For anybody not a secret that personal hygiene is the key to health. There was a time when washed and bathed in water without the use of special detergents. Over time, to achieve the best effect of steel mixed into the water ash. Then it is combined with lime, and a new product – soap. It is to this day considered one of the best remedies for skin care. The range of the above products are currently well known. Is bulk soap, liquid soap, cream soap, handmade soap. Anyway, but today more and more consumers vote for the second option hygiene products.

High demand product

Why is liquid soap has a high demand? First, it is very practical and easy to use. Second, the liquid soap presented in a wide variety: who would not like, for example, a product with a perfume brand. Thirdly, the above attribute of personal hygiene are very popular with the children. But soap dispenser will help to identify the child, what amount of the composition required for washing or bathing. Fourth, consider cleaning hygienic to use.Detergent - liquid soap

If lump product there are traces of all those who used it, something about liquid soap that can be said. Also it is better than foam, and in cold water. Lump inferior to the liquid soap because it moisturizes the skin worse. As you may have guessed, the above attribute of hygiene in liquid form sold in bottles with dispensers, so using them is practical and economical. This fact allowed to use a liquid soap consistency not only at home but also in public places: cafes, restaurants, clinics, hairdressers and so on.

What is the above product? The answer is: fatty acids, potassium salts, synthetic ionic or nonionic components, preservatives, herbal extracts, essential oils, glycine. Its composition is liquid soap is akin to a budget shower gel. However, despite many benefits, it has drawback due to the presence of preservatives.

The latter can destroy beneficial microflora on the skin, which is a protective barrier, and restored it hard enough. To minimize this risk, use a mild soap with an antibacterial effect.

Purifying effect

One of the main advantages of liquid soap is that it is gentle to the skin and less dry. As wash liquid soap? Just click on the pipette and squeeze a few drops of hygienic means. It contains so much alkali in comparison with lump product, and this means that the natural balance of the skin will be saved. Gentle care provide essential elements and vitamins that are contained in the structure of the considered cleaning products. Here as wash liquid soap.

Exfoliating effect

With salicylic, glycolic, and fruit acids, which are in the structure of products, it has good by otshelushivaet property, because the above components weaken the link between skin cells.

In the end, dead pieces of epidermis are removed from the surface. However, the peeling effect does not appear immediately, but only with the systematic use of liquid soap.

Cosmetic effect

And of course, the above attribute of hygiene has a cosmetic effect. Herbal extracts, essential oils are the components of high therapeutic effect. They perfectly fight with toxins, toxins and viruses, which in a huge number accumulate on the surface of the skin.

What to focus on when choosing

The stores often you can find liquid cleaning product marked "Without perfume". Unfortunately, in some cases, it's just a marketing ploy, and the above inscription is not a confirmation that the flavors are absent. Focus on the packaging, which sells liquid soap: it should not miss the rays of the sun, otherwise the product will lose its quality. Be sure to separately purchase a dispenser for liquid soap. Why? With this device, you can economize on the product. Furthermore, the device will not allow to penetrate the structure and hygiene products the dust particles and dirt.

Today, buy a soap dispenser at a price of 500 to 1000. With the purchase of a filler for him, pay attention to the information about the product. Typically, components are listed according to their degree of concentration: in the first place appears the substance the volume of which is larger than the other. Thus, examining the components that go into the composition of the liquid soap, you can determine if it is natural. Again, should not believe in the word of manufacturers who claim that their manufactured product contains no chemicals – this is another marketing ploy.

Liquid soap with a healing effect

Do you know what consumers often choose a hygienic product? Detergent liquid soap, comprising a biologically active mud. It is marketed as natural. However, this quality is confirmed by the fact that the basis of the product – only natural mud, but not drawing from it. This soap is for all skin types: it is non-irritating and gently cleans her. Why many choose such a hygienic product?

Detergent liquid soap on the basis of the curative mud has antibacterial and analgesic effects. It consists of amino acids, the biological components, gumboy acid, which occurs due to improve metabolism, restores blood circulation and "freeze" the aging process. Soap made with therapeutic mud makes the skin supple, silky and gives it a youthful, removing the Horny layer of the epidermis. This cleaning product contains only natural herbal extracts that in symbiosis with the "medicinal" components contribute to the healing of microcracks and resist the process of drying of the skin. As a result, the skin acquires a healthy look. The effect of natural soap is comparable to SPA treatment. Hygienic means based on the mud has a dark gray color, but when soaping it becomes white.

How to use "mud" liquid soap

Enough with the dispenser to squeeze three to four drops of medicated Soaps on slightly damp skin and in circular motions to massage the palm of your hand first, then wrist. Duration of treatment should be approximately two minutes. To achieve the maximum health effect, it is recommended the systematic use of "mud" soap.

Perfume Liquid Soap

The basis for such a product generally consists of fragrant compositions, which is exclusive and original. In this segment of the market brands Dove and Savonry has already gained a huge popularity among consumers. Toilet liquid soap, the price of which is approximately from 200 to 300 rubles per one hundred grams, smells divine, but its composition is in some cases leaves much to be desired.

This product contains a huge amount of dyes, fragrances and other components responsible for the duration of the sensation of aroma.

Liquid soap for children

As already stressed, the liquid soap is convenient to use for children. It can target not only for bathing but also for washing clothes toddler. In such hygienic tool (of course, qualitative) you will find no perfumes, no dyes, so it is suitable for babies with sensitive skin. However, some manufacturers still add in baby soap flavors to brighter felt the flavors of fruits and vegetables, so before buying hygiene products, pay attention to the label. One of the main advantages of soap for kids – its hypoallergenic, and it is achieved through the use of natural ingredients.

Liquid antibacterial soap

This product effectively removes bacteria and dirt. Antibacterial liquid soap, which reviews are mostly positive, it is recommended to use after working in the garden or General house cleaning, so as not to give the germs a chance. And after visiting public places will not be superfluous to wash your hands with liquid soap with antibacterial effect.

However, some experts caution: you should not too often resort to the above hygiene product, because it dries the epidermis.

Liquid household

In the Soviet era, almost all Housewives used Laundry soap lump, as it was regarded as an effective method in the fight against age-old spots. Today in stores you can easily find liquid soap. Its structure is a little different from the usual hygiene products in liquid form, but it contains more aggressive chemical components. That is why liquid soap is merciless to different kinds of contamination.

Currently, it is possible to read the information that the above product can be obtained from the lump, and at home. It is proposed, for example, chop on a grater piece and then pour the wood chips in hot water and slightly boiled in the water composition. In fact, the quality of the product does not hold water: the water will evaporate, and will remain unusable substance. If we are to do homemade soap, it is best to learn the basics of the craft.

This soap in the liquid form is made using potassium salts, which do not allow to dry out the resulting consistency. In addition, it does not have a specific flavor inherent in the lumpy product.