People who are born between 22 November to 21 December, is the master of Fire. Their position in life is so active, and the desire for freedom is so great that it often scares prospective partners on the marriage Union.

People born under the constellation of Sagittarius

The ninth sign of the Zodiac is the most active in the horoscope. Who is sitting on the ground – so is Sagittarius. The characteristic of this sign is a direct proof. His active nature full of creative ideas and entrepreneurial plans. Sagittarians love fun and noisy to relax, travel and have fun, know how to make money and as easily part with their money.

Sagittarius: compatibility with other signsOften archers surrounding offended because of their straightness. They are not thinking about the consequences, to Express their point of view, what they think is not honest and open, but rough and rude.

Sagittarius inherent thirst for knowledge and new discoveries. They are easy going, do not like monotony and boredom. They are always ready for risky adventures and adventures.

It is not necessary to restrict the freedom of a person born under such a constellation, like Sagittarius. A sign of this strong and powerful energy, but in this case people often turn in on themselves and succumb to depression and melancholy.

Girl-Archer: the characteristics of the sign

Independent, strong, passionate and freedom-loving woman can be described as representative of the constellation, through which the zodiac. Sagittarius is the leader in the family and at work, full of ideas, but more to inspire others to implement them than for herself. Does not tolerate the control and hovering over her, always honestly points out the shortcomings of others and requires the same honest attitude.

A woman, born under the constellation of Sagittarius, is characterized by openness and sociability. How to spot her in the crowd? Around her many friends, it's easy to find new topics of conversation, sometimes it seems that the girl-Archer knows everything. But next it will only strong and self-sufficient man who is able to be with her. Brightly dressed, loves flashy jewelry and skillfully combines them with the chosen style.

Male-Sagittarius: personality

Man born under the constellation of Sagittarius, it is easy to see in the company. This is the man who is always the center of attention, telling funny stories and jokes, and it seems that the flow of them will never run out. He is open and communicative. His pockets are often empty. But not because the man-Sagittarius is not able to earn due to the fact that it is easy to part with money.

The representative of this zodiac sign always generous, his expensive gifts and attentions do not go unnoticed. He is amorous, sexual, passionate, his emotions are vivid and genuine. Sagittarius easily annoyed by the slowness and humility. Can be aggressive, his purpose goes ahead. Due to this quality, and because of the inability to sit still Sagittarians are often highly climb the career ladder.

Compatibility Sagittarius in love and marriage

Of all the zodiac signs with a fickle and unreliable partner is a Sagittarius. Compatibility with other signs its rather complex, due to the amorous and the frequent change of partners.

The Sagittarius man values freedom. Sexy and passionate, he likes to experience new emotions and feelings. He is easily bored, so the second half should have extraordinary creativity, to avoid change in the Union. Archer later married. He fears limits his freedom and avoids responsibilities.

Partners, one of whom was born under the sign of Sagittarius, it is very difficult to maintain a long-term relationship. As soon as the fire starts to fade, they leave. Therefore, men of this sign are difficult to get married, while women, conversely, often get married. Lightheadedness and amorousness different representatives of this sign, Sagittarius. Their characteristics can be described with just a few words: the desire for independence and a thirst for change. But the life of such a person would be rich and interesting, so it is always worth to take a risk and join him in relationship.

Compatibility of Sagittarius with the signs of the earth element

Difficult relationships Sagittarius with the signs of the zodiac element Earth. And this has its explanation. Serious and balanced representatives of the earth element are temperamental fire sign of a real wall, through which he will try to get their life together.

Sagittarius and Taurus rarely can boast of a long and quality relationship. They are totally different. Taurus wants a steady life, and Sagittarius is looking for bright impressions. The last annoying calm temperament and predictability of a partner, he wants a holiday, to rule and command. Despite this, characters often have passion. But for how long – it depends on whether the partners to listen to each other and to concede in conflict situations, which will in their life together a lot.

An uneasy Alliance develops Sagittarius with Virgo. The marriage between them is rarely long, quarrels and cold in the relationship comes almost immediately after the wedding. Patient and restrained in the senses the virgin annoying unpredictability and directness of Sagittarius. Unites the partners inherent in both the sense of humor. Relationship, doomed to break, able to save only a lot of love. If Sagittarius and Virgo will learn to listen to each other, the lives of both in the marriage will be interesting and fun.

A good Union can happen to a Capricorn. The relationship they begin is not easy. Capricorn need to win, which may take some time. But then the Archer will receive a full material and spiritual well-being. Of course, among the partners in such a Union there are contradictions. Capricorn is steady and stable, spends little and earns a lot. Sagittarius is an active cheerleader with the ever empty pocket. But together they are interested in, and any monetary issues will not prevent their Union.

Sagittarius and air signs

Between Sagittarius and the signs of the air element much in common. They are also freedom-loving and frivolous. Representatives of these signs complement each other in the relationship.

Sagittarius and Gemini – the signs of the opposite, but despite this, the partners trust each other. They share the same attitude, but alienate different views on money and personal issues. The Union between Sagittarius and Gemini is rarely long, they get bored together, their freedom-loving nature crave change and new relationships.

A long and harmonious relationship can work out with Weights. Partners in a marriage understand each other perfectly, they are equally frivolous, love to dream than to do. The leader in this pair of Scales. Sagittarius – sign of the fire element, but is ready to yield the palm to a well-balanced partner. From the first glance it may seem that it's the perfect marriage: they share their fantasies and dreams, discuss issues and jointly solve problems. But really good and stable Union is possible only if the balance is not to claim the restriction of freedom of Sagittarius.

Good relationship with Aquarius. A lot of their characters have in common: easy-going, freedom-loving travelers, adventurers, and philosophers. Sagittarius and Aquarius look at life one way. Difficulties in relationships can occur after marriage, which implies the appearance of commitment and restriction of freedom.

The relationship of Sagittarius with representatives of the element of Water

Understanding between the signs of fire and water elements rarely occurs. Water extinguishes the bright flame of Sagittarius, and therefore he seeks to escape from such a relationship and find freedom close to him.

Sagittarius and Cancer are too different characters to be together. The marriage between them is unstable, full of loud quarrels and reproaches. Cancer is the leader in this pair and impose its opinion of the partner. Agile Archer tries to rehabilitate cardinal Cancer, but usually it does not work. The first is spending money, the second saves them, single – traveller, the second is a homebody. Sagittarius and Cancer never listen to each other, and each continues to insist on as long as the marriage between them does not break.

Adverse Union is formed with another representatives of the water element of Scorpio. Such a marriage can be saved only by a great love and a common cause. Scorpio and Sagittarius have different personalities and views on life. The first owner, the second freedom-loving adventurer. From this Union will benefit more Scorpio than Sagittarius. The representative of the fire element – an energetic optimist. He gives the partner the belief and confidence in their own abilities, expanding its capabilities. Scorpio and Sagittarius – a complex, but interesting Union that requires work and reassessment of views.

Rarely a good marriage happens with Fish. Active and decisive Sagittarius annoying self-doubt and inaction of Fish. In life they are adrift, but bossy and impose their point of view. The only thing that attracts Sagittarius in Pisces is a cozy house with family traditions.

Compatibility of Sagittarius with the signs of the zodiac your element

They are alike in their boundless energy, bubbling, and rapid pace of life. Sagittarius compatibility with other signs of the Fire element is good. By the way, with a long and harmonious relationship.

Good prospects for further cooperation have a couple Sagittarius and Aries. They share a love of travel and risky projects. This pair is good to have your own business, for which they will direct their knowledge and energy. Thus leading to it is Aries, and Sagittarius, I didn't realize that only helps the partner in realizing his ambitions, though, and are reaching excellent results. Both passionate, Sagittarius and Aries make a good sexual partners. Between them develop a close and trusting relationship. By temperament they are very similar, so each of them knows that the partner wants in sex, love and marriage.

The only sign of the Zodiac, which the freedom-loving Sagittarius is willing to submit to a lion. As in Alliance with RAM, for this pair the importance of working together. Together, Sagittarius and Leo reached such heights as never alone. This harmonious Union of two brave, strong, energetic people. Lion attracts a vibrant sexuality, which has Sagittarius. Compatibility with other signs sexually it will not be so favorable as with the Lion.

A marriage in which both partners were born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, is extremely rare. The similarity of the characters not only gives them the opportunity to be together, but repel each other. This two leader, adventurer, freedom-loving person with an active lifestyle. The marriage between them is a volcano with bright flashes of passion, alternating with a stormy showdown. Bored together, they will not be exact, the main thing in the Union not to go crazy.

The perfect pair for Sagittarius

Independent adventurer and humorist Sagittarius, which cherishes its freedom, among all the numerous novels still seeks to find their second half. Usually, the search continues long enough, therefore, the representatives of this zodiacal constellation often marry at a Mature age. Who will be the perfect couple for such a sign, like Sagittarius?

Compatibility with other signs is different. Marriage with representatives of the water element will bring some difficulties. Will not be able to avoid conflicts with the earth signs. In this case, the most stable can become an Alliance with Capricorn.

A harmonious relationship with Libra and Aquarius. Frivolity, love of freedom, daydreaming and wanderlust – that's what unites them.

As no one else understand Sagittarius, the representative element. The best option is Aries, but relations with the same sign should be avoided. The two are so active and energetic sign, will not be around.

And still the perfect couple for such a sign, like Sagittarius, is the lion. Only the king of beasts will direct his boundless energy in the right direction. And will strengthen the relations between signs jointly organized by the family business. This will allow you to achieve maximum material and spiritual well-being in the marriage Union.

How to appeal to Sagittarius?

To attract the attention of girls born under the sign of Sagittarius, will be easy an open and sociable person. She will quickly become bored with conservative and strict man who is alien to life changes. For those who want to link their fate with Sagittarius, you need to love her hobby, passion for new discoveries and travels. You need to be prepared for the fact that it can offer to organize a joint business. The man who is the enemy of risk operations, better a woman not to be disturbed.

Life for men-Archer is hunting. No wonder he is depicted with bow in hand. By nature he is a conqueror and take the first steps to a relationship on their own. But how to attract his attention? To be open and communicative, to ask to tell about travelling, about which he can talk forever. In any case it is impossible to hint at a long-term relationship and possible marriage. It will scare the representative of the constellation through which the zodiac. The Sagittarius man, for which in the first place – freedom, second – trip, and only the third woman.