Private house is ideal for active and comfortable living and recreation. One of the types of buildings that there is no way to mount the apartment is pool. Which, incidentally, boasts an impressive number of owners of country houses.

Tablets for the pool is not blooming water

Along with the undeniable comfort of use of this building, as a rule, questions arise about how to properly care for them and operate without problems. The main processes that cause many of the issues are turbidity and algal blooms in the pool. To cope with them will help tablets for the pool. Which ones to use and how, will be discussed in this article.

The reasons for changing the color of the water

With the onset of summer heat the water in the pool warms up and is very quickly covered with murky layers. Natural processes of bacterial multiplication in the warm environment not only to enjoy the holiday, but also may cause serious consequences.

To risk health for the sake of short term pleasure to swim in dirty water few people want, so such problems need to start to fight. But the best is to use preventive measures, such as tablets to the pool water.

Help in this situation become different chemicals, specifically designed for pools. According to the method of application conventionally they are divided like this:

  • emergency combat bacteria
  • preventive medications long-term actions.

They also differ in composition. One of the frequently used and recognized as effective chlorine tablets for the pool.

"Legator" for instant cleaning of swimming pools

Undoubtedly, best cleanliness in the pool to support systematically, but there are times when you have to go on compulsory measures.

To efficient medications instant action are chlorine mini-tablets, the dosage is 20 g each. One of the effective means produced in the form of tablets, is a Russian product "Elongator". Its action is based on the disinfection chlorination of water, which allows to apply the tool as in the public areas (swimming pools, spas, water parks), and for home use. It is possible to say that the chlorine tablets for the pool "Elongator" are a universal product.

Algicides for swimming pool

To ensure the desired level of purity of pool water you need to take the following measures:

The exterminator

The main group of chemicals for swimming pools – cleaning and disinfectants. Most often they are concentrated, chlorine compounds, but on the market today are some innovative products to assist in maintaining the cleanliness of the water.

One of the remedies is tablet for swimming pool disinfection Chlorgranulat. Their use begins with one hundred grams per ten cubic meters of water during the primary processing. Then the dose is reduced to eighty grams of the same volume of water.

Here are examples of a few of them:

  1. Liquid active oxygen derived from hydrogen peroxide. It is recommended to use simultaneously with the algaecide that will give stable result. This symbiosis does not cause allergies, does not contain chlorine suitable for use with any filtration equipment. The price for dvadtsatimetrovy capacity is about 109 $.
  2. Leading manufacturer of frame and inflatable pools and related products Intex offers a comprehensive system for water purification. One of them – "MAK-4", which is a float inside which laid the tablets for the pool. The action is based on the fact that gradually dissolved, substances penetrate into the water and disinfect it by creating an obstacle fungal, bacterial infection and spread of algae. The drug is safe, suitable for use in swimming pools.
  3. Tablets "5 in 1" combination of all disinfectants, however, does not exclude the use of additional filtration systems.
  4. There is increasing recognition wins technical analogue medical hydrogen peroxide – gidroperit. He shows good disinfecting effect and can be used by individuals who have allergic reactions to chlorine compounds. Compliance with the instructions for use and recommended dosage allows you to get a great result with the least harm to the health. It is best to use gidroperit – tablets for pool with algaecide, probably to avoid the appearance of algae.

Methods of disinfection of the pool

Depending on how systematic is the use of the pool, use several types of water disinfection:

  1. Shock method. Based on a single use of a significant number of drugs. It applies, as a rule, at strong pollution, if the pool is rarely used or it is not possible to carry out periodic maintenance. After treatment the total volume of water shock means you can't swim in the pool for at least 12 hours.
  2. For slow disinfection using special pills to clean the pool. The time of their dissolution lasts up to five days.
  3. For that purpose you can use the device with a timer (float), which is placed on the surface of the water. He releases a predetermined amount of money periodically. A similar device is used by owners of aquariums to feed fish in the case of a long forced absence. A significant advantage of this method of disinfection is provided the opportunity to swim immediately after treatment.

Regular purification of water from impurities hose or a special cleaner helps prevent the spread of microorganisms. If possible, a good idea to install a canopy over the pool or use the lid of an opaque material to protect water from the effects of ultraviolet rays. It is also highly beneficial impact on clean water and tablets for the pool is not blooming water, will complement these preventive measures.

The leaders of production

The main producers of such products are the company specializing in swimming pools and accessories.

Most famous in this area is Intex. Other similar representatives of the manufacturers are the brands AquaDoctor (Germany)

Also, the market of these products offers all kinds of accessories that will help you to use the pools more comfortable.

The pool in the suburban area or the country is an excellent way for a summer vacation, suitable for all family members, especially children will be happy.

Such pastime should be as safe as possible. So the first thing you need to remember that you cannot leave children unsupervised. And also important to protect Pets from the hidden dangers of bacteria and harmful microorganisms, so you need to use the optimal treatment system and a system of water disinfection tablets for swimming pool.

The use of special means must be the rule, it is convenient, inexpensive, and most importantly – safe when used properly.