Did the classic of the world literature AS think? Pushkin that once the hero of his works becomes the embodiment of universal evil? Probably not. But, nevertheless, the superstition associated with the rite of his call and the individual moments of appearance, has been living for almost a century and is being gently transferred to the younger generations.

Each compatriot, most likely, heard about the Queen of Spades - a mystical creature emerging from a mirror. For a fairly nostalgic older generation, this publication will be a greeting from childhood, for a younger one can be a guide to action. Scarecrow about the Queen of Spades is dangerous. Cases are recorded where the process of its occurrence ends with the death of those who cause it. What is it - the fruit of an inflamed imagination or a real inhabitant of the other world - is unknown, has not been established for certain. But there are several ways to invoke a supernatural being.

Scarecrow about the Queen of Spades as a screen of personal projections

The mystery woman

In the views of the townsfolk, the Queen of Spades is the personification of a witch, a sorceress, bringing misfortune or death. Not surprisingly, among the children were so popular horror stories overnight about the Queen of Spades. At night, dark forces acquire special power, many people are exposed to them, see strange, sometimes chilling images.

A common characteristic of all cases of conducting a rite of calling this essence is its belonging to the "unearthly", "unclean", unambiguously "negative". For the external appearance of this character is characterized by vagueness, uncertainty and variability, multifacetedness, the ability to reincarnation. The scarecrow about the Queen of Spades was widely spread already in the times of the USSR, and if you believe that in magic the most vivid and creepy images (fears) can materialize, then it is quite possible to admit that this lady exists. Sometimes it is called to get answers to interesting questions, but more for the sake of entertainment. There are several methods known, which, according to the beliefs, will allow to summon the Queen of Spades.

Mirror and soap

This method is recommended by "experts" for the fulfillment of desires, so the horror story about the Queen of Spades keeps its popularity level. The ritual is strongly recommended to be held exactly at midnight or at three o'clock in the morning - the time of the witch. In the darkest room, dwellings are put in a mirror, smearing it with soap. Then light a candle and place it so that the flame is reflected on the mirror surface. The hair is carefully concealed under the cap or handkerchief. After all, if you see at least one strand, the witch can tear her off. After the conduct of the rite, an entity is called to appear. Then everything depends on what you see in the mirror. If there appear bright shimmering triangles, then you can safely make a wish, if something else, the ritual is recommended to be discontinued, as further the user expects continuous trouble.

Do not praise or flatter

The second option is similar to the organizational moments with the first, only during the call you need a playing card - the peak lady - to drive along the edge of the mirror so that the surface reflects its image. After uttering the coveted phrase "Queen of Spades, come" in the mirror should appear a female figure. And then all experienced do not strongly recommend to behave in a gentlemanly manner. Do not shower the essence of compliments, admire her appearance. It is worth saying unpleasant things to her, sometimes dropping to foul language, asking in parallel the questions of interest. After exhaustive answers, you just turn on the light and it disappears. This horror story about the Queen of Spades is the most controversial and controversial.

Midsummer Night

The ritual must be performed on a summer night. It is necessary to sit at an open window, take a pack of cards and pull out a lady of spades. Next, you should put this card on the windowsill, and the rest should be decomposed into destiny or simply shuffle the deck. At midnight, the lady is addressed with these words: "The Queen of Spades, answer my questions." If everything turned out correctly, then the card should fall to the floor. On the spot of the fall, a shadow will be visible - she should ask all her questions, when they are over, then you need to recite poems or sing songs until dawn without stopping. In the morning the shadow disappears, after which it is necessary to take the card to the deck, otherwise the shadow will come again next night.

Ladder and Lipstick

At 12 noon, you need to stay in the room one by one, take a mirror and paint with red lipstick on it a ladder, at the top of which there should be a door. After that, say three times the words that most often use horror stories at night about the Queen of Spades - the text "The Queen of Spades, come." If everything worked out, then you should hear footsteps, knocking on heels or laughing. In the mirror, the moving silhouette of the woman should appear, after which it is necessary to quickly erase the ladder.

Quite strange

To see this supernatural being needed badly to perfume bath water and to go outside, and then to face the house with lots of Windows to look out on the third floor and repeating the phrase "the Queen of Spades, come forth".

A terrible story about the Queen of Spades, like other mystical fantasies, is extremely relevant for all children and adolescents. Such stories are reflected in the so-called children's folklore - traditional terrible stories that are transmitted orally from generation to generation. Gradually they become elements of children's collective consciousness. The material is studied in group cases of stories of horror stories, it is fixed in oral texts of children's folklore, becoming for each child a screen of personal projections.