The male twins, the female fish are two so different people that, looking at them, you involuntarily conclude that such people cannot exist at all next to each other. It seems as if nature has created such personalities so that their paths never crossed. Strictly speaking, the way it is, but there are quite strong couples, male-twins + Pisces-Woman. Exceptions to the rules, as they say, are.

Are Gemini (male), Fish (female) compatible? How can a woman-fish conquer, return a man to a twin?

Briefly about the union

How can a relationship develop between a dreamy girl-philosopher and an inventive guy, full of vital energy and diverse ideas? Actually not bad. In a girl born under the sign of Pisces, the Gemini guy sees a fragile and helpless person with a fine mental organization, and she, in turn, is a person who is able to charge everything around with her enthusiasm and energy. Interestingly, the girl, who was born under this zodiac sign, is not going to be engaged in housekeeping. But her chosen one, in fact, is not necessary.

The main difficulty in the relationship of a pair of Twins-Man + Pisces-Woman is considered the frivolity of the so-called head of the family. The guy who was born under this sign, it is difficult to call those. He does not take important decisions, does not take on any organizational issues - all this will have to deal with the girl. And Pisces are not adapted to this at all. And this is the main difficulty of such a relationship. Well, this is worth talking about in more detail.

Pluses couples

Gemini-man + Pisces-woman - is a union, which may well be happy. There are couples in which relationships are based on calculation or mutual benefit. And there are those where there is only love. So, the union man-Twin + woman-Fish refers to the latter. Surprisingly, despite the fact that they often have quarrels and conflicts, these people fall in love with each other at first sight. Only later, after some time, contradictions and all sorts of differences begin to appear. And in order to preserve the former feelings and feeling of a happy union, they will have to negotiate with each other.

Thus, the Twins guy will get a comfortable atmosphere in the house, a faithful and loving wife who will never be the instigator of scandals. And she, in turn, will acquire material security and a solid, respected husband. Each will give each other what is missing. And both will become truly happy by taking their place in this relationship.

Variable mood

The Twin Guy is a man of mood. Not every girl can get used to it. But not a woman fish. She quickly gets used to this feature of her chosen one. After all, this is a real whirlwind of emotions! He may be the faithful, loyal knight, who will never leave his darling, or the “eternal student”, who hurries to his friends, completely forgetting that his beloved is waiting for him at home. But the girl understands everything. She herself and the mood often changes - only this happens inside her soul. She lives in her own world, where there is a sea of ​​raging experiences. Only it is difficult for her to open her soul, and few people see this - even her beloved man.

Are female fish and male twins compatible?

Very controversial issue. And the answer is ambiguous. And all because compatibility problems really exist. Some time after the wedding, the Pisces girl begins to notice that the Twins boy is not her hero, whom she has dreamed of all her life. This person is so weak, shy and shy that she scolds herself for her own sympathy for people with a sharp character. Such is the guy Twin. In addition, he also knows how to say beautiful words. Gallant, respected in society, attractive, witty - what else do you need to fall in love with a naive girl-fish? And she, starting his relationship with him, thinks that he will spend all his life with her. However, this man does not plan to give up all his plans, friends and change his lifestyle. His darling from this becomes painful. But she hides it with all her might. However, this will not last long, and soon all of her emotions and words, which have been accumulating inside for so long, will be released. And then her chosen one will understand that the Fish Girl is not so simple - she, too, must be reckoned with.

Character Compatibility

Girl Fish - sensual, sensitive, emotional, vulnerable. The Twin Guy is a windy, frivolous, simple, straightforward. She needs comfort, peace, silence and comfort. Harmony in relationships, confidence in the future, hope. And he - freedom of action, diversity, spontaneity. The girl does not like it. She has too much imagination, and she exaggerates everything that happens. Because of this, the guy-Gemini happens as if a storm in a glass of water. He does not understand this, cannot get used to the fact that an elephant is inflated from a fly. But the problem is that his darling does not think so.

And, by the way, there is another problem that can be considered more significant than all of the above. This is what a Gemini man may sooner or later become bored with a girl-fish. He will simply begin to perceive her as a gray, inconspicuous, tedious and even tearful person. Therefore, she needs to reconsider herself. Become more relaxed, make your character stronger, stronger, start to be interested in the ones that her lover loves. Then he will see her from the other side - as a friend, interlocutor, adviser, and not only as a girl who is waiting at home.

And how can a female fish conquer a male twin? Interest Ask. Well, this girl has everything in order to attract the attention of his potential elect. Who is vital to a cheerful, curious, direct, active, versatile Gemini? The same girl May be. But in overwhelming cases, they choose for themselves a sensitive, caring, loving girl, creating coziness in the house, ready to always wait for their loved one. Ideal - the perfect representative of the sign of the zodiac Pisces. Or Cancer - in extreme cases.

The twin guy will fly at work or from a meeting with friends to the tender and dreamy wife, who will meet him with a delicious dinner and warm hugs. This is the perfect deal. And so it will be all my life if a girl learns to be more emotional in the right moments and also be an interesting conversationalist with whom I would like to spend more time. This is important for a male Gemini.

Eastern horoscope

By the way, there is one couple in which the relationship develops almost perfectly. And this is the Dragon Twins (male) - Dragon Fish (female). The compatibility of such personalities is wonderful. The eastern horoscope strongly influences the character of this or that person. For example, a Pisces girl born in the Year of the Dragon seems to be sensitive and dreamy, even melancholic, appears to us in a completely different way! Why? It's simple. People born in the Year of the Dragon are lively, energetic, enthusiastic to act and learn something new. Of course, the very melancholic is manifested, but in a much smaller quantity. And very rarely. Gemini and Pisces, born in the year of the Dragon, is an endless stream of positive. That is why they will be happy together.

How to save love?

How to return a man-twin to a woman-fish? Unfortunately, there are cases when these guys leave their girlfriend. Most often for the reason that was mentioned above - he just gets bored with her. Well, the only way out is for the Fish Girl to change. Become more relaxed, more emotional, more active, more energetic. Get rid of apathy. Gemini needs emotions, energy, diversity, something new and interesting. He constantly needs it. We must begin to be interested in something entertaining - that might interest him. It is necessary to hack yourself on the nose: the twin boy is a man who needs not only a lover. He needs a friend, advisor, a storehouse of interesting stories and original ideas. The twin dreams that he could receive everything that he needs, not only from friends, but also from his beloved and unique.