This charming model of the dress is not called as soon as possible: asymmetrical, multi-level, of different lengths. Sometimes even the most recognized women of fashion do not know the exact definition of their attire. The dress is shorter in front, the back is longer, it looks very impressive and is called a cascade one.
Stylish and fashionable dress: shorter front, longer back

This outfit, and the truth, resembles a flowing luxurious waterfall, in which charming female legs flash so cutely. And this is a question, who likes this kind of dresses more: women or men (the second one in the sense of not wearing, but watching).

History of attire

The dress in front is shorter, the back is longer associated with the fairy-tale princess outfit, and this image lives not only in the fantasies of a little girl, but also in the thoughts of a fully self-sufficient adult lady. And the comparison of the modern cascade dress with the clothes worn by medieval ladies is quite justified. Similar outfits appeared as early as the 15th century in Europe, so that by the length of the train, everyone could determine what level a person is in front of him. The longer the hem at the back, the higher the status of the noble lady.

But over time, the habit of measuring the high ranking of a person along the length of its train has faded, and it became inconvenient for women to move around the city, dragging a long tail of cloth behind them, so the fashion for elongation from behind has somewhat subsided. And by the middle of the 19th century, the cascade dress remained common only among cabaret dancers and girls of easy virtue.

The society, of course, condemned them both for the style of clothes and for their lifestyle, but nevertheless with pleasure they stared at the open parts of the body (legs), defiantly flashing in the flounces of the magnificent short skirts.

Difference between loop and cascade

Choosing for themselves a unique outfit, many women frankly confuse the cascade with a train. But between these two popular models there is a difference that can not be overlooked.

To answer for once and for all the question: “The dress is short in front, the back is long as it is called?” - it is necessary to study the nuances of cut.

The cascade style (he is a mallet, a mullet) is unique in the femininity of the silhouette: ruffles and ruffles on the hips give the figure softness and mystery. Even high enough open legs will never make such a dress vulgar.

Train - canvas attached to the back of the dress. It is already in itself an ornament and therefore does not need additional decoration in the form of flounces. The pomp of the train can be expressed exclusively behind the dress in various variations of frills. Its classic length is in the floor and even slightly longer (dragging trail), while the cascade dress has the right of any length of the back web: to the middle of the calf, to the heel, to the floor.

Material for exquisite dress

Since the style of the dress is chosen so unusual, then the material for its tailoring must correspond.

Awakening, georgette, moire, silk, crepe de chine, toal - what do these names resemble? For many, these are words from childhood, from those cozy days when a young mother discussed with her friends another trip to a moderator. What a pity that they then had completely different styles of summer dresses. After all, all these flowing fabrics are ideal for creating a cascade dress in which any woman will feel herself as the most august person.

Now it is not necessary to order an outfit in indposhiva: dresses of any length from suitable material can be offered in any boutique and even in a small outlet in the clothing market.

In the second option of purchase, it is recommended to be very careful and cautious if market dresses have very much attracted or it is not possible to purchase clothes elsewhere.

But you should not buy the first one, even if you have dreamed about it for a long time and you liked the material and style of such a dress: chiffon, short in front, longer in back. Yes, such models are presented enough, it seems that the outfit looks just like in a fashion magazine. But there is a huge risk of acquiring a defective item without even noticing it. Artisan tailors sew dresses, not really worrying about the quality of the material and caution in handling it. And chiffon is a delicate matter, with inaccurate handling there appear puffs or even holes, which the masters (here really are professionals of the territory of deception) very skillfully mask among the decorative elements.

Who to wear this dress?

The dress in front is shorter, the back is longer and surprisingly fits for tall slender young ladies, and for tiny inches. The only category of women who do not want to wear this style - pyshechki with full legs and cool hips, which need to hide their large forms, and not show them.

The rules for choosing dresses for young ladies of short stature: you need to open your legs as high as possible to visually lengthen them. To do this, buy clothes with a ultrashort front hem.

Girls who do not suffer from a “short cut” complex can safely dress in a dress with a very short front, up to the knee, a few centimeters longer than the back linen. Each of the options will give them a peculiar charm.

For the evening and not only

The desire of every woman is to fascinate always and everywhere. Ladies have special requirements for outfits for special occasions, so evening dresses are very meticulously selected. The front is short, the back is long - it seems to be exactly what you need: a cascade style works wonders, turning the most ordinary woman into a social lioness.

But to think that such dresses are intended solely for the evening (although most of the models offered are prom and evening dresses) - erroneously. Charming style mallet can be worn during day trips around the city on weekends, used as a vacation-marine dress, for a trip to a cafe or to an entertainment center.

And the styles of summer dresses with an extended rear hem! This is the standard of refined simplicity. Plain and printed, calm pastel colors and bright - they are very helpful to the young ladies on hot days, because the body practically does not notice their presence. Summer models are made of silk: the material for such dresses must be natural and breathable.

Summer dresses at the back are long, the front can be short with wide sleeves, with a bodice in the form of a T-shirt or perfectly strapless, revealing ladies' shoulders. Any of the models looks great, if you choose it correctly, taking into account the features of the female figure.

For a charming bride

Separate conversation deserve cascading wedding dresses. More and more brides are paying their attention to this model, because in such a dress the girl at the wedding looks especially fragile, tender and bold at the same time.

Modern brides choose this particular style - charm plus some rebellious notes. To hit the imagination of the guests, you can pick up a dress with a fluffy multi-layered skirt so that the layering is preserved in its long part.

Under the bridesmaid dress, fishnet stockings and elegant high-heeled shoes are worn, but a veil in such a dress is out of place: too many tails behind are brute force. Preparing a similar outfit, it will be enough to confine an elegant hairstyle with several flowers in the strands.

Dress and character

Not only under the figure, but also under the character they select the appropriate dress. The front is shorter, the back is longer - this is suitable for shy, daring and playful ones.

The main thing is to guess not only the length of the hem, but also the model as a whole. Open with corset top is for the most courageous girls. Dress with straps choose modest, and models with long sleeves created exclusively for those who feel like a queen.


Girls who have a sense of style never face the problem of combining an asymmetrical dress. They must have a pair of matching shoes or the right handbag in their wardrobe.

So, what to wear with such a dress - short in front, long behind? What is the style that represents such an outfit? How to become irresistible?

The style of these dresses is romance in its purest form. Only the romantic nature prefers the outfits of such an unusual cut, combining them with trendy accessories.

With a cascading dress of any length harmonizes high-heeled shoes, a clutch envelope or a small bag of a different type (the main thing is that it should not be voluminous).

Dress-mallet can affect the behavior of women. In it, it becomes not just mysterious, but unpredictable. She acquires such a high percentage of attractiveness that she has great confidence in her beauty and charm. And it is very important for modest women who consider themselves gray mice.