People born under the sign of Leo, attract the attention of others. They are leaders in any company, they know how to win over and disarm the interlocutor with their charm and erudition. Many strive to get to know and start a relationship with them. The compatibility of Lviv with other signs of the zodiac is the subject of this article.

Compatibility Lviv with other signs

general characteristics

Leo is the darling of the Sun, living under the control of a bright and strong star. Being a man of spirit and gifted, he has a very strong energy, allowing him to achieve a lot in life. On the other hand, the representatives of this sign are extremely proud, vain and stubborn, which makes the relationship with it very difficult.

Lions painfully perceive criticism, but they know how to listen to the words of wiser and more experienced people. They are often maximalists, acutely experiencing their own failures. Lions in all strive for perfection and do not tolerate any obstacles in their path. Sensing rivalry, they immediately rush into battle and eliminate a possible competitor. The representatives of the weaker sex, born under this sign of the zodiac, adore attention, therefore, they often try to attract others with bright makeup and fanciful behavior. Below we take a closer look at the compatibility of Lviv with representatives of other signs of the zodiac horoscope.

Leo male and Aries female

The ideal relationship of two creative and gifted people! Both are by nature whole and very strong personalities who can unite in a strong and productive family union. The compatibility of Lions in love with Aries is beyond any doubt. Interestingly, the spouse usually plays the leading role in such relationships. Aries women are well aware of how to direct their chosen one on the right path, while not jeopardizing his vanity. A male lion will willingly obey the leadership of his wife if she feels that she is intelligent, strong and inventive. A teacher-student model in which a woman is a wise mentor and a man is a ward will make this marriage happy.

Lion-man and Taurus-woman

In this relationship, problems will start from the very first day. Compatibility Lviv-men with female Taurus has many pitfalls. Often, the representatives of these signs speak different languages, which gives rise to countless contradictions and problems. If a Taurus woman can play along with her partner and pretend that he plays a leading role in their duet, she will succeed. Otherwise, this marriage is doomed to failure.

Male lion and female twins

Mutual flirting will bring great pleasure to the representatives of these signs. The conquest of a beautiful lady will be a gambling entertainment for a male Lion, for which he will not be sorry for spending time and energy. However, such a union rarely enters a strong relationship. The Twin Woman is too fickle and frivolous. She is attracted by new impressions, which can not but lead a male Leo into a rage. He, in turn, will not tolerate neglect of his person. The separation will be stormy and painful.

Male Lion and Cancer Female

Compatibility of Rakov and Lviv is not obvious. The royal representative of the solar sign may not notice a calm and inconspicuous housewife. However, it is these relationships that can develop into a passionate and beautiful romance, similar to a kind of game. The horoscopes of these signs are completely opposite to each other. Therefore, a male lion and a female cancer must abide by certain rules. If a man becomes a wise teacher, the head of the family, and a woman is a tender and caring companion, they have a chance to get along with each other. Successful compatibility Rakov and Lviv is hard work for each of the partners.

Lion-man and Lion-woman

Very colorful, beautiful and elegant couple! They will be happy to shine in public and at the same time catch on themselves envious glances. However, each of them will require admiration from a partner, which they most likely will not achieve from each other. Bright individualists, they will constantly compete with each other. The struggle will be the meaning of their existence, so they will not think of parting with each other. Compatibility of signs Lviv is an interesting topic for discussion. All their life will pull each other like a magnet. In this case, life together will often seem unbearable to them.

The lion is male and the virgin is female

Representatives of these zodiac signs think, feel, and live in completely different ways. For Virgo, peace and comfort are important, and Leo strives for success in society. The spouse can spend a lot of time alone, while her partner will be lost at all sorts of public events. However, this alliance has good chances for a long and strong relationship. The compatibility of male Lions with their chosen ones depends largely on their loyalty to their shortcomings. As a rule, the representatives of this sign are idealists, and they themselves perfectly see their offenses. If a wise Virgo woman closes their eyes to them and allows her man to take care of her - success is assured. She will be happy for many years under the protection of a male Leo.

Lion-man and Libra-woman

This pair has great potential. An energetic male Leo will be able to support his partner in time, to make her life calm and protected. With a wise woman-Scales, he can speak on any topic, get good advice, even a warning about the danger. Mutual respect and trust will make this alliance unbeatable. A man-lion and a woman-Libra will be able to achieve tremendous success in creativity, since each of them is liable to a world of beauty. Protecting each other's bright individuality, they can go through life for many years to come.

Male lion and female scorpion

This relationship can be called the union of two incorrigible adventurers. The compatibility of Lions and Scorpios is full of surprises. They both love adventure, travel, innovation. This makes them not only delightful lovers, but also wonderful like-minded people, colleagues and friends. The mysterious nature of a female Scorpio will inspire a male Lion all his life. His companion for each case of life there will be a lot of useful recommendations and tips. Together they will get out of the most hopeless situation, but they need to treat each other carefully. Scorpios and Lviv have a lot of flaws that can be turned into advantages with skillful handling. If representatives of these signs learn to forgive each other, they will have a long future together.

Lion male and Sagittarius female

About this alliance fit to add fairy tales and legends. Compatibility Lviv with Sagittarius has deep roots, because they are related to each other fiery signs. The relationship of these two partners will be anything but boring. They are waiting for jealousy, passionate love, the battle of temperaments and other passions. A Sagittarius woman is a very proud person, she will not tolerate any encroachment on her freedom. The Lion Man is a passionate conqueror, he will try to take possession of his chosen one, and on this path will meet a worthy rebuff. However, contrary to the idle opinion, this marriage will be surprisingly happy and harmonious. The head in this alliance, of course, will be Leo, but the Sagittarius woman can teach her royal spouse several important lessons that will be very useful in his life.

Leo male and Capricorn female

From the very beginning, Leo can be confused by the impenetrable calm surrounding the Capricorn woman. But over time, he will be able to appreciate its integrity, honesty and reliability. Each of the partners in this tandem is a bright and self-sufficient person who will not tolerate any pressure from outside. To get along together, they will need remarkable diplomatic skills and impenetrable obstinacy. But if they find an approach to each other, they will never part. In this alliance, the Capricorn woman will provide strength and stability, and the Leo man will provide brilliance and splendor.

Lion-man and Aquarius-woman

The compatibility of Lviv and Aquarius is connected with their complete opposite to each other. This difference will become a mutual magnet for them; they will study each other with enthusiasm until this game gets them bored. The key to the long family happiness of the representatives of these signs lies in the general hobbies. The man-lion and the woman-Aquarius love noisy parties, adventures, travels, so they should avoid stability. In the whirlwind of new experiences and events, they will learn to appreciate each other for real.

Male lion and female fish

Everyone will admire this beautiful couple. Together, the Leo man and the Fish woman are like the heroes of a beautiful love story: he is strong and courageous, she is gentle and fragile. In order not to destroy this beautiful fairy tale in the eyes of others, representatives of these signs will have to work seriously on themselves. A Pisces woman must understand that her husband is capable of more than solving everyday problems and troubles. A male Leo will have to try and not to provoke his beloved into bouts of jealousy. Moreover, the warmth and comfort that she knows how to create in the house will become truly necessary for him.

Lion-woman and Aries-man

The compatibility of Aries and Lviv could be called ideal, but it is not as simple as an uninitiated observer. These are two self-sufficient, bright and charismatic personalities, in the collision of which friction inevitably arises. Moreover, none of the partners in this alliance is usually not able to admit their mistakes and give in to the opponent. Therefore, in order to get along peacefully with each other, they just need to learn to recognize the right to mutual individuality, and direct their own indomitable energy to conquer business tops or to accomplish creative achievements. In this case, the compatibility of Aries and Lviv will be flawless.

Lion-woman and Taurus-man

Relationships in this couple will always be uneasy. Strong and implacable partners can turn their life together into a constant struggle for leadership. The Lion Woman will constantly feel her superiority and command a Taurus man. And he will resist this state of affairs, provoking the spouse on scandals and quarrels. The main thing in this alliance is to learn not to infringe on each other's pride. Then the compatibility of Lviv women with Taurus men can be called successful.

Male lion and male twins

This relationship will be very dynamic. The compatibility of Gemini and Lviv is based on a mutual mental alertness, the pursuit of beauty, the love of changing places and adventure. However, the similarity of the two signs ends there. The man-twin is beautifully caring and promises much, but quickly loses interest in the subject of his feelings. A proud woman Leo will not turn a blind eye to her partner’s shortcomings and provide her with home comfort and warmth to the detriment of her freedom and femininity. Personal ambitions of partners in this alliance should be subordinated to common goals and objectives. Only in this case, the compatibility of Gemini and Lviv can be called inseparable.

Lion-woman and Cancer-man

The joint life of partners in this alliance will be full of omissions and reproaches. Only with anxious trust and respect such a marriage can claim compatibility. Cancer and Leo-woman, the compatibility of which is a big question, will by all means defend their own individuality. And the representative of the solar sign will most likely suppress the partner in everything. In order to find a common language, the spouses will need to clearly separate the responsibilities. A man can take responsibility for creating a cozy family nest. Indeed, in comfortable conditions it is easier to fight for mutual compatibility. Cancer and Leo-woman (compatibility between them is not as hopeless as it seems) can come to an agreement and become allies in a battle for personal happiness. At the same time, a representative of the weaker sex can take an active position in relation to the world around it, contrary to tradition.

Lion-woman and Lion-man

The compatibility of the signs of the zodiac Lviv in a single union is described in detail by us above. These relationships will be promising, but very difficult.

The lion-woman and virgin-man

All relationships in this marriage will be built not because of, but in spite of the status quo. The gap between the spouses can be huge, if they do not think about it in time. In this case, each of the partners should forget about the shortcomings of their own halves and recall its merits. Then the woman-Leo will definitely appreciate the care of her husband about her and the children, and the man-Virgo will become less carping and jealous of her brilliant spouse.

Lion-woman and Libra-man

The union between the representatives of these two signs of the zodiac has every chance of success. Compatibility of women-Lviv and men-Libra can be the envy of others. He will surround the spouse with care and attention, help in word and deed. She will respect the opinion of her partner and delight him with her beauty and femininity. Together they are able to move mountains.

Lion-woman and Scorpio-man

The passionate union of two ardent lovers. Inseparable tandem of two wandering adventurers. However, the compatibility of Lions and Scorpions has weaknesses. The fact is that the interests of these two signs of the zodiac lie in completely different planes, they play completely different games in life. Therefore, a long relationship between a female Leo and a male Scorpio can reveal insurmountable contradictions in their characters, and this will inevitably lead to rupture.

Lion-female and Sagittarius-male

The compatibility of Lviv and Streltsov is a subject for writing beautiful novels in which strong and proud heroes overcome all obstacles to personal happiness. Their wisdom and fortitude inspire universal admiration. Representatives of these zodiac signs will never be bored together. They will spend part of their life together in the search for their own business, then they will be engaged in the accumulation and increase of material and spiritual benefits. An excellent sexual relationship will help them to quench any quarrel in the bud, and common high goals will allow you to go hand in hand all your life.

Leo-female and Capricorn-male

Compatibility of Lviv and Capricorn is in question. The composure and methodical nature of men born under the sign of Capricorn can ruffle anyone. What to say about temperamental women Lions! However, just such a person can provide his wife with stability, prosperity and confidence in the future. Representatives of the solar sign appreciate Capricorns for loyalty and devotion.

Lion-woman and Aquarius-man

Compatibility Lviv and Aquarius is a space for thought. If a woman Leo loves in all its brilliance and splendor, then her partner will treat all this with a great deal of irony. This union may seem very strange from the side, and partners will have to search for common points of contact for a long time. Only with full preservation of internal autonomy, they can coexist together. But if they manage to overcome all their contradictions, their marriage will be happy.

Lion-Woman and Male Fish

The compatibility of the signs of the zodiac Lviv is based primarily on their personal preferences. Representatives of this sign have high self-esteem and often do not pay attention to public opinion. It will seem to many that a calm and dreamy Fish-man does not suit a charismatic woman-Leo at all. However, she herself is unlikely to listen to the opinions of others. And, perhaps, in vain, because this union will be a real test of the strength of each of the partners. A loving representative of the sun sign will seek attention from her mysterious partner, and he will methodically soar in the clouds. In order for this marriage to last long, the spouses must learn to listen to each other.