Among the wide variety of gear much devoted to spinning ultralight. Lately he has started to gain popularity. This is explained primarily by the ease of the rod and provide quality fishing.

Such spinning is most often caught by small predatory fish. At the same time, various light artificial baits are used, which can easily be cast over long distances due to a light fishing rod.

Selection of ultralight tackle

Special attention should be paid to the study of the rod. It consists of Blanca, handle, reel holder and rings. Typically the ultralight is assembled from two parts. The joint should not hang out and form a backlash.

Spinning ultralightThe handle can be made of different materials, but most importantly, she lay comfortably in the hand. Ring on quality ultralitej are usually made of lightweight and reliable material of SIC and Alconite.

Selection of spinning is carried out according to the following parameters:

The length of the rod is usually from 1.5 to 2.5 m. The longest spinning is used to catch fish on a very thin working thread with baits weighing up to two grams.

The gear blank can be made of materials such as carbon fiber, carbon fiber or mixed components. Carbon fiber is usually considered the most durable and reliable.

The structure can be fast, moderate and weak. Experienced fishermen can apply each of the types of system, because each of them has its own advantages.

  • Test. Here we choose the optimal kind of bait that is appropriate for this rod. Spinning ultralight test which is 4-6 grams, called ultralight, and bait weighing up to 10 grams – light test.
  • Reel for ultralight-tackle

    Spinning ultralight can be equipped with coils in the following sizes: 1000, 1500, 2000.

    Here it is necessary to select a coil of low mass so it would be preferable that it was not made entirely of metal. But the coil only plastic to choose not worth it, as they are usually poor quality and cannot withstand heavy weight. In addition, the clutch coil must be accurately and quickly adjusted.

    Popular ultralight spinning rods

    Most proven, best ultralight spinning rods have become extremely popular for fishing and hunting. It's a Japanese and American manufacturers:

    Each of these rods is a perfect assistant in angling. Thanks to the durable and reliable material of which is made gear, the fishing promises to be very interesting, because you can catch many large individuals. Convenient handle allows you to fish for a long time without getting tired.

    Each of these popular models can be performed with a suitable system and test. The rod length can also be different and is chosen depending on location and time of fishing.

    To hunt for fish by spinning an ultralight, you can use various baits of both natural and artificial origin. Professional fishermen perfectly catch each of them.

    Price Range for Ultralight Tackle

    The U.S. manufacturer recommends that you buy a spinning reel ultralight, price of which ranges from 200 to 400 dollars. By purchasing gear for the money, you can be sure that it will last a long time and will not fail at the right time.

    If you consider cheaper options, this list will go to Chinese and Korean manufacturers offering spinning ultralight, price of which is up to $ 200. It should be noted that the product will not be of such excellent quality, but the price is much lower.

    Of the budget options, the most suitable is the spinning ultralayt worth up to $ 100. This is a Chinese-made tackle that has become as popular as expensive options.

    Opinions and reviews about ultralight spinning

    In the global Network in the pages of fishing clubs have a lot of opinions about the use of this gear. Among professional anglers, there is an opinion that using ultralight-fishing rods you can for a short period of time to have a lot of catch. Many people recommend this rod because of its low weight and ease of use.

    Fishing enthusiasts claim that the perfect gear is spinning ultralight. Reviews there are of course negative. Some fishermen are unable to adjust to easy fishing-rod, so they hunt for fish was boring.

    Spinning ultralight more praise for what fish can be caught on various baits, but the small weight up to 10 grams. This is usually jig heads, wobblers, twisters, little spinner. Note that a light rod capable of throwing bait accurately in one place, that actively lures fish and ensures a fast bite.

    Technology of hunting for fish by spinning ultra-light

    One of the excellent and efficient assistants for fishing is the spinning reel ultralight. Fishing promises to be fast and active. But it is necessary to observe a few basic rules:

    1. Throwing light lures. In order as far as possible to throw the bait, you must use a flexible and elastic rod. It several times will increase the strength of the cast. If used short and stiff rod dvuhromovo bait to throw on ten meters will not work.
    2. With practice, the fisherman is produced experience in precision casting of the lure, and hence the quality of fishing is greatly increased.
    3. After the bait is abandoned, the moment of the game comes. But do not immediately start playing, because the weight of the bait is very small and it has not yet fallen to the depth. It is necessary to wait a little.
    4. Depending on the bait used, the wiring method is selected. If this is an oscillation, then a slow and monotonous twisting of the line with a coil will do. If a jig is used, it is better to make sharp jerks working thread.
    5. If there is a bite, as soon as possible to hooking fish. This is done fast and is a jerk.
    6. To pull the fish to shore, it is important to remember that there is no need to rush. All movements should be smooth and neat. After all, any sharp jerk may release the fish from the hook.

    Tips and advice

    A few tips to help in fishing for spinning ultra-light:

    1. When fishing on ultralight you can apply microfinance. Sometimes they are more effective than the simple spinning.
    2. It is advisable to equip the tackle with a simple monolayer, the braid is suitable for larger specimens.
    3. The thinner the working thread used, the larger the fish caught.

    Ultralight has become quite popular among fishing lovers. The main thing here is the ability to deal with tackle and appropriate lures. Only through experience and time, the fisherman will be able to boast a large and weighty catch.