How to sharpen knives at home? This is very easy to do, with the help of a special bar or a mechanical or electrochip. And what if you need to sharpen not only knives, but also a half dozen drills, a pair of axes, the edge of a bayonet shovel and a whole bunch of equipment needed in the farm? Perhaps it's time to buy a grinding machine. Feedback from buyers who purchased such equipment, allow us to conclude that such a thing is definitely useful in the household.


The equipment is characterized by its basic parameters. For grinding machine is the power and speed of the grinding wheel. The first indicator will determine the uptime, the second is the performance. In key features must include the weight of the equipment and its dimensions: as a General rule, the larger and heavier the machine the grinding, the more difficult in setup, installation, transportation and arrangement of the working area. Next is the diameter of the abrasive wheel and the diameter of the disk – these characteristics not only determine the size of the working area, but also serve as a token when buying the tool to replace it.The grinding machine desktop: purpose, characteristics, models

Bench Grinders: classification

All grinders are divided into two large groups: table and floor. Today we are only considering desktop, since they have smaller dimensions and are often used in everyday life. Heavy outdoor equipment is used in industry, in specialized workshops for metal machining.

Grinding and grinding machines are practically the same, as any universal grinding machine can also be used for grinding. The word "grinding" to the name of this type of equipment is added mainly when the machine is equipped with grinding wheels in addition to abrasive wheels.

Power equipment is divided into industrial and domestic. This division is conditional, based on practice, as for household needs, no one will buy an expensive powerful machine with lots of extra features, in which there is no need. Conversely, in industry seldom use compact appliances, which simply will not sustain the load.

According to the diameter of the circle, the grinding machine can be small, medium and large. The desktop includes small grinders with a grinding wheel diameter up to 175 mm.


The residual design is simple: there is a motor that provides rotation of the abrasive tool, two spindle (under the most basic models – one), which are mounted on circles, shields and sometimes lighting. The workpiece is fed manually. In grinding machines is one of the circles tape.


Which grinder is better, domestic or foreign brand? This question is not so easy to answer. First, all imports are always more expensive, and such equipment has more additional functions. The Russian manufacturer is more focused on the durability of the structure, its resistance to high loads, but with minimal equipment and at a lower price.

Manufacturers whose products can be found in: Makita, "Gauge", "Diold", Metabo "anchor", "Interskol", "bison", "Corvette Expert", Optimum, JET and a lot of different brands. The name is not necessary to navigate on it, you never know where and by whom were produced the equipment. For example, the Optimum is the joint product of Germany and China, JET doing in the US, Taiwan and China, "Interskol" – a Russian company, but has factories not only in our country but also in China, but also orders the components in Bulgaria, Taiwan and South Korea, "bison", "size" and "anchor" – a Chinese firm trying to mimic domestic brand, etc.

So if you want to know exactly where the thing was made, you need to look into the documents, and even better to read the available information about a particular brand.

Features of choice

How to choose a grinding machine? It all depends on where it will apply and how often. For example, small models are inexpensive, but they have little power, and therefore, the time of continuous operation, as a rule, does not exceed half an hour, after which it will be the same rest. For domestic purposes this is sufficient, but for miniproject with a heavy workload there.

Another thing to think about is the type of work: what tools will be sharpened and (or) polished, how much they are small (miniature) and what accuracy is required. With a wide variety of types of required sharpening, you should look at models that have the ability to adjust the speed of rotation of the circle. In addition, if the machine has a runout, then it is not difficult to edit an exact tool with a certain angle of the cutting edge.

If a lot of work is required to sharpen a monotonous tool, for example, chains of electric and chainsaws, drills, cutters or finishing on a grinding belt, you need to look at special equipment designed for a narrow range of work, but with high accuracy and productivity.