The first impression of the house of the guests is still in front of the entrance door. It can be made in various styles. To choose it correctly, you should pay attention to the existing sizes of entrance doors. They meet certain standards. In order not to be mistaken with the size, the entrance door should be chosen only after the appropriate measurements are made. To cope with this task, you need to heed the advice of experts.

Width and height of the entrance door

Today, the dimensions of the entrance door together with the box are calculated in the metric system. Designed for building SNiPy correlate the dimensions of the entrance door with the dimensions of the opening.

Standard entrance door sizes

According to the regulations, the height of the box should vary from 217 to 241.9 cm. The width should be from 91 to 190 cm. However, all these parameters changed over time. In order to determine which standard the dimensions of the opening correspond to, it is necessary to correlate it with the standards existing at the time of the building construction.

At the same time, the parameters of the door leaf for standard dimensions of the entrance door should be correlated in the following proportions:

  • for common varieties - 204 x 82.6 cm;
  • for reinforced metal products - 205 x 85 cm or 205 x 95 cm;
  • in double doors - 205 x 160 cm.

However, modern builders rarely adhere to these standards. Therefore, sometimes the size of the entrance door with a box in the store are not all. We have to order the product with the required parameters in production.

Current regulations

According to SNiP 2101-97, all entrance doors are considered as emergency exits. Therefore, they should not limit the passage.

The standard size of the entrance door is always yours for a certain type of room.

It should be noted that for residential buildings there are developed standards for dimensions. However, for office, industrial and other premises there are no defined standards. Therefore, you should define the standard dimensions of the entrance doorways only for residential apartment buildings.

Standards have been developed for the safe evacuation of residents from the premises in case of an emergency. However, too narrow an entrance door, the dimensions of the opening of which were not chosen according to GOST, will not allow elementary entry of furniture into an apartment.

Standards according to the type of house

There are standards for each category of residential buildings. So, for new buildings, the standard is a measure of the height of the opening in the range from 195 to 198 cm, and width - 74–76 cm (this figure depends on the dimensions of the staircase).

Brick apartment buildings are distinguished by large door dimensions. Their width is 88–92 cm, and its height is 205–210 cm.

The dimensions of the entrance doors of the houses of the old layout differ from those of other types of buildings. These are single-leaf products, which usually have a width of 83 to 96 cm, and a height of 204–260 cm. There are also double doors in similar houses. But their dimensions are calculated in each specific case according to the individual design of the plan.

In the nine-storey houses the dimensions of the entrance doors with a box are 128 x 255 cm.

Advantages of a standard door

Among the advantages of using standard-size entrance doors are a few points.

These include a large selection of products. Almost all domestic and foreign manufacturers produce products that are close in size to accepted regulatory standards. The choice of color, texture and shape in this case is much more than that of other doors.

The cost of conventional products is much lower than those that are made to order. In an effort to save money the family budget, you should still equip the entrance opening to the standards.

The advantage of such products can also be considered ease of installation. Installation does not require additional work or the purchase of special materials. This will save time and customer costs.

Having studied the standard sizes of entrance doors, you can pick up the necessary product and carry out the installation in the most simple and inexpensive way. A door that meets all accepted standards will be easy to operate and executed according to the rules of emergency safety.