Adjusting their life, people tend to use a variety of compact and modern appliances, whether their housing is an apartment in the metropolis, a private country or country house. One of these devices is the Liana dryer. Because the question of how to dry clothes after washing, is relevant at all times.

Linen dryers - modern fixture

Dryers usually take up little space, but at the same time they allow you to hang out a lot of washed laundry. This is especially true if you have to dry two or three sets of bed linen. Having a private house, clothes can be dried in the open air, stretching the ropes between the trees. But this is summer, and when is it damp, sleet and rain?

Under the conditions of a megalopolis, the situation is even more complicated. Balcony or loggia can not always put bulky duvet covers and sheets, blankets and pillowcases. And if the apartment does not have a balcony, then you have to dry your laundry in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Manufacturers produce many different options for drying clothes. It is important to figure out which particular model best suits you.

Dryer classification

The choice of dryers is multifaceted. A large number of various models, differing in configuration, functionality, price and, of course, the manufacturer. Depending on the installation site, they are divided into ceiling, floor and wall. The main advantage is the ability to place the maximum amount of linen, while occupying the minimum area.

Dryers are removable and fixed fixed. By type of construction, they are divided into folding, sliding, hanging nets and dryer-lianas.

  • Suspended mesh suitable for cottages.
  • Folding is usually installed on the floor. They occupy a decent area and are uncomfortable in small rooms.
  • Sliding designs are mostly metal. Most often they are attached to the wall. They are not very practical and often cumbersome.
  • The dryer “Liana” is a ceiling construction. It folds easily, withstands heavy weight and does not interfere with movement.

According to the type of mechanisms, structures for drying are divided into rope, telescopic and sliding.

Designs for balconies and loggias

The best place to place the dryer is a balcony or loggia. Although the loggias in modern houses are quite roomy, the place for drying clothes, which is still equipped with ordinary ropes, prevents, for example, the free opening of the sash of the balcony frame. In this case, the ideal dryer on the balcony ceiling - "Liana". It is compact, will not interfere with the passage, it can easily withstand a lot of weight. Since the system is attached to the ceiling, it is almost invisible.

The structure consists of interconnected tubes and a rope system for controlling the dryer. Tubes can be made of plastic as well as metal, covered with enamel. This will protect the dryer, and along with the laundry from rust. The length of the structure is selected depending on the size of the loggia or balcony. Thanks to the rope system, the design is lowered to the desired height for the convenience of hanging clothes. Then the dryer can be raised again. The longer the dryer on the balcony “Liana”, the stronger should be the tube. Plastic systems are cheaper than metal systems, but they are of poor quality and unreliable.

Suspended structures

Most often dryers equip the balconies and loggias. More difficult if the apartment does not have a balcony. Then the drying can be installed in the bathroom, in the kitchen and even in the room. Particularly acute problem of drying occurs in the offseason. At this time, the apartment is cold and damp. You can purchase an electric dryer or a machine with a drying function. But such units are expensive and energy consuming. The best option is the dryer “Liana”. Suspension system - a convenient device.

The design does not take up much space. Allows you to put a considerable amount of clothing and linen to dry. It can be installed in the bathroom. At the same time, a good ventilation system is necessary, as the bathroom is a small and damp room. Liana can be hung in the kitchen closer to the window, because the air temperature in the kitchen is usually higher than in other rooms. To speed up the drying process (and to avoid the appearance of an unpleasant musty smell from the laundry), you can open a window.

Wall construction

If for some reason the ceiling dryer cannot be installed on the balcony “Liana”, it is fixed in another way. There are ceiling-wall systems. The design is suitable for a balcony, loggia or bathroom. The dryer is equipped with universal mounts. Therefore, it can be installed both on the ceiling and on the wall.

With the help of a stretched rope, each of the metal crossbars is lowered. After hanging clothes, the rails lift up. Based on the number of washed clothes, use one or more tubes. For better drying and ventilation of the laundry, items can be kept at different heights, in a cascade.

Depending on the manufacturer, the dryer may vary in appearance. Another “Liana” wall dryer is a roller mechanism with twisted ropes and a fastening bar. Ropes stretch in a horizontal plane and fixed on the opposite wall.

The main subtleties when choosing a dryer

Ceiling dryer perfectly fit into the interior. The buyer will choose the most suitable option from the set of proposed models. They all differ in size, number of rods, the material from which they are made, the price and the manufacturer. With proper operation, such products serve almost unlimited time.

More durable metal dryers. If the choice is stopped on a plastic product, you should give preference to Russian manufacturers. Their products are better in comparison with low-quality Chinese plastic. When buying you need to check the integrity of the box where the dryer is packed “Liana”. Instructions for use must be present.

The most vulnerable point affecting the service life is the cords that lift and lower the entire system. They are made of durable yarns. But over time, they can fray from contact with sharp parts of the tubes. This disadvantage can be eliminated by replacing the cords with new ones.

Installation and installation of the dryer

Installing the ceiling dryer "Liana" is not difficult. After a place for drying is selected, holes for fastenings are drilled using a perforator or a drill. They must be located at a strictly defined distance in accordance with the length of the dryer cores. Brackets with rollers that are fastened with screws to the ceiling or wall (depending on the type of system) are included in the package. The bracket fixing the rope to change the position of the height of the rods is fastened separately to the wall with screws, at a height convenient for the hostess. Each dryer core has two cords (short and long) and two caps (for lower and upper fixation). The cords are passed through the rollers on the brackets and fixing caps, checking the top and bottom position of each of the rods. After installing the dryer, you need to check its reliability by loading on the rods a possible amount of laundry. If the structure is firmly held and does not creak, installation is performed correctly.

Customer Reviews

Choosing a manufacturer, it is useful to get acquainted with the characteristics of the product dryer “Liana”. Customer feedback on this system is mostly positive.

  • The dryer is characterized as a compact and convenient device that does not take up much space. However, it allows you to immediately place a large amount of linen.
  • Great choice of location for installation. Can be mounted both on the ceiling and on the wall.
  • The package contains all the necessary elements.
  • It has two positions: one for hanging clothes, the other for drying. It is also possible not to lower all the rods at once, but to position them with steps.
  • Round rods do not leave streaks on dried things.

Negative reviews relate to the following:

  • Plastic construction rods sag and wear out quickly.
  • Aluminum rods stain the laundry.
  • Enamel on metal rods eventually peels off.
  • Most of all complaints on breakage of fixing cords.
  • Large, heavy and small children's things often slide off the round tubes.
  • The screws supplied are short.
  • Over time, caps burst through which the ropes are stretched.

Operation and maintenance of the dryer

Correct installation of a new dryer is a guarantee of its long and reliable work. Care of the system is quite simple. Clean the dryer after use.

Some frames are powder coated. Under the influence of moisture and temperature changes, it cracks and crumbles. This is how, besides an unsightly appearance, another problem emerges: underwear can cling to chipped.

Stainless steel frames are high strength and do not require additional maintenance. The most successful acquisition is a system made of plastic in combination with another stronger material.

Do not overload the dryer. The instructions indicate the maximum allowable weight of linen for one drying, as well as the load on one of the rods.

Despite ambiguous opinions, a clothes dryer is a useful thing, and sometimes just necessary. Dryer "Liana"   an element which, undoubtedly, will simplify life and harmoniously fit into the most elegant interior.