The popularity of a healthy lifestyle in our country from year to year is gaining momentum. One can not but rejoice at the fact that many "turned their faces" to the problem of hypodynamia, excess weight, unhealthy habits, etc. The enthusiasm of people for a variety of sports, and simply physically active activities is growing. This applies to both adults and children, adolescents, youth.

Especially popular among amateur athletes and fans are team sports. And although football in our country at all times was beyond competition, but other games with the ball have many ardent supporters. And one of them is basketball.

Standard sizes of a basketball shield

What do we know about basketball?

Any person is aware that basketball is a sports game with a ball with two teams of five in each, whose goal is to throw as many balls into the opponent's ring and fight against similar actions on his part.

But how many thought that, like every game, basketball has its own rules regarding the composition of players, the size of the site, equipment and other nuances expressed in numerical form. For example, do you know the standard size of a basketball ring and shield?

Meanwhile, this information is rather curious. For example, knowing the dimensions of the basketball shield, you can quite easily mount a homemade playground in your own yard and arrange amateur competitions.

Fundamental rules

Organizers of the courtyard basketball team should know that it can consist of 5 people who are simultaneously on the playing field. Another 7 people have the right to wait their turn in the reserve, and there are no restrictions on the number of replacements.

By two points the rules of the game provide for throwing a basketball into the basket from a short distance and three - from a position located at a distance, this place is marked in a semicircle.

Dimensions of the basketball shield and other nuances

Let's take a closer look at the shield itself. Make it from a material such as tempered glass, which has a thickness of 20 millimeters. The standard sizes of a basketball shield look like this: in length - 180 cm, the deviation is allowed not more than 3 centimeters. In height - 105 cm with a deviation, respectively, within 2 centimeters. Its lateral ribs, like the lower one, are equipped with shock-absorbing upholstery to avoid accidents.

The FIBA ​​protocol regulates the equipment of basketball shields with illumination having a red color, which is applied from the inside around the perimeter. Shield is installed strictly at a certain height. The distance from the bottom edge to the floor is 275 centimeters. The height on which the basketball ring is attached is 305 centimeters.

Other dimensions

But not only the size of the basketball shield is important. Other figures concerning equipment for this sport are as follows:

  • Playing the playground for the game can be 1.2 meters from the front line.
  • The inner diameter of any basketball hoops must be equal to 45 inches, and the thickness of it is 2 cm underneath the rope mesh arranged in a basket without a bottom, whose length is 40 cm
  • On the basket marked area of the ring, the area which is in the form of a rectangle of size 59 x 45 cm with white stripe five-centimeter width.

Used for basketball game boards and a rack with rings and baskets, can be of two types and thus the sizes – adult and children. Sizes for adults are contained in the official rules of FIBA. Children's parameters of the corresponding equipment for mini-basketball with a different size basketball Hoop and backboard.

As a rule, if the game is played in the gym, the boards are mounted to the wall or ceiling, dropping onto special devices. Now in the halls, mobile stands and basketball boards have been used everywhere, which can be moved. On the street are also possible both stationary and self-made shields, which are made of plexiglass or metal with polycarbonate.

Size of a basketball shield for children

Let's move on to children's basketball. What are the sizes of the basketball shield in this case? Its drawing looks like a rectangle having 120 cm in height and 90 cm in width. The material is polycarbonate. Such a mini-shield must act above the basketball court at a distance of 60 cm from the line marking of the field. Mount it by raising to a level of 230 cm above the floor or floor covering. The ring is fixed 30 cm above its lower edge. And although the size of the basketball shield for children differs from the standard one, its marking and the size of the basket for the ball are similar to the adult version.

Choosing the right equipment for an open basketball court and installing it reliably is a very important task for players. Observance of all accepted standards will ensure the exact adherence to the rules, the indisputability of victory and the pleasure of this game.

How to equip a basketball court in the yard

Although in our country this game is not so popular as, say, in the US, the ranks of its fans are constantly growing. This is an excellent way to spend time outdoors with a child, especially for supporters of a healthy lifestyle.

You can master basketball equipment practically for all parents, and you can install it almost everywhere. Let's consider what will be required for the device in the own yard of a self-made basketball court. For work it is enough to know the dimensions of the basketball shield, the drawing of which is quite simple.

So, we should get a sheet of chipboard or plywood, a metal tube or a rod, a mesh and a corner of metal. If a single sheet of plywood or chipboard can not be found, the shield can be knocked out of separate boards.

What dimensions can a self-made shield have?

For domestic basketball, it is not necessary to follow the standard parameters. It is not so important, what size of the basketball shield you will have, the main thing is that in its field could fit a square for throwing the ball, which, as was said above, the size is 45 x 59 centimeters. The ring itself with a diameter of 45 cm is easy to bend out of the tube or rod. It is attached to a metal corner on bolts or by welding. The dimensions of the fasteners themselves are not so important, you should observe only a 15-centimeter distance between the ring and the shield.

A grid on the ring is necessary in order to track the ball hits. In case of its absence it is possible to take a net bag with no bottom. The self-made shield is attached to any pole, both wooden and metal. If those are not available in your yard, and you can not bring and dig it yourself for some reason, the shield can be mounted directly on the wall of the house or any structure.

When you build a basketball shield with your own hands, its dimensions and the level of fastening can be observed not so strictly. It is important only to maintain the required height of the bottom edge. But the standard distance of 275 cm can be reduced if small children are expected to participate. After all, at high altitude the ball is much more difficult for them to throw, and the interest from useful and gambling will be quickly lost.

Play your health!

As you can see, equip the joy of your child and his friends improvised basketball court, outside the native yard is not difficult. It is enough to unite two or three members (usually fathers future players), to organize a simple available materials and spend a night or two for installation of the equipment.

Meanwhile, the game of basketball is able not only to give a lot of joy to young participants, but also to greatly enhance their health, which is especially important in our time-prone hypodynamia. And parents can take an example from young players, and a wonderful habit for a healthy lifestyle will take root in families and become a good tradition.

In addition, who knows, maybe, from the current debutants-amateurs in the future will be the real stars of domestic and world basketball!