For the nobility, success, and courage in horoscope East meets the wild Boar. To learn more about themselves and everyone can born in the year of the Pig. The compatibility of this sign with others can have a positive effect on the future course of relations.

What does the Pig for a woman carry?

Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, born under this sign, since childhood, highlighted by the friendliness and sociability. They constantly need attention and may well repay them for caring sincerity. In the early years it is inherent in the extraordinary energy, allowing of any sign to find harmony, compatibility. Pig woman likes to receive gifts, but even more pleasure one receives from the fact that she loves to give. The choice of surprise she is very careful.

Pig and Pig sign compatibilitySociability often becomes the cause of unhappiness. Such people completely, hiding nothing. But they only get burned once, and they forever hide in yourself. In severe cases, to regain their trust is almost impossible.

Pigs hold onto their roots, ancestral traditions. Their home, the fortress which they will defend.

A man born under the sign of Pig

Male-Boar differ a great appetite for travel. From childhood they are active. Have few friends, but those remain throughout life. Often people from them pushes their candor and straightforwardness. In connection with his character, he will not tolerate insincerity and hypocrisy. That is why there are problems in pairs – a male Pig and a female Pig. Compatibility, of finding a middle ground is sometimes impossible because of different attitudes to manners of communication.

Such people almost no logical thinking. They take absurd solutions. Then clumsily try to rectify the situation. So often come to friends for advice. Unlike the female Pigs, they rarely meet people that will bring them pain. However, often pass by those who could make them happier.

Such men are very competitive. But this quality does not manifest in games. They set themselves high standards in career and personal life. When it comes to the latter, and Amour got in a few Pig and Pig compatibility of these signs is very high. Strong-willed, confident man is seeking the affection of a woman that he liked.

Cupid is resting

The best thing we can give each other Pig and Pig – friendship. But such a relationship will not occur just like that. Society for them is often unbearable. They are both representatives of egocentric sign, the first place to their own benefit. Pesky desire to please everyone, which is characteristic of the woman who scares men. The fairer sex is repulsed by the indifference, which emits a male Pig. Their compatibility as friends is an amazing phenomenon. Usually to see in each other kindred spirits, they can only at gunpoint. Exception – blood universities. Children peers feel sympathy to each other from their first meeting. This relationship lasts until death.

Excellent relations arise between the relatives of the Pigs. Children and parents, brothers and sisters always find common themes that together they can overcome any problems. Blood closeness will help in a couple where there is a Snake and a Pig. The compatibility of these characters has the least chance of understanding. But the relationship that knocks down all obstacles.

The Lovers Are Pigs

Usually people born under one sign, meet starts out of curiosity. A young man attracted by the opportunity to play the conqueror, the girl – into the world of a guy with fundamentally different interests. If this couple will last together longer than a month, then they will be impossible to take apart. In the event of the birth of the senses is the connection of two different worlds, the title of which – male Pig female Pig. Compatibility people who change themselves for others, not questioned. None of them are familiar stubbornness, so when there is a need to compromise their principles for the sake of their halves, they would not hesitate to go forward.


Marriage is an important step for both of them. To legitimize relations, life together and the birth of the Pig children very seriously. There is no place for spontaneous decisions. Even the man who is characterized by its disposition to give an answer quickly, a long time considering the options.

Union Pig and Pig (the compatibility of these signs is a lot of controversy) is a pair of women homebody, a homemaker, and the man who wants postoyannyh adventure. Often these spouses are unable to reach a compromise. Their marriage will be strong only if they correctly share the role.

To the family is not broke, man needs an active, mobile working. Well, when he is often sent on a business trip. Wife is an office worker and an excellent housewife. She receives guests and personally attends friends.

Sea concessions and respect requires tandem Pig and Pig. Compatibility is possible only if you make an effort, but every ordinary pair needs it.

Intimate life

To raise their relationship to a new level is not always easy. A real challenge it becomes for the couple the representatives of the same sign. The nature of the strong man is ready to experiment. His intentions are stubborn and persistent. In such a situation it is important that the woman was able to answer him a strong desire. Well, that due to the openness that she is with friends, it is easy to understand and support their partner.

It happens that sex only complicates things, especially for couples where there is a Pig, and a Pig. Compatibility, a sense of attachment and love after sex decreases. In this case, it should not be disappointed. You sign, born under a lucky star. Breeding you with your lover, life gives you a chance to find someone better, closer.

Friends and enemies in the eastern sky

In General, they are very honest in relationships with others. That is why on the road of life accompanied by just the right person for them. But there is a special combination, where the big role is played by the horoscope.

So, partnership, Pigs and Sheep predicts the boring Union. Understanding will arise from the Tiger. In a relationship with a Rabbit, the Pig always puts himself in second place. If at the first meeting there of the contact, the Dragon can be your best friend.

Entertaining psychology in a pair of Snake and Pig. Their compatibility is possible only if they immediately find a common theme.

But in any case, mutual understanding is influenced not by the sign under which two people appeared, but by their desire to build relationships.