Cycling has finally begun to gain popularity. And it is not just like that. After all, people increasingly want to retire with themselves, to go in nature or even go on a trip. But there are people who need extreme. For them, adrenaline is like a drug. This lovers ride on steep mountain slopes, jump from springboards and the like. Here we need other bikes: more reliable and strong. One of these is Stels Adrenalin. Consider it in more detail.

What is Stels Adrenalin?

“Crank” is another model from the company “Stealth”. It refers to the type of double suspension. They are also called fuly in another way, which means “full”. This is because their wheels are both damped. This is their difference from hardtails. There, only the front wheel is depreciated, while the fuls also have a rear shock absorber. This design is specifically designed for harsh environments in which the bike will be.Stels adrenalin: characteristic, reviews

On such bikes, mostly ride over rough terrain: bumps, forests and mountains. In general, on uneven terrain. So that the owner’s fifth point did not die at all from such a shaking, it was thought to install an additional shock absorber, which significantly reduces the level of vibrations and increases comfort.

Where can I ride on the “adrenaline”

There is a reverse side of the coin. Due to the fact that the two-suspension has a rear shock absorber, it has become very heavy. Therefore, Stels Adrenalin weighs almost twenty kilograms. Therefore, it is worth buying it only for walking in the woods or cross-country (riding through mud, uneven terrain with natural obstacles), it is better to choose something easier to ride around the city.

Characteristics of “Adrenaline”

Stels Adrenalin was designed for adults, but even children and teenagers can ride it. The fact that the frame he has only twenty inches. It refers to the type of mountain. Hence, such a powerful and strong frame. In this model, the frame is made of aluminum alloy. For example, the “Navigator” it is made of steel. Aluminum is much lighter, but slightly inferior in strength. It also does not corrode.

The design of the plug here is spring-elastomer. However, the most ordinary. The power reserve of the front fork is eighty millimeters, which is the average result (for expensive bikes this value can reach two hundred millimeters).

We turn to the wheels. Stels Adrenalin installs twenty-six-inch wheels that are standard on mountain bikes. The rim (by the way, also made of aluminum) is from “Weinmann”. This is a common company whose products like to put on many bicycles. Not only is the aluminum rim, but it is also double, which significantly increases its service life. Tires are the most common, it is desirable to replace them with better ones in the future. And then these are erased immediately.

On the “Adrenaline” put disc brakes. Of course, they are better and more efficient than their fellow V-breaks. Brakes firm "Tectro Novel". Apparently, some of the cheapest, for the quality of which you can not vouch. It is clear that this is not hydraulics, but mechanics, but it is still better than ordinary rims. The diameter of the rotor is one hundred and sixty centimeters. The rotor is the brake disc on which the rubber pads rub against.

A little about the transmission "Stealth Adrenaline." In general, the transmission is one of the most important nodes in the bike. Without it, you will not go anywhere. The slightest problem on the road can lead to serious problems. Total speeds on this bike is twenty-four. This means that it has three stars in front, and eight rear. This diversity allows you to adapt to any terrain conditions. Switches are manet type of “Shimano”, the cheapest type. Also attached are also wings. But the bike is already heavy, so it's best to take them off.

Stels Adrenalin: reviews

We need to say about the reviews immediately: they are not just not comforting, but terrible. Stels Adrenalin, whose price is about ten thousand rubles, attracts people only with its value. In fact, it's just a cheap kind of bike.  Equipment is the cheapest you can find. Due to the rear shock absorber, driving on asphalt becomes simply impossible: a lot of energy is spent on swaying up and down. Therefore, you need to constantly pedal, but still the speed will be a turtle. Due to the heavy weight and loads, the cyclist gets tired pretty quickly. Normal dvuhpodvesy cost from one thousand dollars. Anything cheaper is a miserable semblance of a full.