gelarium". It has helped many women to quickly cope with postpartum depression. After a full course of treatment, the women in labor note that the mood for them has returned, the feeling of fear, anxiety for their babies has disappeared, melancholy, fatigue - all this has disappeared. Women began to enjoy their position - maternity leave. And all this thanks to the facility "Gelarium". But once again we remind that only women who do not breast-feed the baby can take the drug.

Opinion of specialists

The drug "Gelarium" reviews from doctors receives only positive. Doctors recommend this remedy to their patients, who have problems with their psyche and emotional state. And thanks to natural ingredients, the medicine has only a positive effect. But experts strongly recommend taking Gelarium tablets only after consulting a doctor. Any self-treatment of even such seemingly safe dragees can end up not very well. Therefore, before you buy the drug, you need to know whether you need it or not. And for this purpose it is necessary to descend or go on consultation to the expert who also will help or assist to understand a mental status of the person.

The price of this medication is different, and it depends on several factors: the amount of pills in the package, the location of the pharmacy (in the city center or in the sleeping area), as well as the policy of the institution itself, in which medical products are sold. On average, the cost of 1 package of medicine, which contains 15 pills, is 150 rubles. Naturally, the more pills in the pack, the more expensive and the drug will be. So, for packing, in which 30 pills, you need to give about 280 rubles.

Now you know a lot of interesting information about the medicine "Gelarium" instruction, reviews of patients and specialists in it, indications and contraindications for use were also reviewed in the review. We determined that this is a safe and effective method of combating depression, other neuro-emotional conditions. But, despite the harmlessness, still get the gelarium "Gelarium" and can not be treated independently. Only a specialist will be able to correctly diagnose and already on its basis prescribe appropriate therapy with the help of this remedy.