There is one sign on which the conclusion about good compatibility follows. This is when two people are incredibly happy and quite happy with their lives.

It is not easy to determine from the side how compatible Cancer and Gemini are.Compatibility of Cancer and Gemini Signs

Only at first glance it seems that everything is so easy and simple. But really complicated. Why? This is due to the fact that everything that happens in a relationship always varies greatly depending on the couple, year of birth, name, age, gender, and a great many other factors.


The definition of compatibility born precisely under the signs Cancer and Gemini demonstrates that in the first there is something attracting, unusual for the second. He beckons with his mystery.

But Raku secrets are usually not entirely interesting, and the Twins personify for him the material world, stability in life, including financial. This is especially true for the tandem, in which the man is Cancer, and the woman is Gemini.

The signs in this pair are contradictory in some points. This applies to both women and men.

Compatible women (Cancer) and men (Gemini)

A man born under the sign of Gemini possesses a wonderful intuition. Thanks to her, he is well versed in people, precisely defining their essence and nature. Cancer woman can get along with others. Therefore, together these two characters are a great team. Why? Now we will understand.

With their main talents (she has to get the innermost secrets out of people, and he has possession of the mind) they are not able to solve each other's riddles.

The Twin Man cannot understand what the Cancer woman is up to and what she wants.

Similarly, a woman feels like a man. Most often for such women is characterized by a demonstration of silence, a closure in itself, which usually leads the partner to a state of insane confusion. The fact is that for women of Cancer is characterized by a state of security precisely in the presence of secrets.

Their relationship is very changeable. Moreover, this situation between them does not change during the whole period of relations.

Sexuality of Cancer and Gemini

Sexual relations between Gemini and Cancers (men and women), on the contrary, are good. There is emotional eroticism and passion of the spirit. But the physical connection in this case is less.

The tenderness and vivid imagination of a Cancer woman is perfectly combined with the very sensual sexual nature of her partner Gemini. On the love bed they are one.

A woman outside the bedroom re-encloses herself and, as a rule, does not say what is happening, what she is offended. Thus, the time comes when the Cancer man comes to rage.

Cancer and Gemini Compatibility

Now about male Rakas. They live in the world of their imagination, emotions and sensations. And what are they with him? He is madly in love with historical works, especially about knights. It is common for him to imagine himself as such a hero, and, accordingly, in a similar manner and to treat his woman (the sign Gemini).

But if suddenly he begins to encroach on the freedom of his beloved, then the struggle begins, which makes a certain amount of confusion in their joint dreams.

And at that moment, when Cancer realizes that there are two women near him (the first agrees to live with him in the “knight's castle”, and the second needs freedom), he is very upset. He closes in on himself and waits when a Gemini woman invites him to return.

In turn, the Cancer companion may not do this for a long time, until he feels completely alone. Well, when reconciliation happens, she can ask the man for forgiveness and begin to restore the former comfortable relationship again.

But in general, they are together well. A good pair - Gemini and Cancer. This love is usually strong enough, and the marriage lasts a long time. It should be noted that the happiness in it mainly depends on the behavior of a male Cancer. He must adapt to this environment and learn patience. The main reason for the periodic turmoil - too frequent mood swings. The compatibility of Cancer and Gemini (women) in the family plan is not bad.

About the sexuality of Cancer with the woman of the sign Gemini

The horoscope of the Male Cancer introduces insane tenderness and very sensual attention to their intimate relationships, and the horoscope of the Twin woman gives amazing imagination and diversity. Very sexy born under the signs of Gemini and Cancer. Their love compatibility is beautiful, even excellent. If you work on mutual understanding, relationships can become almost perfect.

Marriage: Gemini and Cancer (male and female)

Their love compatibility is a difficult question. Such a tandem is extremely rare, but it can be said to be promising. They perfectly complement each other.

It happens that their marriage is filled with resentment, because the woman (Cancer) does her best to take care of the family budget and the house, tries to avoid scandals (her love of calm here helps), while the man in this couple lives free and full of personal by life. Gemini, of course, is happy with all this, because he really does not like being driven into some kind of framework.

Thus, in this marriage, the duration of family relationships depends on the woman-Cancer. Everything can end only if her patience once leaves, or her Gemini partner meets another love for herself. Most often, there is no real, true closeness in this pair.

Cancers and Gemini in marriage

Male Cancer and Twin Female build their relationships on physical attraction. Their compatibility in sexual terms (as noted above) is close to perfect, ideal. This couple feels at ease together and easily. They do not leave a sense of novelty for a long time.

However, in marriage they are completely different in character. In everyday life, everyone has their own goals and dreams. In fact, the Gemini women are restless and energetic, while the Cancer men are wary.

They have completely different pace of life, different views on family relationships. Usually in such a pair, love soon leaves. Thus, the sign of Gemini and Cancer - a couple who can only be excellent friends or lovers.

Are there ways out of the crisis

There may be a number of difficulties that are completely surmountable if the two love each other. And if not, complexity creates another difficulty:

1. When love passes (it happens with everyone), and people are left without rose-colored glasses, then the man (the sign of Gemini) and the woman (the sign of Cancer) begin to visit the idea that they do not understand each other. A man hardly manages with the whims and insults of his second half, who prefers to hide everything and keep quiet.

2. If he tries to communicate with her, he will not achieve understanding anyway. Because the Cancer woman responds to the usual language of violent emotions, and such a picture is presented to her male half by another whim and hysterics without cause. And again he is unable to understand her.

3. Cancer strongly affects the active life of Gemini. And she wants him to become more attentive, to be with her more often, and so she could feel her significance. She likes to share with him dreams, experiences. It is important for her that he express his gratitude by noble male actions. But instead, Gemini is always busy with something and too frivolous.

The woman again tries to explain with her beloved rational man, find out what's the matter, but still Cancer and Gemini do not find a common language.

Several ways to keep peace and harmony in the house

In this case, you can just think logically.

  • Gemini man: possesses high intelligence, quite sociable, who wants to learn a lot. Like most men, he represents his life not only in the family: he needs other, more interesting activities.
  • Cancer woman: this one, as a rule, draws exclusively to strong, real men, because she is very gentle, sensitive, and she doesn’t particularly need independence.

So, the conclusion is logical: if suddenly Cancer-woman fell in love with a male Gemini, then she should calm down about the fact that her chosen one has many things and interests besides her and their family.

But this, in turn, is a rather weighty indicator that he is a real man, who is actively in contact with the vast world around him. She herself fell in love with such a person and from her youth dreamed of just such a strong person.


If the partners Cancer and Gemini work on the success and implementation of plans, they will be great friends and excellent assistants to each other.

The material success of the sign of Gemini helps to expand the spiritual knowledge of Cancer, and the victories of the latter, in turn, strengthen the confidence of the former in society.

It happens that a marriage in such a pair is based on the meeting of two unfortunate people. And such relationships provide an opportunity for both partners to develop internally, but not for creating happiness in family relationships.