It is impossible to imagine a children's holiday without balloons. Such bright, tender, weightless - they fill everyone with joy and create an atmosphere of fun and carelessness. The sausage balls themselves do not represent anything special, but, getting into skilled hands, they turn into real masterpieces. Why don't you learn how to make a dog out of a ball?

Create a holiday with your own hands

The art of creating figures of balls

Twisting the ball and turning it into intricate figurines is a whole trend in modern art, called twisting. Today this trend is more popular than ever, and it all began in the distant 1930s, when the production of long balls first began. It is not surprising that the magicians were the first to twist the balls, because this is a real spectacle.

The balls of that time did not differ in high quality, but the situation changed dramatically after the Second World War, when the balloons became thinner and stronger. The peak of the popularity of twisting is the end of the 20th century, at this time lovers twist aerial figures began to unite in clubs, conduct lessons, organize exhibitions. Initially, the twisting found its fans in the United States, and later spread throughout the world.

How to inflate a ball

Before you make a dog out of a ball, you should familiarize yourself with the elementary rules of twisting, which will greatly facilitate the whole process. First, you will need:

Secondly, you need to learn how to properly inflate and tie the ball:

  • before inflating the balloon must be stretched to ensure uniform distribution of air;
  • the ball should be put on the pump nozzle, clamped between the index finger and the thumb of the left hand, and the air should be pumped back and forth with the right hand;
  • the tip of the ball must remain unbreakable, otherwise the air will have no place to twist when twisting, and the ball will burst;
  • the tail of the inflated ball needs to be tightly tied, and modeling will begin with it.

Classic Balloon Dog

So, the ball is inflated and tied according to all the rules. How to make a dog out of a sausage ball? The layout is pretty simple.

  1. We twist the ball in three places, as shown in the picture. Twisting involves rotation of 360 degrees or more, twisting all the bubbles in one direction.
  2. Twist the first and last twist (if you count from right to left in the picture 1). We get a head with ears.
  3. If you have reached this point, it means you have dealt with the basics. We continue to understand how to make a dog out of a ball. The diagram (point 3) shows how to make the front legs. Again we twist the ball in 3 places, forming 3 bubbles, and then we twist the first and third strands between us, as in the previous paragraph.
  4. We make three more bubbles and twist according to the old scheme - we have hind legs and tail.
  5. Now you know how to make a dog from a long ball.

It is difficult to say what kind of breed in our dog. But if we take the ball more genuinely and make the body more oblong, then we can confidently say that the four-legged Ball is a dachshund.

How to make a poodle dog from a ball?

Another recognizable silhouette of a dog whose figurine can be made is a poodle. How to make a dog out of a sausage ball (Diagram 2):

  1. Inflate the ball, leaving the tail unsettled.
  2. We twist the ball in such a way that we get a chain of 4 bubbles: big-small-big-small.
  3. Twist the first and last twist - the head of the poodle is ready.
  4. Next, twist 1 bubble for the neck.
  5. Now you need to make a poodle front legs. To do this, we make two oblong bubbles and twist the twist in front of the first foot with a twist after the second foot.
  6. We make one bubble for the body, and then another 2 for the hind legs, we connect it.
  7. In the rest of the ball, twisting is no longer required. Half of the air must be pushed into the tip of the ball. Thus, the dog will have the place where the tail grows, as well as a beautiful shuttlecock on the tip of the tail.

Ball Compositions

How to make a ball of a dog, we have already figured out. But if in addition to the balls, you also have scotch, marker, perseverance and a flight of fancy, then you can make a whole composition that you are not ashamed to present as a gift not only to the kid, but also to the adult. To create such compositions using balls of different colors and sizes.

A ball dog worth 58 million dollars

The famous American artist Jeff Koons, whose works are included in the list of the most expensive sculptures in the world, draws his inspiration from quite ordinary things. Inspired by the theme of balloons, in 1990 he created a series of sculptures dedicated to figures in the twisting technique.

The most expensive of them - the orange dog sculpture - was sold in 2013 for a record amount of $ 58 million. Until the auction, the orange dog made of polished steel was exhibited at the most famous museums in the world, such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, in Versailles Palace, on the Grand Canal in Venice.

Imagine, create a holiday with your own hands, teach your children that. And the balloons will help you with this!