Glow bracelets have become part of life of modern youth. Genuine accessory suitable for any "outfit", emphasize the individuality, in the end, just to draw attention to the owner of an unusual decoration. A variety of colors and options use of the product in great variety.

Luminous bracelets can have the following types:

  • Neon. Is a plastic wand 20 centimeters long and with a diameter of 0.5 cm. The outer shell (plastic), hermetically sealed, contains fluid and glass vials (they are free to move it). In turn, the ampoule filled with liquid. When bent sticks ampoules are destroyed, the liquids mix and react chemically. This is the principle of action of these bracelets. Each tube is provided with a mount. It can be used to fix the product on hand in the form of a bracelet, or connect several tubes (in the form of necklaces, belts, etc.). There are different variants of such products. The tube can contain only one color or combination of colors. The term "work" depends on the quality of the product and ranges from 12-24 hours. Recharging them does not work, it's a toy from the category disposable.
  • Woven from luminous rubber bands. In America launched production of fluorescent rubber bands. Of them everyone independently make (weave) bracelets. Glow bracelets are a fashion accessoryThe widest range of colors allows you to choose a pattern for every taste. To be the bracelet glowed, enough to hold it in the light. Shelf life they have, the manufacturers allow over time the fading of colors.
  • Led. It looks great in the daytime and attracts attention in the dark. Powered by standard batteries. Duration – up to 4 hours, but if you take small breaks every half hour, the bracelet will not go out within 10 hours.

Braided glow bracelets came to us from the American continent. Special sets of rubber bands to weave are growing in popularity. Of them create unique masterpieces, unique in beauty and design.

This type of needlework is called Rainbow Loom. They are great for adults and children. Develop fine motor skills of hands and figurative thinking, arouse imagination, develop perseverance.

You can weave not only a bracelet of glowing rubber bands. Will be a great addition earrings, pendants, rings. Made in the same style and colours, these sets can become a real decoration. They are perfect for youth parties, discos or holiday.


Glow bracelets are absolutely safe, if used properly. The tightness of the design of neon products allows the chemical components in any way in contact with human skin. Of course, if you try to disassemble a bracelet, and even to taste its contents, the consequences can be very sad.

Glowing gum European manufacturers are tested. Dangerous to health products in principle may not appear on store shelves in Western countries. Chinese gum should be used with caution (like neon bracelets). Vouch for the quality and safety of artisanal shops no one dares.

Led bracelet and does not present any danger. Ordinary batteries will not be able to give a sufficient shock to somehow hurt people.


Glow in the dark bracelets are not only fashionable and original accessory. It's great to help out on a walk with the kids in the evening. If you attach on top of clothes of the child, to follow the restless will be much easier.

With the same purpose, only for their Pets, use the "toy" dog lovers. Dogs, especially dark colors, are almost invisible in the dark (in the fall, when there's no snow). This "decoration" guarantees full control over the whereabouts of four-legged friend.

You can attach a bracelet to fit backpack small school, so it is clearly visible in the dark areas of the carriageway of roads.