The standard of femininity and authentic beauty are long hair. Only long locks allow the girls to do the most beautiful hairstyles and look into this case perfectly, as in a solemn moment, and in everyday day at work or school. All the complexity is that care for and grow long hair is very difficult and time consuming: requires more detergent, attention, accuracy and care. Well as long hair affects the food – if it includes in the diet of burgers, buns and fries, and other fast food, maybe you could have short strands on which the section or the loss will be less noticeable. But what to do just such girls who love free and easy and have short or medium hair? What hairstyles with fake hair?

Wedding styling options

Not all girls are blessed with natural long and thick strands, therefore, come to the aid of artificial hair on the clip. Today, the technology to create such products perfect. When using overhead strands to differentiate the artificial hair from the real thing visually impossible. Hairstyles with fake hair are perfect for brides. Wedding hairstyles options differ in their complexity and special "pompous" appearance. Wedding hairstyles with fake hairAll bridal hairstyles can be divided into several types:

The main thing to do when you use artificial hair?

All these hairstyles are perfectly combined with artificial strands. But the main thing to consider in wedding hair? How to make hairstyle with angel hair?

Of course, the choice of styles with this detail important is masking. The bride and groom in this day of celebration are under a sight of cameras and guests. No one should discover on the bride's head is an artificial hair, and it's means that must be done with patch strands special stacking using two or three techniques of creating hairstyles. It is therefore necessary to consider in detail some of the options of styling, and how to make them using artificial hair.

When you need to do wedding hairstyles with fake hair, you need to carefully mask the clips, and so they are not stretched from the hair and was invisible. Besides the bride uses a veil, and therefore the hairstyle should be a place where it must be strengthened. The most convenient form of styling for brides is the beam. It can take different shape and form, especially with artificial strands. The most popular option is a three – dimensional bun with a bouffant on the crown. How it's done? To do hair with the hair clamp as difficult as with natural. Important thing in this case is to firmly secure the clamps with the hair and mask pins to generally be seen.

False hair come in several types:

For the beam it is necessary to choose solid faux strands. They will be attached directly at the base of the beam. Now you need to choose its shape. One of the favorite is considered to be a volumetric beam using a hair roller or fleece on top. Now consider the user manual to create a stylish and neat hairstyle.

How to make a beautiful bun with fake hair the bride?

First you need to carefully hair comb and pin in the middle on the horizontal line overhead strands. Then, divide the hair into two parts horizontally and the bottom to secure the pin to not interfere. Now the top should be divided into three parts, and so that the middle strand of hair was the widest, and the left and right were narrow, as in the future they will be decoration.

So, now we have medium strands on top to make a bouffant. As this wedding styling, you should do it tough in their form, so after an hour or two it has not lost its appearance and, of course, volume. Immediately after this you need to make amends on top of the fleece so that its form was large, but without torcasa and matted hairs.

The next step to start you need to beam. Since hair is already pinned, you need to choose the shape of the beam: "harness", a twisted braid, a ball of fleece, "donut". A popular option is the globe. It is based on Barber roller, which is twisted into one strand of each of the remaining bottom hair. All the other wound on the roller, giving the beam a shape of a ball.

It now remains to use the upper side of the strand. They are fixed laterally to the base of the beam. They should be easy to subside, creating a small wave near the ears and cover them. To hide the tips of these strands on the basis of the beam at the location fixed volume barrette.

Hairstyle with the hair clamp barrette

If the beams are not suitable, or simply want something different and interesting, you should consider the option of completenes. Today it is the most popular option of wedding styling. The peculiarity of these CBS is that they're often made with artificial strands.

There is a full freedom of imagination: braids of all different shapes, weaving techniques and volume appear in any way to a wedding feminine and beautiful. To choose the form of braids is very simple. One of the favorite options is the inverted triangle. In this case, before braiding all the hair curl in the curls. After that, select "cross-netting". The peculiarity of it is that to see in it the individual strands is almost impossible. These braids are perfectly combined with hairpins, accessories, and suit every dress.

Braids and other hair styling equipment

Looks very stylish styling, in which mapletree combined with the beam. In this case, around the perimeter of the head is a weave (curly hair), so it was impossible to make out individual strands and somewhere in the back of his head is twisted beam. Its shape is also very variable.

Wedding hairstyle with false hair bride basically make voluminous, and tails is no exception. It is a myth that the tail is too simple haircut. Making the proper form, you can Shine even such a simple form before the guests and groom. In this case, the tail just combines a lot of fleece.

Wedding tails can be divided into two groups: a NAP on the tail or the volume on the crown of the head. Some of the girls combined in himself both of these options, but this is rare. The most popular is the fleece on the tail. In this case, the hair carefully combed, attach artificial hair and gather into a ponytail. Then the middle part of the tail separated from the hair that are at the top and make it voluminous bouffant, preferably over the whole length of the hair. In this hair fixing used a lot of hairspray, because the tail to tell the wind or the dance easier. When the fleece is done, all the hair is straightened and smoothed to form very long, but this is smooth. All the hair on top is smooth down to make it look neat. The base of the tail is twisted with a tape or elastic band imitating the hair.

Short hair – not a reason to abandon interesting hairstyles

Long-haired girls use artificial hair just to add volume, but girls with short hair (shoulder length) such strands to the rescue with a stylish, voluminous blowout. Hairstyles with fake hair for short hair may also take different forms, but will look best curls and voluminous bouffant. The peculiarity of the kind of styling that she does not understand where any length of hair. Due to the mixing of the lengths of the obtained three-dimensional and very beautiful hairstyle. Of course, in this case, first make curls, and then only on the other side. However, his form at the top of the head is the biggest. There is to attach overhead strands, because they simply do not mind. If the girl has bangs, her carefully framed and separated by some beautiful headband or tiara. Accessories here are appropriate only near the forehead.

What kind of styling to choose depending on the facial oval?

Any bride knows that to choose a hairstyle is very difficult under the dress and under the oval of your face, because you want to demonstrate all of its advantages, especially in the photos. To laying perfectly "sitting", you need only to remember the basic rules. Hairstyle for short hair with patch strands have to be long. It will suit the girls with elongated oval face. The owners of square, oval should choose a hairstyle that will soften those sharp corners. For this you need to choose such forms, where the bangs or front strands are slightly lean on the face or softly framing it. Owners of round faces should not fully open and cheekbones and forehead, and certainly not necessary to use a smooth tail. It is better to give preference to small kudryashka that will slightly droop on the cheekbones of the face. Girls with triangular shape will fit voluminous spit and all kinds of bundles on top.

Thus, it is important to remember only a couple of points: if the shape of the face has sharp angles (square, triangle), they need to mitigate. If the shape of the face opposite has smooth lines, you can experiment with smooth tails, drooping curls.

False locks is convenient

Advantage of artificial hair in wedding hairstyles that they can do anything is to sprinkle in a huge amount of varnish, to succumb to the harsh treatment and even backcomb it to incredible sizes. Through hair extensions, you can keep your hair from these harmful effects and keep their healthy appearance.

Hairstyles for medium hair with false locks always look very stylish and most importantly – space. But before you start to do styling, you need to find a good specialist who can implement the idea. Hairstyles for long hair to do is quite difficult, so do not skimp on the call of the master. Only a specialist can properly secure artificial hair, so they are not broken and not loosened, and will make the appropriate form under the oval face of the bride.