It is known that shopping is able to regain lost energy, improve mood, and sometimes even helps to get rid of depression. Gloria Jeans has been helping Russians look stylish at affordable prices for many years. This is where purchases are always available, and the quality is infinitely pleasing.

Stylish clothes from the company Gloria Jeans: addresses of stores in Moscow

The widest line of clothing

To date, the company's designers have long gone beyond the denim classics and offer clothes:

  • for office;
  • schools;
  • home;
  • holiday;
  • glamorous;
  • sexual
  • sports;
  • "For publication";
  • underwear and swimwear.

The list goes on and on, but all of this is Gloria Jeans. Addresses of stores in Moscow can be found in the article. The line of clothing is very multifaceted, and the lineup is replenished all the time.

If at one time the store seemed designed for children and adolescents, now the most respectable person and a business woman can pick up an image for themselves.

The sizes are calculated on any growth and build. There is never such that it was impossible to find your size, there is enough clothing for everyone!

Shop real sales

Having never wondered when walking through the shopping center, why are there always a lot of buyers in Gloria, and in other stores you can often see through the transparent window of only two bored sellers even at the height of the weekend?

All this happens because sales are real in Gloria Jeans. Many boutiques go to the trick, at first prohibitively overestimating the price of goods, and then cross out the price tag and label it with the proud inscription “minus 10% for everything”. So never does "Gloria Jeans." Addresses of stores in Moscow have a high density per capita, and the stores themselves are very spacious.

Despite the huge square of retail space, the newly arriving new products still cannot fit under the same roof with the things from the previous collections. In these cases, all models, without exception, go into the category of “sale”. The discounts here are serious, very often the price drops to a minimum, and the thing is realized practically at its cost. Why is it profitable? Yes, because this brand is aimed at a large-scale turnover, and not at pumping money out of the buyer for only one item of goods.

Shopping at Gloria is a real anti-crisis shopping experience. The price does not go beyond reasonable limits. If you don’t buy items from the new collection right away, then in a month you can wait for a significant reduction in your spending on clothes and accessories.

During the season prices fall more than once, turning out to be lower. In winter, you can buy a summer dress, top, sandals for only 200 rubles!


In addition to the constant discounts, lovers of dressing up in the “Gloria” enjoy a breathtaking discount on their birthday. All you need is to make a purchase, fill out a form and get a discount card. The discount rate of 25 percent remains three days before the birth, on the day of the celebration itself and three days after. Total congratulatory campaign from the company lasts a whole week.

We advise you to get cards for each family member, then you can get a huge discount more often during the year. There are such bonuses only in the Gloria Jeans network, the addresses of stores in Moscow can be easily found on the official site “in one click”, just by choosing the name of the capital from the menu.

On all other days, the discount is equal to ten percent and applies only to the new collection, as in the “sale” segment the prices are reduced to indecency.

Accessories and shoes

In the window you can see not only clothes, but also shoes. This is certainly not the masterpieces of Italian masters, but quite fashionable specimens. Wearing shoes is quite good for its price segment. A couple of new “friends” will serve their host for two seasons exactly.

Handbags are made of leather substitute, but the price of the product is low. Models only modern, stylish and popular.

There are a lot of different kinds of jewelry in stores:

All this is presented in various colors, textures, materials and sold at ridiculous prices.

The largest chain of stores "Gloria Jeans" - in Moscow. Addresses of boutiques are evenly distributed on the city map.

For children, the collections are divided into the following categories:

Then begins the gradation of age:

  • from zero to two years;
  • from two to seven;
  • from seven to thirteen;
  • 14+.

Stylishly dressed people always attract attention. And stylishly dressed children look more than cute. With the models of “Gloria Jeans” it will be very easy for parents to inculcate the taste and style of their children, as they say, from young nails.

Shops near the subway

If you want to update your wardrobe with every payday, then again, this will help "Gloria Jeans." Addresses of shops in Moscow “close to home” help not to spend all their day off on shopping, standing in traffic jams.

It usually catches the eye how much the company loves its youngest audience. The designers of clothes try their best to find the highest quality fabrics, to sew really beautiful and cute things. You immediately understand this by coming to the Gloria Jeans store in Moscow. Addresses of the subway, from which the closest to get to the coveted store:

  • "Southwest";
  • "May Day";
  • "Youth";
  • "Tula";
  • Paveletskaya;
  • "Semenovskaya";
  • Skobelevskaya;
  • "Partisan";
  • "Vykhino".

Shop "Gloria Jeans" in Moscow: addresses ("Vykhino")

In the Eastern Autonomous District of Moscow, when leaving the Vykhino metro station, you must go to Veshnyakovskaya Street, 18. This is where you can find one of the representatives of the remarkable dynasty Gloria and JJ.

Almost every self-respecting mall has Gloria Jeans clothes. Addresses of stores in Moscow:

  1. TC "Viva" - st. Glades, 8.
  2. TC "Northern Lights" - Dmitry Donskoy Boulevard, 1.
  3. TC "Sombrero" - highway Warsaw, 152 A.
  4. TC "Key" - st. Borisov ponds, 26.
  5. TC "Oblaka" - Orehovy Boulevard, 22 A.
  6. TC "Schuka" - st. Schukinskaya, 42.
  7. TC "Sviblovo" - st. Snow, possession number 27.
  8. Novoyasenevsky shopping center - Novoyasenevsky prospect, possession 1.
  9. TC "Alexander Land" - st. Prishvina, 22.
  10. TC "Aventura" - North Chertanovo, possession 1, Bldg. 2

Of course, this is not all addresses, we recall that the network of shops is more than common. Clothing from "Gloria Jeans" for many years will remain relevant and fashionable.

Will any brand be able to keep up with the pace of Gloria? Perhaps, but for this you need to make inhuman efforts and work primarily for people.