All girls want to look fresh and young at any age. But there are individual features of the person who do not contribute to this. These include the hanging eyelid. It is believed that this common trait makes the look down, sad, and look stale. In the article we will try to dispel this myth, and also to show that the correct application of makeup can correct this nuance. In more detail about how to make arrows for the impending century.

Arrows for the impending century: which fit, how to draw

Hanging eyelid: features

Contrary to popular belief that the hanging eyelid is the lot of people in age, it is a fairly common feature of the anatomical structure of the face. Worrying about the fact that the hanging eyelid gives the look of fatigue or makes it unhealthy can be left in the past. Those who want to correct this feature, do not have to rush to the clinic of plastic surgery. Hanging eyelid can be quite easily and without unnecessary material costs to hide with the help of the correct makeup.

The arrows for the impending century - a luxury, according to many women. But it is not. After all, a properly drawn arrow will help correct this deficiency. In addition to her, there are other principles of applying makeup, the knowledge of which will help the owners of this structure of the eye and eyebrows to work correctly with this feature.

Makeup for the eyelids: arrows, shadows, eyebrows

In make-up is to follow a few simple rules. First, it is a thorough shading and a smooth transition of colors. Secondly, special attention should be paid to emphasizing the outer corner of the eye. At the same time it and the crease of the moving eyelid are painted with a darker shade of shadow (preferably matte). The inner corner of the eye and the area under the eyebrows are highlighted with the help of bright shadows. Ink is more abundantly dyed eyelashes at the outer edge of the eye.

Of great importance in the correction of the impending century is the correct shape of the eyebrows. They should have a smooth shape with a “soaring” tip. This will visually lift the heavy outer corners of the eyes. Eyebrows should not have an acute angle in the place where they have a bend. Owners of the impending century are advised not to overdo it with plucking eyebrows - it is better that they are thick enough and of medium thickness. They can be emphasized with a pencil, henna-based natural paint and other natural products.

How to draw arrows?

To answer the question of which arrows are suitable for the impending century, you need to deal with step-by-step actions that will help these arrows to draw correctly. So:

  • the direction of the arrow can be determined using a pencil: to do this, substitute it to the outer part of the lower eyelid and continue it, thus plotting the future arrow; this is a small dash on the upper eyelid, “looking” upwards;
  • further, you need to draw a line from the middle of the eye and smoothly connect it with the tip of the first line above the outer corner of the eye;
  • the distance between them should be painted over;
  • the arrow must be extended with a thin line to the inner corner of the eye;
  • the thickest part of the arrow should be around the outer corner of the eye and gradually sharpen to the tail;
  • further, you can add makeup with shadows: for example, to shade a dark color on the outer part of the mobile eyelid above the location of the arrow.

Features arrows at the looming century

There are at least three ways to make the right arrows for the impending century. Under each description they are shown in the photo.

  • This option provides an arrow as a continuation of the line of the upper fold of the century. This arrow lead from the center of the eye, and reaching its outer corner, lift slightly above the eyelashes. In the interval from the arrow to the extreme point of the eye shadows shade.
  • The line of the arrow of the following options also follows the contour of the upper eyelid, but does not affect the area of ​​growth of eyelashes and the outer corner of the eye. The arrow is left slightly raised and shade it upwards, adding shadows.
  • The next arrow shows the importance of the direction of its “tail”. He must lift up to the extreme point of the eyebrows. In this case, the arrow is held above the lash line, and then the remaining distance between the line and the corner of the eye is joined.

What it costs to be is the connection of the eyeliner line of the lower part of the eye with the arrow. Such a connected triangle will further lower the corners of the eyes.

Another common mistake is the disproportionate thickness of the arrow. This happens if the line is thicker in the central part of the eye and tapers towards its edge. Such a move does not enlarge the eyes, but makes their shape deformed.

Small eyes with a hanging eyelid: draw arrows

Arrows for small eyes with a hanging eye are drawn on the same principle as in all other cases. A simple technique will help to visually enlarge the eye. It is based on the shading of dark shadows over the mobile eyelid, as in the photo. This area repeats the shape of an arrow and connects with it in the outer corner of the eye. At the same time the mobile eyelid is painted with a lighter shade of shadows. With such make-up, the open eye becomes more expressive and wide.

Eyeliner or pencil?

Arrows for the eyes with the lingering eyelids are better to perform after all with a pencil or friable shadows. The fact is that the liquid eyeliner will not allow the arrow line to be shaded well enough, will make it sharp and pronounced, which will either hide the line under the overhanging skin, or emphasize it even more.

When using a pencil, it is also worth refusing to draw coarse, clear lines. You can shade them with a special applicator. If you practice, then the arrows for the impending century can be depicted and the shadows of a dark color. To do this, you will need to get a small dense makeup brush with a beveled edge.

Arrows for narrow eyes with drooping eyelids

Narrow eyes can also be corrected with makeup. Arrows for the eyes with hanging eyelids in this case can be made longer than usual. There must be a feathering from the up arrow, towards the eyelashes. It is also better to use a pencil or shadow. Liquid eyeliner itself narrows the eyes even more.

The eye fold is highlighted with darker shadows (there you can even draw a line with a pencil that leads towards the tail of the arrow and shade), the mobile eyelid and eyebrow area are emphasized with a light shade.

In order to “open” the eye, the lower eyelid is blackened with dark shadows or a feathered pencil line. It is better to do such a feather on the center of the eye, which will visually round it.

With the help of eyeliner can be adjusted and the location of the eyes relative to the nose. It is enough to remember a little trick: with close-set eyes, the outer part of the eye is darkened and the inner part is brightened; when it is far-set, the opposite is true.

Tips and tricks

Hanging eyelid may become more pronounced for a number of reasons related to lifestyle. This can include lack of sleep, loss of skin elasticity due to smoking or a lack of fatty acids in the diet, alcohol abuse. Those who do not want to exacerbate the situation should not drink a lot of water at night, and also eat less salt, which retains fluid and promotes puffiness.

And in conclusion - the hanging eyelid cannot be considered a defect that spoils the appearance of the girl. This is the same feature as a low forehead or dimple on the chin. If the hanging eyelid causes discomfort, it can be easily hidden in the ways presented. But the complex does not make sense. Indeed, to many precisely such a view seems more mysterious, languid and sexy. And the right arrows for the impending century will only decorate the look.