Many girls with a square type of person are worried because their appearance looks sharp and has a strict, masculine look. But the situation is easily remedied with the help of the correct form of hair and competent accents in coloring. A special haircut for a square face softens the features, masks the angularity of the forms and gives its owner mysteriousness and romanticism. What are the preferred silhouette? Let's look below.

Haircut for square face and fine hair

Features square face and the basic rules in choosing hairstyles

This type is characterized by a wide or, conversely, indistinct cheekbones, heavy chin and low forehead. With unsuccessful coverage, such an oval face may seem inexpressive and flat. With age, these deficiencies can only increase. Therefore, you need to choose the hairstyle especially carefully. Aim for visual correction of prominent features and avoid clear lines. But from the hairstyles, optically making the face wider, it is better to refuse. Haircut for a square face has advantages: it looks good in volumetric styling, curls of any size, massive decorations, asymmetrical shapes.

Despite the difficulties in choosing the right haircut, this type of person is considered the most attractive and sexy. You just need to learn how to properly present the merits and show them from the winning side.

Short hair cut

The choice of hairstyle for a square face follows a simple rule - it should be a bit careless, “torn”, disheveled, chaotic and romantic.

If we talk about short length, then all the options are good, when the haircut has transitions, layers and levels, simply put, it is made on the principle of a cascade. Pixie will look very good, but on the condition that the bangs are oblique and elongated. It can be recommended to girls with curly hair. The hairstyle, laid with the help of wax, will look feminine and playful, and the sharp features of the face will be effectively smoothed.

A very short haircut for a square face is not recommended, because it only emphasizes its roughness and angularity. However, it is quite realistic to choose any other short form, since most modern hairstyles assume elongated elements, volume and disheveled styling. It is these nuances that look more advantageous on a square face and best of all correct its shortcomings.

Medium Haircut

The best length here is just below the chin. Stylists recommend layered forms with smooth transitions and easy thinning. All lines should be soft and the texture moving. If you need a bang, then you can cut it differently - in a semicircle, diagonally, elongated. The exception is straight, massive and without banging bangs.

For girls with this type of face is suitable for parting and asymmetry. Therefore, you can choose a hairstyle on the basis of a cascade with side parting. It is easy to lay with a hair dryer and a round brush or tapered curling.

Another good solution is bob haircut. For a square face this is the perfect hairstyle. Important conditions are the side parting and the length just below the cheekbones.

It is better to refuse a classic car, but an elongated one will look great. In this haircut, it is important to form a volume in the area of ​​the crown, then the hairstyle will be proportional and harmonious with respect to the features of a square face. Allowed and not thick, "torn", long bangs, which gently down on the cheeks.

Long haircuts

One of the most successful hairstyles for this person is a cascade. If the transitions start from the temporal zones, then visually they smooth out all the defects, and due to this, the image is excellent. According to stylists, a haircut for a square face with long hair should be laid with light natural waves. Allowed curls formed with a diffuser or curling. If you prefer direct styling, be sure to use a light mousse before drying the curls. It will give the strands volume and help to form a slightly casual look, which is very important.

A ladder will do as well. Strands of a person should begin just below the cheekbones and be thoroughly worked out so that there are no sharp corners and rough transitions. As it was said, girls with such a face fit side parting. Therefore, if you choose elongated haircuts, do not forget about this part. You can ask your master to perform a haircut immediately with such a parting. Then the hairstyle will be easy to fit.

Haircut for square face and fine hair

If the hair is naturally wavy, you can simply cut it with an even cut on the same level. The optimum length will be slightly higher than the shoulders. If the curls are long, then not lower than the shoulder blades. With straight hair, this hairstyle will require daily styling. You can twist the ends of brushing or make light curls in the face.

For those who want diversity, you can make an unexpressed cascade. The shortest strands in such a haircut begin at a level not higher than 5 cm from the total length. This will give a bit of volume and mobility to the hairstyle, distract attention from the cheekbones and massive chin.

If the curls are thin and devoid of volume, the haircut for a square face should be chosen in such a way that it can be easily laid. Only lush strands and natural curls will help smooth facial features. Massive style hairstyles will not work. Heavy bangs are also excluded.

What should be avoided?

  • Do not completely open the face. Avoid styling where you need to comb your hair back.
  • Perfectly smooth haircuts and haircuts with clear steps will not suit you.
  • Thick and massive bangs will make your face even heavier.
  • Excluded styling and haircuts with volume in the area of ​​the cheekbones.
  • Avoid chin length hairstyles.
  • The volume at the bottom of the face will weigh it even more.

Which haircut is most suitable for a square face? An unequivocal answer is impossible to give. Since there is no guarantee that the hairstyle that looks great on your girlfriend or celebrity, will suit you. It is necessary to take into account the main recommendations, as well as individual characteristics. This is not only the features of the face and the shape of the head, but also your height, body proportions, overall style.

It should be noted that successfully executed haircut is not the key to success. For a square face it is very important to choose the right coloring and be able to make a good styling. If you just leave your hair smooth, without additional manipulations, all the flaws of the face will be clearly emphasized. Regular daily styling does not take much time, and the result will delight you throughout the day. Any haircut for a square face (photos were presented in the article) looks best with curls. The latest trend - the waves with the help of ironing. They are soft, light and tender. What you need in order to soften the sharp cheekbones and chin.

The basic requirements for choosing a hairstyle for a square face are ease of form and variety. Experiment, change styles, styling, try naughty and bold haircuts. Use the services of professional masters, and you always get a decent result!