Compatibility “Female Sagittarius - Male Scorpio” can be very successful, but only if both parties to this relationship show tolerance towards each other and make compromises. However, this topic also contains a lot of questions and nuances that should be considered.

Compatibility: Sagittarius female, Scorpio male

Scorpio Character

Before we begin to consider the compatibility of “female-Sagittarius-male-Scorpio”, you should talk about the characters of these individuals. And it is worth starting with a representative of the male half of humanity.

The guys who were born under the constellation of Scorpio - these are people who are guided solely by their own judgments, rules and laws. They don't care what the others think about this. They are very difficult to influence. One thing is important for these men - their unshakable will, freedom, impeccable reputation and stability of their own position. They are courageous, purposeful, insightful, straightforward and intelligent. Not every girl will be able to sustain life with such a man. She must be just as insightful, clever and even cunning. Patience, strength and understanding - these are the qualities she will need. If she is devoted to him, always helps and supports her man, she will receive a worthy reward in the form of ardent love, generosity and tenderness. It is hard to believe, but the guys of this sign can really be like that.

Sagittarius girl and her features

Speaking about the compatibility of “Sagittarius woman - Scorpio man”, one cannot ignore the character of the representative of the beautiful half of humanity. These are strong, independent personalities, distinguished by straightforwardness and extravagance. Girls born under the patronage of a sign like Sagittarius are cheerful, cheerful and friendly. It is interesting to spend time with such people, communicate and share intimate.

These girls quickly cope with all matters and problems, and it is so easy and natural that nothing excites them. They are always in a great mood, it is almost impossible to find them in a bad mood. Such a girl can be a good pair for Scorpio, since the main thing for her is decency and honesty.

About potential alliance

And now we should talk about the compatibility of “female Sagittarius - male Scorpio”. Despite the fact that they have quite a lot in common (regarding character, worldview, interests, etc.), their union cannot be called solid. It is possible, but in rare cases. The fact is that both Sagittarius and Scorpio, whose characteristics were discussed above, are overly temperamental, independent and freedom-loving personalities. In order to get used to such similarity, both will take some time.

Both he and she are of the same opinion about each other. What does the guy say about his girlfriend, and that - about his chosen one? Exactly the same words. And they sound like this: “You never know what to expect from him (her)”. Although, I must say, this is the beauty of such a relationship - in unpredictability. The main thing that it was pleasant, and not vice versa.

The causes of quarrels and disagreements

In order to understand what lies behind the causes of many scandals and quarrels, we should remember who Scorpio is. The characteristic of this zodiac sign, which was discussed above, shows what kind of person this person is. He is very jealous, and the Sagittarius girl, distinguished by unreal charm and attractiveness, gives him simply an immense number of reasons for the manifestation of this quality of him. And this is understandable, because everyone wants to talk and flirt with such a woman. Although she in most cases does not show any initiative or desire. After all, as mentioned earlier, decency for her is above all. But still, this leads to clarifying the relationship with scandals and swearing. Searing jealousy of Scorpio is perceived by the girl-Sagittarius as an attempt to encroach on her freedom. As a matter of fact, because of this, they most often part. And how long this relationship will be depends on the patience of the Scorpio guy and Sagittarius restraint.

Mutual understanding and trust - the result of a long relationship

It should be noted one more nuance concerning such a pair as a Scorpio man - a Sagittarius woman. The love of these two, if they managed to keep it, eventually develops into something more. The girl and the guy are so accustomed to each other, that subsequently it will be simply impossible to imagine them separately. If they manage to withstand a difficult period (that is, the beginning of a relationship), then then their union will reign perfect understanding and trust. There will be no more senseless jealousy, scandals, quarrels and unpleasant surprises. A Scorpio man will spend more time with his beloved, at home, in solitude. He will forget about noisy companies - instead, he will begin to delight his darling with pleasant trifles. And the Sagittarius woman, in her turn, will begin to do everything possible for his comfort. They can be the perfect match. And if someone has a question about whether the Sagittarius is suitable for Scorpio, the answer is definitely positive. Only in order for them to succeed, it will be necessary to work on relationships.

The path to a perfect relationship

As mentioned above, in this pair can develop a good relationship. Scorpio-Sagittarius - a union that consists of two similar people. So harmony in a pair can only exist on the basis of this. But you have to work on relationships. So that everything was good from them, you must first learn to respect each other, as well as the personal freedom of your partner. Of course, it will not work right away. Because for this you need to show patience, restraint and prudence. Scorpio, for example, should learn not to rush to draw conclusions. The Sagittarius girl, in turn, should understand that her chosen one needs personal freedom, isolation and solitude. This is the specifics of his character; one should be aware of this fact. The main thing is that none of them try to re-educate each other. Nothing good ever came out of this, and even more so in the case of Sagittarius and Scorpio.

Family issues

It is also worth talking about how the “Sagittarius-Scorpion” marriage can turn out. In principle, it is quite successful if you follow these tips.

It is worth remembering that Scorpio is a very powerful man. And his wife Sagittarius in no case should not try to adapt to the circumstances and adapt to it. If she does, Scorpio will break it. The girl will lose such important qualities as optimism and cheerfulness. But these are the key features of her character. She will be different, not the same as before. Sometimes even Scorpio himself does not understand what he can do. Next to the withering Sagittarius, he will not be happy. Therefore, you should not break the characters of each other - otherwise you can see a completely different person next to you.

By the way, there are financial issues in this couple. Both Sagittarius and Scorpio love money. And it is necessary in addition to the family budget to have more personal funds. They need both of them. Then financial disagreements will disappear - neither one nor the other will have to deny yourself anything and monitor the spending of your partner.

Business area

In terms of business partnerships girl Sagittarius guy-Scorpio can make a good Union. They, however, will not command work. Soon, these two will share duties among themselves and achieve goals independently. Forgetting that they actually work in pairs, Scorpio with Sagittarius you can even join the competition and start working recklessly. Well, in this case this will only benefit their business Union, as all tasks will be performed two times faster than it could be. The main thing – not to quarrel during operation. Otherwise, the business may remain unfinished.

And finally, another topic related to such a pair as Scorpio and Sagittarius. Friendship is what it is about. Well, if the family and love relationships between them still seem to be real, then here is the companionship - no. This is fantastic if Scorpio befriends Sagittarius. Here's a dislike - yes, it is common. Scorpio, according to Sagittarius, behaves too pompously and arrogantly, which he cannot bear and, most likely, will tell him everything he thinks in his face. And, at times, in a very rough form. This Scorpio can not suffer - pride does not allow. So, word for word, two people can become enemies.