Frontline Spray is a new generation tool designed to combat ectoparasites. It is an effective antiparasitic drug whose active ingredient is finpronil. As a result of bathing and long-term stay of the animal under the sun, the efficiency does not decrease. At present, Frontline spray is the only drug that provides a high degree of protection without harming the health of the animal.Spray Frontline: instructions for use, reviews

Connecting with skin fat, finpronil is distributed over the skin and coat. The active substance of the spray penetrates into the sebaceous glands and is not absorbed into the blood, so that the resulting effect is maintained for a long time, regardless of how often the animal is bathed with shampoo.

"Front Line" for cats and dogs used in the prevention and control of ectoparasites. Protection against repeated invasions for cats and dogs is 40 days and 1-2 months (ticks - 1 month, fleas - 2 months), respectively.


Spray can not handle sick and convalescent animals, as well as puppies and kittens younger than two days of age.

Spray application

Sprays of different volume are produced - 100 and 250 ml each. The preparation of 100 ml is designed to protect cats and small dogs from ectoparasites. "Front Line" - spray for dogs weighing more than 12 kg, is available in 250 ml vials. One pack of this product is enough to provide protection against fleas for a dog weighing 20 kg. The resulting effect in this case is 8-12 months.

Spray for cats is used to protect cats and small dogs. One package means enough for an animal weighing 5 kg. Flea protection is valid for 13-20 months.

Spray "Front Line" is better to use outdoors. If processing is performed indoors, it should be well ventilated. The bottle is thoroughly shaken, held vertically. The product is sprayed from a distance of 10–20 cm. Pressing the spray head, the body of the animal is covered with a spray against the coat (including limbs, neck and abdomen).

Spray should be evenly distributed over the skin and hair, not forgetting about the ears and skin folds, where ectoparasites are often found. If the wool is long, when processing it, it is necessary to lift it with your hand and spray it against hair growth.

For faster penetration, the drug is lightly rubbed into the skin using rubber gloves. In order not to damage the animal's eyes, the agent is applied to certain areas with a moistened cloth (area around the ears, eyes, nose).

In what dosage should I use the “Frontline” spray? The instructions for use display such information about the dosing of the product: for each kilogram of animal weight, 3-6 ml of spray is required, the necessary dosage is selected taking into account the length of the coat.

Dosing "Front Line" is easy. When using a bottle with a capacity of 100 ml per press 0.5 ml of the drug is released, 1.5 ml of Frontline Spray is dispensed from a 250 ml bottle at a time. Instructions for use allows you to reuse the drug. The main thing is not to use the tool more than once a month in the fight against ticks and more than once in three months in the fight against insects.

If necessary, the recommended dose is increased by 2 or 2.5 times. The need to increase it is usually caused by the risk of a strong tick attack.

Side effects, overdose

Scientific studies have shown that even with an overdose of three times the side effects are not observed. However, in some cases, saliva flow may be present, which is the reaction to the filler, which is part of the product (alcohol solution is used as the filler).

Spray "Frontline" usually does not cause side effects, but if you are hypersensitive to the components of the drug and detect signs that accompany allergic reactions, you should stop further processing and wash the applied drug with water. If necessary, animals are assigned antihistamines.


No need to bathe the animal 2 days before and 2 days after treatment. Until the wool is completely dry, you need to ensure that the animal does not lick the drug. Also it is impossible to admit it to heating devices and open fire. It is necessary to exclude contact of small children with an animal for 24 hours. During this time, you can not iron it. To avoid re-invasion and prevent flea production, litter should be replaced. In addition, you must follow these rules:

  • after applying the spray, wash hands using soap;
  • when applying means you can not eat, drink and smoke;
  • the drug should be stored out of the reach of children.

High efficacy of the drug is achieved while observing the recommended scheme of its use. When using the tool should not use other insecticoacaricidal drugs.

Reviews about the drug, its cost

Depending on the volume of the bottle in pharmacies, you can see the different cost of the drug "Frontline" -spray. The price of a pseudoacaricidal agent is about 1000 rubles. for 100 ml and 1500-1700 rubles. for 250 ml.

Some people complain about the inefficiency of the drug, although there are some buyers who have noticed the effect of “Front Line” immediately after the first use. Of the disadvantages often stand out a strong smell and the need for careful use. Many are not satisfied with the cost of the drug, but since the spray is often effective and suffices for a long time, this is a minor drawback. Some animals develop allergic reactions, but this rarely happens. Even pregnant animals can be treated, which is certainly an important advantage of the preparation.

Spray "Front Line" does not harm the health of animals. Do not worry if after drying the animal begins to lick itself. It is important to comply with the correct regimen of the drug. For primary treatment of kittens older than 3 months, puppies weighing more than 2 kg and dogs, it is recommended to use a spray, because it allows you to completely soak the animal's coat.