This pair has a big advantage over other characters so similar that you can immediately go to the altar. They seem made for each other. Compatibility male Aries and female Sagittarius is high, since both belong to the element of Fire. This means that they have much in common, between them there is easy to trust and understanding. Once met, these people are magically attracted to never leave.

Compatibility male Aries and female Sagittarius in love and marriage


It is always difficult, it goes forward, will never be to waste time on detours. Energetic, amorous, selfish and ambitious, if he's in love, that will turn the mountains for his lady. Where is man-Aries, there is always something going on. He does not tolerate insincerity in relationships and believe in your romantic image of a perfect woman.

Compatibility male Aries and female Sagittarius perfect, because their personalities are remarkably similar. Both live and impulsive, I love the social life, entertainment. A man of this sign are very proud. He won't ask for help because it perceives it as a humiliation. Never say that he has no money, and certainly not recognized the woman. It is easier not to call her and not to meet than to open that failure dates associated with financial problems.

Despite the many flaws and a temper, Aries is one of the most gentle and loyal characters. Almost all men born under this zodiacal constellation are real knights, capable of unheard of feats for love. They can be very interesting, plus they are romantic, they can always rely on.

The compatibility of Aries men and Sagittarius women is so good, because the signs have a similar sexual temperament, have a good sense of humor, always get the joy of communicating with each other.

The Woman-Sagittarius

Her life is never monotonous. She loves socializing, traveling, everything is new. The woman-Sagittarius intelligent, funny, open, sincere emotions of her, she couldn't pretend. Like RAM this lady first does, then thinks, rarely listens to anyone's advice. Her excessive frankness and honesty is sometimes shocking others. But for all her independence and straightforwardness she has a good heart, she always feels if I offended or hurt companion, and seeks to make amends, joking and adding the words a little bit of flattery, friendship, affection.

Astrological compatibility male Aries and female Sagittarius indicates the similarity in the intellectual plan. They always find a wide range of topics to chat endlessly. Complexity can only be a violent, explosive temper of each. But, as a rule, they quickly flare up and immediately reconciled. The perfect couple.

Compatibility in love

According to the astrological calculations love the harmony of this pair is 90%. The two signs — Aries and Sagittarius – can both passionately love and passionately hate. For a quiet family life is such a hurricane of feelings is not always acceptable, but for a love relationship completely. Each of them is initially a freedom-loving person with a complicated character.

The Aries man and the Sagittarius woman (compatibility in a relationship is just wonderful) will always seek to dominate the Union, so the characters. He will not like her desire to be a major and unnecessary straightforwardness. But she will be able to establish a relationship if you learn to do so, as if all the initiative comes from him. They are harmonious in sexual life, I love activities outside the home, holidays, and living on the same wavelength. Almost immediately these two understand that I will never find someone better, so appreciate each other and strive wisely to solve complex issues, not allowing petty arguments to spoil the harmonious Union.

Aries, male and Sagittarius, female: the compatibility of characters

This pair of two very similar people, not only by temperament, but by nature, intelligent queries. Their common feature is the idealism. Sagittarius always dreams about unknown worlds, and Aries confuses desired and the possible. They understand each other, because everyone has creativity, talent. And if they will allow us to manifest these qualities, then their Union will be indestructible. The embodiment of these traits should ideally be the meaning of life of each partner. They usually live regardless of others, do not impose, it can be the soul of the company, which got. From the point of view of others is the active pair, they are likable, open and easy.

Compatibility female Sagittarius and a male RAM is good, because they do not like to be bored. Often working together, creating between them a rivalry, they learn a lot from each other. Can achieve great heights in the joint business.

Sign Differences

The main difference is that in this pair the male Aries is more vulnerable to neglect, rudeness, than his companion. Women-Sagittarians always seek to guide others to the right path, but because of their inherent straightness can easily offend. Often their remarks about the Rams being unfair. And silent choice will not be, the result can be conflict, in which the lady learns a lot about himself. However, the compatibility of women and Sagittarius men, Aries high, as Aries appreciates the ability of Sagittarius to tell the truth, including about yourself. This quality fascinates and conquers man from the first minutes of communication. Also Sagittarius is easier and feels more comfortable travel, foreign lands, and Aries is always sad, if permanently leaves the home. However, in any case of joint travel are fun, adventurous. These two fight, but very rarely. Together they are able to spend fun time and learn a lot.

Compatibility of male-Aries and female-Sagittarius in marriage

This Union is filled with energy and a positive. Compatibility in marriage according to the astrological indicators is 100%. Both signs belong to the element of Fire, so have a similar balance of energies. Such relationships often elicit the admiration of others, because many seem to be perfect. They have a lot of friends, their whole life is in sight. Marriage is strongly associated with the intimate side of life, if they can be happy with each other in bed, then all other parties living together will be established. Astrologers recommend this pair to avoid boredom and monotony. They need to learn how to fill your days in creative activity, active lifestyle, socializing with close people, friends.

Features of relations

Man-Aries woman-Sagittarius compatibility in love, marriage which, though high, will often encounter problems in the relationship. At any time, their love idyll can end violent conflict. They have such independent personalities, even as lovers can quarrel over trifles. While they are forgiving and can hold a grudge, both are very forgiving.

The secret of perfect compatibility is that both extroverts, with a warm and friendly energy. As pointed out by horoscope compatibility male Aries female Sagittarius have a similar attitude to Finance. They spend money easily. Complexity can be in the upbringing of children, as male-Aries strict, and the woman-Sagittarius tend to build friendly relationships with children.

Compatibility Chinese horoscope

In the East, in the assessment of compatibility is taken into account a lot of factors. And it's not just the zodiac signs. Many astrological parameters affect compatibility. Female Horse-Archer, the man-Horse-RAM – perfect Union. These people are literally attracted to each other and have virtually no problems in the relationship. According to Chinese astrologers, the indispensable condition of long-term relationships for them are the marriage and birth of children. In this case, even if there are large differences, they will find the strength to keep the family together. Also for greater understanding and harmony necessary for one of them to subject myself to the will of another, as Horses are quite selfish and wilful, eager for independence, personal freedom. Overall it is a harmonious Union, whose success lies in the ability of partners to compromise, to give in.