The relationship between people is relevant at all times. There are many ways and methods of their evaluation study. One of them is the determination of the compatibility couple horoscope. The astrology of relationships is designed to help, in a simple and accessible form to explain the main trends in the behavior of a partner, to warn against possible failures, indicate the areas where efforts should be made to achieve mutual understanding. So, consider the compatibility of Aries men and Aquarius women. It is a curious magnetic Union, so what is so special about this pair?

Compatibility of Aries men and Aquarius women

Aries male: character and compatibility

The Union of Aries and Aquarius, as a rule, fabulous and a little crazy. This is a very wise and insightful characters who prefer to seek answers to problems or issues in the past. So, the Aries man is very Frank, is not inclined to go detours. One of its drawbacks is the tendency to "shoot from the hip" — to tell the truth abruptly, sometimes rudely, that can hurt others. Feelings it also shows open and bright, unbridled. Never skimp on the compliments, signs of attention. In relationships the Aries man will always try to show "I" to remake the partner in his own way, so if you want to win the heart of such a man, learn to give.

Compatibility of Aries men and Aquarius women can be assessed in different ways, overall it is a favorable Union, promising "friendship, equality and fraternity". But, as in any other relationship, not everything can be perfect. Here may be lack of understanding from the point of view of the sensual life. Aquarians tend to behave cold, even detached. The fire of desires and activities of Aries can frighten, to cause a desire to withdraw into himself even more.

Aquarius woman: character and compatibility

The main traits women of this sign — susceptibility, self-expression and teamwork. Friendship for her is the most sacred feeling. Has a lot of Hobbies, important work team, communication. But the Aquarius woman hard to love a specific person. In his personal life is often manifested reticence, coldness. Sensitivity and openness are major assets. Family life somewhat difficult for her psyche. However, with many signs still have to find common ground and reach a compromise. Thus, the compatibility of Aries men and Aquarius women has bright prospects. Especially if the couple has common goals and ideas. In such a Union the woman will seek to generate bold ideas, and the man will be to bring them to life. Such relationships can result in a very strong Union, which will blossom with the friendship between partners, loyalty, and they will fear no separation.

Compatibility in marriage

When entering into a relationship of two characters, having man's nature, in most cases, this creates an insurmountable difficulty. However, this pair is a little different. In their many relations of friendship, and marriages between them are not uncommon. After meeting, these people are completely unable to change each other's lives, their relationship will be the greatest good. Compatibility of Aries men and Aquarius women harmonious, on the condition that Aries is uncompromising, aware of his mistakes. In such a marriage Aries may become softer, their tendency to suppress the individuality of the partner will decrease. This is due to the fact that the female Aquarius is difficult to hurt, she simply does not respond to sharp attacks and violent emotions. If you wish, nothing can prevent them to understand each other, because fire and air are naturally connected and can easily eliminate the disharmony. In material terms is not a problem. Aries usually pays most of the time career and sought the heights. But Aquarius woman is able to plan the budget. By the time children born this couple always stands firmly on his feet, reaches mutual respect, so they have a lot to give children.

Love Aries and Aquarius

The relationship between these two signs fastened rapidly, because close-minded people always feel each other. They are energetic, active and inquisitive. In love they are distinguished by great tolerance with respect to each other, the ability to hear and understand. But what can hinder the relationship, it's their own ambitions. Because the Aries man is a born leader, a people person, he tends to live one day, break the rules, traditions. If a woman will be able to elect a secondary role, formally to occupy a dependent position, to accept the ideas of Aries, the relationship is very strong. It is for this reason astrologers believe that this pair is much better to be lovers than marriage. As freedom-loving Aquarius may not always concede. Horoscope “Aries-Aquarius” indicates that the physical pull between them is very strong. In achieving harmony in this area have the opportunity to find common ground in other aspects of your life, make them more romantic.

Compatibility characters

Fire and air seemed made for each other. Aries is by nature a dreamer, largely straightforward and practical. Aquarius not crazy dreamer, so they understand each other. Their characters looking for new things, and each of the parties simply fascinated by the opposite of the other. For women Aquarius Aries may seem to be very nervous and easily excitable, and the man can see there is a lot of stubbornness, all this creates great potential for bright feelings and emotions, fun. Aries Aquarius suitable because they have similar temperaments, and both know very well how to attract attention.

If we consider the relations from this point of view, their Union would be ideal. It is a strong, real friends, is the core of any company. A warm and sincere relationship between them last for almost a lifetime. They always have common interests, topics of conversation, they are always ready to help in any situation. Different ideas and plans of Aries easily inspire Aquarius to "exploits". And a little detached, cold nature of Aquarius warms and comes to life, charged with energy from a fiery friend. This creates a perfect energy balance. Aries and Aquarius friendship between them always harmonious, and can be unfriendly. In this case, their rivalry will last till the last.

Tips to strengthen relationships

Periods of passion, love, full understanding of these pairs alternate with apathy, detachment and coldness. Stepping in the same boat, Aries and Aquarius needs to learn not to expect from a partner too much. “Aries and Aquarius” taught each of them to enjoy today. For women, it is important to understand the underlying vulnerability and tenderness of Aries. He wanted to hear her confession and compliments as often as you can, vanity is a great tool to establish contact with him. But Aries need to learn to cope with the stubbornness of a woman of Aquarius.

In short, these two can be perfect together, like fire and air. Whatever the nature of the relationship may arise – friendship, love, business relations, will always feel their special affinity to each other. These people are well aware that their relationship is something worth fighting for and to make concessions.