Mechanical engineering is one of the most important industries in any state. The degree of its development determines how high the level of the economy in a particular country. The technology of mechanical engineering studies the manufacture of machines and their parts, safety equipment when working with equipment, as well as the ability to reduce the cost of parts and mechanisms without compromising the quality of manufactured products.

Specialty Technology of Mechanical Engineering


Specialty "Technology of mechanical engineering" gives an opportunity to obtain the qualification of an engineer, which allows working in many directions. For example, the technician-technologist of mechanical engineering makes quality control of the products and performs the necessary calculations. The machine tool sharpens the parts on special machines by hand. The operator works on CNC machines, enters the control program and sets the mode of its operation. The commissioning and testing engineer is responsible for the maintenance of the equipment, maintains a calendar schedule for inspections and repairs, helps machine operators adjust the mills and calculates the recommended settings for working on them. He is also responsible for the technical documentation of the equipment on his site.

Another interesting area that studies the specialty "Technology of Mechanical Engineering" is the development of new parts and equipment. As a rule, this is the engineer-designer. In many mass production plants, there are design offices that develop new parts and cutting modes.

For example, a metallurgical company receives an order for a huge batch of spiral drills. The equipment allows producing only 10 thousand drills per shift and it is necessary to speed up this process. The engineer should:

  1. Make a drawing of the finished product.
  2. Count the cutting mode of one unit of the spiral drill.
  3. Find a way to speed up the manufacture of this part with minimal financial costs.

How much time and where are they trained for the profession of an engineer?

Specialty (15.02.08) "Technology of mechanical engineering" can be obtained in metallurgical technical schools and colleges. Depending on the educational institution, there are different ways of accepting documents. In some technical schools for admission to take exams.

In this specialty there is also a correspondence and evening form of training, however, as a rule, these are commercial groups. The duration of training for them is the same as on the daily form. Many guys and girls dream to get a specialty "Technology of mechanical engineering". The college trains and prepares such specialists in accordance with the requirements of the basic professional educational program.

Educational process

I course includes general education subjects and only basic initial knowledge of the specialty. Having finished it, the student receives a certificate of basic general secondary education.

The second course consists of several general subjects (such as higher mathematics, physics) and most subjects in the field of metallurgy, management, cutting theory, technical mechanics, and others.

III and IV course consists only of spec. items. Students studying electrical engineering, specialized equipment, basics of ecology, technical processes of manufacture machinery and parts, basic Economics, etc.

At the end of the educational process and practice, students write a thesis and receive a diploma.

Practice in the specialty "Technology of Mechanical Engineering"

As a rule, during the entire educational process, it is necessary to pass 3 different practices related to the profession "Technology of Mechanical Engineering". Specialty SPO (secondary vocational education) requires not only knowledge, but basic skills in working with parts and mechanisms.)

The first practice is a metalwork, and students are admitted to it after the end of the second year. In addition, a safety exam is required for admission. Locksmith's shops, as a rule, are located on the territory of the educational institution. At this stage, students first get acquainted with the technical equipment and try to work on it. During the practice, students need to do several tasks, such as sharpening the cutter, tapping the inner and outer threads, performing marking on the parts. Most students do work on bench workbenches and machine tools.

The second practice for students in the third year is mechanical. If there is no mechanical site on the territory of the educational institution, then students practice at factories and enterprises. The standard of the specialty "Machine-building technology" at this stage requires the study of machines, such as turning, milling, drilling, grinding, etc. The student is assigned to one of the machines and works with him along with the tutor. It is also acceptable to practice in CNC installations. In this case, the student gets acquainted with the control programs and the way they are entered.

Undergraduate practice

On the fourth year of the course, students will have a pre-diploma practice. It lasts about two months. As a rule, students are distributed on mechanical platforms depending on the topic of the diploma. For example, if the subject "Calculation and design of a worm spline cutter" was given to the student at the Faculty "Engineering Technology" (specialty - "technician"), then it is directed to fur. a site where cutters are made. At the end of the practice, students take the exam for graduation and receive a state certificate of assignment.

Electronic Engineering

Recently, our country is actively developing the industry to produce new equipment and machinery. Do not stand still and develop in such an area as electronic technology in engineering. The specialty of a modern engineer includes himself as a compulsory knowledge in this field of science. Electronic technologies are studying electrovacuum devices and mechanisms. They work on the principle of incandescent lamp: in the working space of such a device there is no air, which allows to strengthen and transform electromagnetic energy.

What knowledge do students receive in the learning process?

Specialty “Technology of mechanical engineering” gives you the opportunity to work in many directions. This is due to the fact that during training the technician receives a huge baggage of knowledge. During the learning process students will study the methods of machining, learn to calculate time for manufacturing, select the desired cutting mode, learning equipment on the mechanical parts and how it works. In addition, young professionals are being trained to work in many computer programs such as the Compass and AutoCAD. It is a versatile application for creating and designing of all types of fixtures and parts in the system of three-dimensional modeling.

Perspectives in work

It's hard to remember the time when good engineers were unclaimed. Any industrial enterprise always requires qualified technologists who know the specialty "Technology of machine building". Who can work with such a profession, everyone knows who has ever faced industrial enterprises. The work of a young engineer, as a rule, begins with the manufacture of parts on machines and workbenches. Over time, you can advance in the service - to become a master of the site on which the part is made, or to all move from dusty shop to a clean office. Office technologists are designers and engineers for the introduction of new equipment and equipment.