Any bride tries to prepare for her wedding as carefully as possible: so that everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Naturally, it is difficult, because such a celebration requires a lot of knowledge. But let's not delve into the organization of the celebration, but let's talk about the bride's hairstyle, which should be perfect for the dress and makeup. Today there are a lot of different options for hairstyles, which are really distinguished by a special solemnity and can highlight the bride and transform her fully. Wedding hairstyles with a flower are the most up-to-date styling option for the bride. They really look gentle, feminine. But what kind of hairstyles with this accessory can be done?

Wedding hairstyles with flower: actual options

The most popular styling option, where a large flower (metallic or pearl) will be an accessory, is a bunch. Its shape can be very diverse: with curls, braids, voluminous pile, and even with all the above techniques together. Consider the hairstyle option, where curls gathered in a bun are taken as a basis. The instructions for creating it are rather short:

  1. Hair curls in curls. Curlers or curling suit, but you need to choose hair curlers of medium size, in any case not large. Hair in this case will be smooth.
  2. Then the hair is collected on the back of the head or on the side in one volume ball. They do not need to twist into a bundle, on the contrary, should be the most voluminous hairstyle. And it is better to collect hair invisible in circles or a lot of loops.
  3. On the basis of the beam or in the ball itself the accessory is molded. If one big flower is used, say, a lily, then it is better to pin it next to the bunch on one side (left or right). If the accessory is small, but has several small flowers in its design, then such an ornament on the beam itself will look stylish.Wedding hairstyles with a flower - the actual options for each bride

Wedding hairstyles with a flower give the image a special lightness and tenderness. And the bundle is the ideal form for laying a bride, since you can gracefully attach a veil to its base.

Braid hairstyles

The favorite form of female styling is pigtails. Due to the great imagination of hairdressers, today the braid can be of the most varied form, therefore it is excellent for everyday walks and for festive exits. Wedding hairstyles with a flower look especially relevant with braids. Hairdressers specifically make braids voluminous, sometimes even add overhead strands so that the length and thickness of the hair visually increase. In addition, the popular version of weaving - "crosswise". The peculiarity of such a hairstyle is that the hair is first twisted into curls and then in the technique of "crosswise" is woven into one volumetric braid.It is impossible to discern individual strands in this arrangement, such as, for example, in the French spit, since the curls straightened forward. When weaving is done, the hairstyle is richly decorated with flowers. It uses mainly small accessories.

Hairstyles with large fleece

Another favorite option for brides styling is considered to be hairstyles with a large fleece. Wedding hairstyles with a flower on the side look especially stylish and elegant on voluminous hair. A pile combines easily with any other styling creation techniques: bunches, braids, tails, curls, curls. But if we talk about the ideal version with flowers, here again the most voluminous bunches with a large pile on the top look advantageous.Wedding hairstyles with a flower and veil can look stylish, but in this case, the accessory should not be placed under the veil attachment, but somewhere on the side. So the decoration will stand out on the general background.

Flowers in her hair - the trend of this season

Today is a real boom for wedding hairstyles with a flower. Photos of various brides prove that such an accessory instantly makes the image of a girl more romantic and feminine. Probably, this long tradition of making a headband of flowers on the head is firmly entrenched in our creation, and today such accessories involuntarily we associate with something delicate, elegant and beautiful. The main thing when choosing a flower is to find an accessory that will harmoniously blend with the hair color and in its form fit the bride's dress.For example, you should not choose a huge pink peony with a yellow tint for hair, when the choice fell on a long fitting wedding dress.