Traveling from a bank to accounting can lead to one simple question about why people should, at the request of a certain organization, submit a completed 2 personal income tax form for the same period as before, the second time in a calendar month. In addition, the data in the document does not change.

What can I say about help 2 PIT?

I think each of you at least once faced with a similar situation. Before you swear and find out the relationship, you must determine the validity of certificate 2 PIT. But first things first. First you need to find out what is this type of document. Reference 2 PIT is a paper confirming the income of an individual over a period of time. It can be issued by your employer, with whom you are in a formal labor relationship, secured by an employment contract.

What does the certificate contain?

The following data is available in the document:

In what cases you may need help?

Based on this, we can say that this document is necessary in many cases of our life: when it is necessary to get a new job, in the case of standard deductions, for exemption of certain payments from taxes, for the acquisition of various cash payments, when assigning pensions and for lending, time of registration of the visa, at adoption of the child, etc. It turns out that the law does not regulate the validity period of 2 personal income tax information. The provisions of Chapter 23 of the NKRF assume that the document is of an indefinite nature. Why, then, are there cases in which we turn to our employer more than once for some kind of “piece of paper”?

More detailed information

Let us dwell in detail on the main points, we will understand, in what cases reference 2 PITs is necessary, what is the period of its validity:

  • Firstly, every month the management of a certain organization independently provides all the necessary reports for each employee to the tax authority. This information is governed by the tax legislation of the Russian Federation, other options are not allowed. It is corrected by the employer when errors are reported.
  • Secondly, when applying for a loan, banking institutions send requests for borrower income over a certain period of time (over the past six months, a year, a year and a half, etc.). The validity of 2 personal income tax in this situation should not be more than a few days. It turns out that such actions of banking institutions are contrary to the current legislation. Here another question arises about why bank representatives agree to such conditions. Information from these certificates helps a credit expert to make a serious decision: to allow you to take a loan or refuse.
  • Thirdly, certificate 2 PIT is an indispensable element of a package of documents for mortgage lending. Basically, banks determine the period of six months, and the period is set to 30 calendar days. Therefore, if you are thinking about purchasing an apartment, all the information will need to be collected in a short period of time. The validity period of certificate 2 NDFL should not be too long.
  • Fourthly, when obtaining a visa to visit another country. In this case, much will depend on the particular state, the visa which you need to get. In certain embassies, they even replace the certificates of 2 PITs and insist on providing information about the profitability of individuals on the letterhead of the employing organization. It is important to remember that it is necessary to clarify at the embassy of the state where you are going to go.

More information about the certificate must be obtained from the employer.

It is necessary to obtain detailed information, which will indicate the validity period of certificate 2 NDFL, in the organization where you submit the data. Date of issue, the necessary signatures and seals - all this will be affixed directly in the document itself. Having understood this issue, much becomes clear and obvious, although sometimes it does not coincide with the norms established by law. But you can take a personal income tax certificate in several copies, most importantly, to inform the employer about this when writing the application.


We hope that this article has helped to understand such a complex issue as the expiration date of the certificate 2 personal income tax.