A wedding is one of the most important and important events in life. Preparing for the wedding, the newlyweds dream of how they grow old together, passing through the years of love, tenderness and respect for each other. Therefore, with such pleasure and trembling celebrate the anniversaries of their family life, which every year confirm that the decision was right and undeniable.

Green and calico

The color of spring and the awakening nature is called the day when the bride and groom exchange wedding bands and make promises to be near both in joy and in sorrow. The green color is symbolic. He must be present in the wedding accessories: they are usually the leaves in the bouquet of the bride and the groom's boutonniere. In Europe, the couple was often married in myrtle wreaths, which spoke of the youth of the couple, their purity and freshness. Parents also planted this tree when a girl was born in their family. For myrtle for many years, carefully looked after, on the day of his marriage, strengthened and grown up, gave his son-in-law.

Weddings by Year and Their NamesWhen the couple lived in love and joy a year of living together, what kind of wedding is on the calendar? Printed or gauze. Our ancestors claimed that the last year from the wedding is called that because of the wear of bed linen, because the newlyweds spend a lot of time in a love nest. Therefore, on this day, appropriate cotton gift sets, as well as pillows or tablecloths of this material, will be appropriate gifts.

The following years

Living side by side for several years, the husband and wife begin to understand each other better. They enjoy their happiness and become truly two halves of one whole. Already over the shoulders is not one year of living together. What wedding should be next? Paper, which hints at a still easy tearing relationship. After a two-year anniversary, the firstborn is often born to the spouses: the love idyll is replaced by the eternal cares of the little girl. On the basis of fatigue, quarrels and conflicts can arise. Therefore, guests who came to the festival should bring paper photo albums, calendars or books as a gift.

Having lived for three years, the couple marks the first significant date: a leather wedding. It symbolizes the flexibility of relations that have withstood the first difficulties and remained invincible. To the couple continue to retain this ability, the holiday presents a variety of leather products: belts, purses, bags. As for the fourth anniversary, she is called a linen one. On this day, it is customary for spouses to present clothes from this material. Such things are handmade - you are no longer a chintz, light and fragile. Unlike him, flax is a symbol of prosperity and prosperity, of some strength and seriousness of intentions.

The first solid anniversary

Of course, this is a five-year plan. All weddings for years have their name: this is customary to call wooden. When a couple spent five years together under one roof, the most important thing in life is a family nest: its arrangement, care for the offspring. Relations are now similar to a wooden house: it is already an impressive structure, but still vulnerable to so-called fires - conflicts. Notice, this is the first solid material that occurs in wedding names. In addition, it is often used in construction, which already carries a certain semantic load.

Celebrate the date on a grand scale: invite friends and relatives, order a restaurant or go on a honeymoon again. Gifts are accepted to give inexpensive. Suitable wooden statuettes or other things. Although the closest (for example, parents) can fork out for a new kitchen or furniture. A good sign is a tree planted by the couple. It becomes the guarantee of long-term relationships, which will only grow stronger and develop with each passing year.

After the fifth anniversary, weddings are named after different metals for years. For example, 6 years is a cast-iron anniversary. This metal is the most fragile of all existing, it can be shattered into pieces from a strong blow, so you need to carefully care for it and polish it. Similarly, in family relations during this period - everything is very fragile and vulnerable. By the way, according to the Latvian version, six years is a rowan wedding. Therefore, here the spouses are given the clusters of this tree: it not only preserves love, but also protects from diseases and promotes the birth of the heir.

The name of weddings by year has a certain uniqueness. For example, six and a half years old - zinc. This slightly strange "half-year" anniversary is celebrated on an equal footing with the purpose of organizing a holiday and relaxing a bit. 7 years - a copper wedding. This is not black cast iron, but rather solid metal, although it is far from the precious one. After eight years, relations must be renewed, so this anniversary is called tin, like a new sparkling bank. "Nine-year-old" is called faience, because during this period feelings can fade. They are fragile, so you need to protect marriage as the apple of your eye.

Ten years

All the weddings are unique. Therefore, you need to pay attention even to small things in this important day for the couple. All guests who were at the wedding, are obliged to come and congratulate the young for a decade of marriage. Anniversary is called pink or tin. The fortress of marriage is already proved, therefore on this day, gifts should not warn about possible strife, but emphasize the beauty of long-lasting relationships. To this end, they present unique tin souvenirs: the metal is very flexible, which already hints at the pliability of the spouses, their ability to compromise and understand each other.

The husband gives his beloved eleven roses. Ten of them must be bright red, which means his passionate feelings, one is white, a sign of hope for a new joint decade. Bouquets of these beautiful flowers are also given by guests. Well, if the triumph of the elements of the flower will be found in the interior and clothing of those present. It can be a cake decorated with petals, a drawing of a prickly plant on tablecloths and dishes, roses in the hair of the young ladies present and in the pockets of their coaches' jackets.

Then comes the lily-of-the-valley wedding. How many years has passed since the moment of the wedding? As many as 13: during this period, feelings become tender, refined and light, like this spring flower. The fourteenth anniversary is called agate. This is the first precious stone, whose name is called the feast. It is clear that at the current stage of the relationship becomes very expensive, close and confidential. The next anniversary - 15 years - is called glass. Feelings between spouses become clear and clear, like this transparent material.

16 to 20

The 16th and 17th year of weddings are not celebrated. Even their names in the sources can not be found. Jewelry firms took advantage of this oversight and posted on the network their own interpretations of dates and their interpretation - analogues with precious stones. In such a simple way, they expected to increase sales of these products. But the 18th anniversary officially exists. It's a turquoise wedding. Spouses have experienced much and, nevertheless, came out of life's troubles winners. The brightness of the stone marks the end of the crisis situations associated with the growing up of the child. Marriage should be played in a new way.

19 years - krypton wedding. The name is very unusual, since it was formed from the name of the chemical element. Krypton is used in energy-saving light bulbs, so the marriage at this time interval should be bright and bright.

20 years - porcelain anniversary. It is believed that all the dishes donated for the wedding, has already broken up. Therefore, stocks should be updated: the couple is presented with table sets, sets, porcelain cups and plates. The second variant of the name is the following: a twenty-year marriage is a great happiness. It is incomprehensible, as is the secret of Chinese porcelain, which remains a mystery to all uninitiated.

21 to 25

Further, the anniversaries of weddings over the years already have full names, formed from expensive materials. Opalova called the wedding, when the couple together more than two decades. 21 year of family life can mean both complete harmony, and frequent quarrels because of fatigue from each other. However, as in the case of opal, minimal care is enough to return coziness and warmth. 22 years - a bronze wedding. This alloy is malleable: spouses like him are flexible and tolerant towards their second half.

Berylova anniversary falls on the 23 anniversary of the union. The name has a semantic load: only some varieties of the stone are precious, so not every couple can maintain a truly intimate and harmonious relationship, despite many years spent under one roof. Satin wedding celebrated next. This is a dense and durable material, as well as the connection between husband and wife after 24 years. Weddings in the years of the first quarter of the century are close to an important date: the 25th marriage. The silver jubilee is a jewel for the family, like adornments of this white and pure metal.

Other Important Dates

First of all, this pearl wedding is 30 years old, lived together. A pure natural stone is a symbol of perfect relations. The husband gives his half a pearl necklace, guests - more simple ornaments. For example, interior items, decorated with artificial stone.

Rubinov is called the 40th anniversary. The stone has a bloody shade, as well as the bonds between the spouses, which have become truly blood. In addition, scarlet color is a symbol of fire and love. And if on the 40th anniversary of the feelings are really strong, then on the 50th they reach the apogee. Held together for half a century is an important date. It is called a golden wedding and has its own traditions. It is customary to order new wedding rings, and old ones to give to unmarried heirs. You can arrange a new wedding ceremony, which is to be held in the circle of a huge family.

As you can see, the name of weddings for years is always symbolic. Each has a deep meaning for the year lived together. And it serves as a warning for all of us: we need to treat relationships as carefully as precious metals. After all, love is the greatest gift of life, worth much more than all the treasures of the world.