In Christianity, in the face of the saints, one of the women is revered, who knew Jesus Christ during his life. Her name is St. Martha (in Russian transcription Martha). She was the sister of Mary and was twice mentioned in the Gospel as a devoted disciple of the Savior. Below we give some examples of prayers to this woman, who is considered the patroness of catering and domestic workers.

Holy Martha: testimonies and prayers

Holy Martha in the Gospel

But before going directly to the prayers, we will briefly consider the information that we know about it from the Bible. According to the Scriptures, St. Martha lived in Palestine and believed in Christ even when he was alive. The first episode in the Gospel is related to the visit of Jesus to her home. When he reclined and taught the heavenly wisdom, Martha was bothering to treat the teacher. Apparently, she needed help, and she asked Jesus to send Mary, her sister, who was not enthusiastic about the rules of hospitality and only sat near Christ and listened eagerly to him to help her. However, Jesus told Martha that she was vainly fussing about abundant food, because spiritual food is the only thing they need at the moment. And set Mary as an example as having chosen a more benign path. Since then, Martha has become the personification of economic, domestic troubles, fussiness, active service and hospitality.

The second episode is associated with her brother, known today as the righteous Lazarus Four Days. The story began with the fact that Jesus brought the news that Lazarus was sick, and the sisters are asking to come and heal him. Jesus agrees, but sets off on the road to Bethany, where they lived, only the next day, he hesitates along the road and finally comes to the place when Lazarus was buried in a cave for the fourth day. Martha and Maria met him and complained that if he had come early, their brother would not have died. At the same time, they witnessed their unconditional faith in Christ, in his divine authority. Christ ordered to open the cave, despite the smell of corpse decomposition, and ordered Lazarus to rise and come out of it. Tied up in a funeral veil, Lazar came out alive and healthy. Both sisters, Holy Mary and Holy Martha, are revered as myrrh-bearing wives.

St. Martha's Prayer

Now we give the text of the first prayer. In fact, Martha is traditionally revered with her sister. Therefore, in this case, the object of prayer is the holy Mary and holy Martha: “Saints and all the disciples of Christ, who loved God, Martha and Mary! Pray to Christ, whom you loved and who loved you, that he might give us, sinners, the forgiveness of sins and, in the Orthodox faith, firm standing without any hypocrisy. In our hearts place the spirit of the fear of God, hope in him in humility, patience and mercy towards your neighbors. Deliver us with the help of your prayers from the temptations of everyday life, all troubles and troubles. We, having lived a quiet and serene life here, with immaculate thoughts and a pure heart, in boldness of faith and with hope will stand at the Last Judgment. And, having received a kind answer on it, we will be honored with eternal joy in the kingdom of heaven. Amen".

Thus, the ministry of protesters and intercessors is basic, which, as Christians believe, holy Mary and holy Martha believe. The prayer, which will be given below, is somewhat different from this option. This concerns both the meaning and the structure, since in fact it is a whole order. And in it the main task that St. Martha performs is the fulfillment of desire. This can be any request, in spirit and morality corresponding to the Gospel values.

Holy Martha: prayer for the fulfillment of desire

St. Martha's Prayer

“O holy Marty the miracle worker! I appeal to you, needing help. You, I know, will be my assistant and support in my needs and temptations. I thank you and promise to spread this prayer. In humility with tears I ask you to comfort me in my difficulties and troubles. In humility for the joy that filled your heart, with tears I implore: pray for me and my family. Give us that we keep God in our hearts and thus deserve intercession before the Almighty above all before the problem that worries me today (tell us about your request, desire). With tears, I implore you as a helper in all needs: overcome all the problems just as you defeated the snake, until it lay at your feet. ”

Other prayers

Now we need to read the Lord’s Prayer “Our Father”. Then "The Virgin, the Virgin." Then “Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit” - all one at a time. At the end, you must read "Holy Martha, pray for us Christ" 9 times in a row. These prayers of St. Martha on desire must be repeated, as already mentioned, on Tuesdays, for 9 weeks in a row.