Male Cancer and female Sagittarius – what can you say about this Union from the point of view of astrology? Does this contrast pair? Can you get two opposite elements, Fire and Water?

What you need to know about the female Sagittarius?

Especially the cute and flighty nature amongst the zodiac signs is considered a female Sagittarius. She is sincere, charming and friendly towards others. The woman-Sagittarius does not know how to dissemble, she genuinely expresses his thoughts and his attitude to things and to others. As a result, communication with her is always filled with openness and positivity, which she easily transmits to the listener. And on the other hand, this amazing woman can not sit idle, her thoughts always spin thousands of plans and ideas. A woman Sagittarius will never drift, it will always try to control the course of events and to adjust it to your premeditated plans.

Compatibility female Sagittarius male Cancer in love and marriage

Male Cancer, what is it?

Compatibility female Sagittarius and male Cancer horoscope requires consideration of the characteristics of each. Male Cancer, in turn, is very sensitive and perceptive, he has excellent intuition. Sometimes he can play the role of unreliable and frivolous, but remains emotionally vulnerable and true. From the male Cancer gives the impression of cold and strong, but it's only a mask. He is very cautious and does not open the soul to a stranger. Even his close friends often don't know what's going on in Cancer at heart. In General, this man joined a stream of sometimes conflicting feelings and personality. The woman-Sagittarius man and Cancer love compatibility this pair leaves much to be desired. Too they have different temperament.

Compatibility female Sagittarius and male Cancer: the chance of a happy love

Understanding is the key to all, even the most extreme combinations. Compatibility female male Sagittarius-Cancer is not perfect, but it has a place. This Union promises to be difficult and interesting at the same time. A girl born under the element of Fire and, therefore, must have a certain freedom of his personality. She loves flirting and flirting, it helps her to "burn" and stay in shape. However, if the Archer time to think about your partner's feelings and a bit to refrain from complete freedom, it is very like a Cancer, so he will feel the appreciation. Male Cancer in this sense is much calmer, he should be given some confidence in the partner and he feels comfortable. A girl can agree to this, but it will be a burden if her shoulders will fall the responsibility for the emotional and psychological well-being men-Cancer. Therefore he should avoid this and take care of her himself, because he really is prone to frequent and causeless changes of mood.

The best recipe for them if a woman Sagittarius will listen to your partner, and male Cancer weaken the reins. Considering all this, the compatibility female Sagittarius and male Cancer in love is still possible.

As the man is Cancer to build a harmonious relationship with a female Sagittarius?

Compatibility female Sagittarius male Cancer in marriage will teach the latest skills not to get stuck in worrying about some unimportant things, to improve the tone of your life, to learn new manners and forms of communication. Compatibility female Sagittarius male Cancer in love will teach you to understand that for this girl it is important to be respectable and bright. For her partner it can become a huge challenge feelings of strength in all he appreciates the simplicity and naturalness. In this case, the best solution is to adapt to your partner. Or soon male Cancer will be to overcome irritation. It is also worth remembering that one should not restrict the freedom of Strelchika.

As a female Archer to build a harmonious relationship with a male Cancer?

Now note the role of the partner, which largely depends on compatibility female Sagittarius male Cancer. Among the problems that need to be overcome in the first place is resentment Cancer. Outwardly, this man seems humble enough, but he has a very high opinion of himself and hurt his feelings in any case not worth it. You should try as little as possible to criticize the failure of your partner. Why erotic compatibility female Sagittarius and male Cancer may play into the hands of both partners, as for Sagittarius Cancer is almost the most attractive among all zodiac signs.

Male Cancer is a very responsible attitude to home and family, he's a great host. It is with great enthusiasm will take the lion's share of responsibilities and worries, will be happy to help around the house and on the farm. But you should pay attention to the fact that he will do it only if you are the woman-Sagittarius paying enough attention. Then the Cancer is capable of real cooperation, he can set a rhythm in all domestic Affairs.

How will a Sagittarius woman and a Cancer man behave in marriage?

Compatibility female Sagittarius and male Cancer in marriage does not give confidence that such a pair is possible in principle. Even despite the fact that both of these sign will live under one roof, the rhythm of life they will be quite different. Sagittarius can't sit still, she will be worn at breakneck speed, every day will produce a number of different plans and offer all sorts of ploys. Cancer will be difficult in such a rhythm, because it is more slow, steady and unhurried. Woman-Sagittarius this can lead to confusion and sometimes even anger. In the family relations of this contrasting pair can hold is that a constant victim of one of them. Relationships may be stabilized, when the family will have children. Raising children can safely be trusted to man-Cancer, especially when they are very young. Cancer – the owner of a huge creative inspiration, it is set to a warm and heartfelt communication, and it helps to establish relationships with children.

And for the Sagittarius girls are very important if she has someone to lean on. Therefore, the appearance of children in the Union will be established, though weak, but the harmony. A compatibility female Sagittarius and male Cancer in love will increase.

Compatibility of Cancer and Sagittarius in intimate relationships: how to have sex is influenced by the elements?

Water element men Cancer makes it very measured and calm, which in turn could adversely affect ardent and passionate woman Sagittarius. She is a skilled seductress, a great lover, uninhibited in bed. And Cancer in bed all committed to the same calmness and depth, and at the same time believes that sex is not so important. However, here we can come to some compromise. For example, that the sex was really hot and unforgettable, the partners will be enough to listen to the desires of each other, to feel and to love each other and have sex like the last time. In this case, you want to move and leave satisfied each of the partners.

What steps to take to house female Sagittarius and male Cancer save the world?

When approaching a scandal, the best that can make Sagittarius is to remember your sense of humor. But in any case can not make fun of Cancer! He did not understand, and it only throws wood on the fire fight. Better to find some neutral topic and laugh together heartily. It would defuse tension, and Cancer will soon cool down, and the fight will come to naught. But if the argument has already begun, the male Cancer will not rest until you are expressing your feelings and won't Express all my frustrations. In this case, the woman-Sagittarius will not be able to cope with his humor and good nature with the scandal, she will have to listen from beginning to end. Except that you can use feminine wiles and tricks, to cry, for example. Cancer needs to feel that the partner does not pose a threat to him that she was too upset and worried as he is. If it so happened that the woman-Sagittarius showed the inherent straightness and brought the quarrel to the end, to prevent the consequences will be extremely difficult, it is better to avoid it.

Cancer man and Sagittarius woman: the rest of the Union?

Summarizing, we can say that in this pair though and will run the spark, but not for long. Compatibility female Sagittarius and male Cancer in percent Ravena 60% of love and only 30% are married. For the harmonious existence of the Union between a female Sagittarius and male Cancer should be mutual understanding, mutual assistance. Male Cancer should at least occasionally give complete freedom to the woman-Sagittarius to accept the fact that some decisions in her life, she prefers to take herself.

Cancer, you must exercise the utmost tact, he must carefully adjust thoughts and actions of the partner, thereby gently and softly putting her on his shoulder. And as soon as Sagittarius and Cancer learn interaction, the pair of them immediately begin to become stronger, there will be harmony and coherence.