Kate Middleton Wedding Dresses: Awesome Outfits

Long before the marriage ceremony of William and Kate, all British residents began to wonder: in whose dress would the bride go down the aisle? The hype reached the point that bookmakers began to accept bets on one or another designer. This hype took on an even grander scale than the bustle of thirty years ago around Princess Diana’s wedding dress.

But, despite the incessant fortune-telling of the townsfolk and the press, the question of who would make Kate Middleton's wedding dresses remained a mystery until the very last day. This bride took two dresses at once: one wedding - more modest and traditional, the second - fashionable and modern for a ceremonial reception in the palace and a party with friends.

Mystery became reality

When on the day of the ceremony the bride, accompanied by her father and sister, appeared before the public, the people gasped - the end of the intrigue. Princess Kate Middleton’s wedding dress was designed by Alexander McQueen Fashion House designers, specifically by creative director Sarah Burton, with the participation of Catherine herself.

By the way, Sarah, until the very day of the wedding, repudiated in every way from annoying journalists and did not want to disclose information about the attire of the crowned person.

Wedding Dresses Kate Middleton: description, cost

Wedding image

The excitement and secrecy of designers is quite easy to understand, because people and the press will certainly discuss such a landmark outfit as wedding dresses. Kate Middleton appeared in front of an audience and entered Westminster Abbey in a wedding dress with a classic silhouette. Tight-fitting low-cut corsage, fastened with pearl buttons on the back, perfectly emphasized the slim and fit girl's figure. Long lace sleeves chastely covered their hands and décolleté.

Flared multi-layered skirt to the floor with a train length of 2.7 meters crowned this outfit. The dress in ivory was richly decorated with handmade lace, the motifs of which reflected the floral symbols of the United Kingdom - thistle, rose, shamrock and narcissus. Each of these colors denoted one of the regions of the Kingdom - Britain, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Social perception

In general, the wedding image of the Duchess of Cambridge received positive feedback from both the public and critics. In this dress constantly compared with the famous outfits of the past, for example, with the outfit of Grace Kelly, in which she married the Prince of Monaco.

Very soon he could be seen in the smallest detail on the pages of bridal magazines. Wedding dress in the style of Kate Middleton has become the trend of the year. Every third British bride chose a similar outfit for her wedding. We’ll clarify here that dresses made in a very similar way can be found today in many wedding boutiques, tailored to order or purchased online.

Tribute to traditions

The wedding of members of the royal family must certainly take place in accordance with strict protocol and old traditions. So, in Britain, it’s been said that there must be something old, something new, something blue and something borrowed in the bridal outfit.

Kate Middleton had a new dress and diamond earrings, borrowed from Queen Elizabeth a precious tiara, adorned the head of the bride and held the veil. The blue ribbon was sewn into the lining of the corsage, and the old one was a traditional floral motif on lace.

On the issue of price

Critics and other fans find fault with others' expenses immediately interested in the question of the cost of this magnificent outfit. Kate Middleton's wedding dress, whose price is about 400 thousand dollars, was included in the ranking of the most expensive outfits in the world. It should be noted that there are no diamonds and other precious stones on it, so its cost is made up of the price of natural fabrics, the work of a famous designer, and most importantly, the amount of hand-woven lace. It is known that several dozens of skilled workers worked on its creation. Moreover, in order to create laces of the required quality, they had to rinse their hands with soap and water every half hour and change needles several times a day.

To calm the suffering, you can add that all the expenses for the wedding ceremony itself, including the purchase of a dress, were taken over by the royal family along with Catherine's parents. In addition, the state remained only in profit - thanks to the tourists who flooded the city to see with their own eyes at least a piece of the famous ceremony, the London treasury was enriched with 170 million dollars.


It is known that the bride invited her younger sister Philip (Pippa) Middleton as her maid of honor and bridesmaid. Her outfit was made in the same way as the dress of the Duchess herself. The dress in mother-of-pearl white, which Sarah Burton also worked on, gently draped and emphasized the slim shape of the bridesmaid. The pearl buttons on the back of the corsage were exactly the same as on Catherine’s dress. The girl was accompanied by two little ones - Eliza Lopez, the granddaughter of Camilla Parker Bowles, wife of Prince Charles, and cousin of the prince Margarita Armstrong Jones. The outfits of both girls were also designed in the same style with the images of Katherine and Philippa.

Second wedding dress Kate Middleton

The bride, whose wedding was held in strict accordance with the monarchical order, chose two dresses for herself. The most famous one is the wedding one, in which she appeared before a multimillion public and entered Westminster Abbey. But there was also a second dress - less pompous, intended for a solemn after-wedding reception at Buckingham Palace. According to the protocol, this celebration meant a change of clothes.

So, the second wedding dress by Kate Middleton, whose price is not much cheaper than the first, was made by Alexander McQueen Fashion House. More simple and easy, it repeated the silhouette of the wedding - a tight-fitting bodice and a long flared skirt on the floor. The lack of lace and extra layering was compensated for by a wide belt embroidered with rhinestones, showing the bride's thin waist. The style and excellent taste of the Duchess was especially emphasized by the cropped, fluffy cardigan, which she donned like a bolero.

In the same set, Catherine Middleton, accompanied by her newly-made husband, dressed in a formal suit, went to her official residence at Clarence House, where the party continued until the morning.