Compatibility of Capricorn-women and Libra-men ... Is it possible? The contradictory nature of Libra is alarming the Capricorn lady. She does not understand the emotional impulses of the partner. And he suffers from the assertive and imperious nature of his half. Can this couple overcome the difference of their characters?

Woman born under the sign of Capricorn

The Capricorn woman is economic and prudent, practical and independent. There is almost no romance in it. But she knows how to save money and always clearly plans her affairs. Such a woman seeks stability - she has financial reserves for a rainy day. But, despite her commercialism, she is ready to help her family and relatives.

Compatibility of Capricorn-women and Libra-men in love and marriage

Capricorus is smart, but likes to create problems from scratch. She can find fault with words or distort their meaning. Straightness, coupled with perseverance often creates difficulties in dealing with this woman. It is almost impossible to convince - she will always insist on her opinion (or formally agree, but inside will stick to her own point of view).

The compatibility of Capricorn-women and Libra-men lies in their physical attraction and mutual understanding. They, in union with each other, are able to get rid of the unpleasant traits of their character.

A man born under the sign of Libra

The Libra man is romantic, intelligent, charming. His innate culture of behavior attracts people's hearts. He is open and peaceful. Avoids scandals and always tries to maintain good relations.

Such a man takes decisions for a long time. He constantly weighs the pros and cons. Even after a thorough analysis of the situation, he will try to avoid a single-minded decision making.

The Libra Man is an esthete by nature. He loves all that is beautiful, knows how to talk about art. Erudition helps him to understand a variety of issues - from the new production of the play to the repair of the apartment.

The compatibility of the female-Capricorn and male-Libra marks is based on the attraction of opposites. Realism and romance in this pair come to a harmonious combination.

Attraction of the elements

The air (Libra) is emotional and prefers to listen to intuition. Earth (Capricorn) solves problems based on practicality. She can crush a partner with her rationalism and conservatism. But at the same time both elements have analytical, logical thinking. Simply, Air is more a theorist and likes to philosophize. And the Earth is a practitioner and prefers real actions.

These elements are too different, it will be difficult for them to get used to each other. The air will consider your partner too mundane. And the Earth will be irritated by the ephemerality and refinement of the Air. However, her organizational skills and his intellect will be able to create amazing relationships based on creativity and mutual respect.

Is friendship possible?

Compatibility of Capricorn-women and Libra-men in friendship is quite possible. These signs are drawn to each other by virtue of their opposite. Capricorns like to talk with a smart, charming man. In addition, he rarely refuses a lady in a small favor. And the Libra man may need the advice of a practical woman, especially in those situations when he begins to hesitate and weigh the nuances.

But in the friendship of these signs may not be enough elementary sincerity. Capricorn woman does not like to share plans and thoughts. A man-Libra is too delicate and tries not to devote a friend to the variability of their moods and feelings.

Compatibility in love

Will the relations in the male-Libra-Capricorn-female pair be cloudless? Compatibility in love of these signs suggests a strong attraction. Capricorus attracts a man-Libra at first sight. He is impressed by her pragmatism, strength of will and determination. The soft, passive man likes the directness and vigor of this woman. But ultimately, it is these qualities that can lead to a rupture.

Male-Libra may eventually get tired of constant perseverance and straightforwardness partner. He is too volatile, so a long time to adhere to the same views. And the woman-the firmament is capable of their attacks, reproaches to bring emotional partner to a nervous breakdown. It should soften a domineering character and to learn to listen to the timid objections of the balance. And he will have to minimize their hidden manipulations and try out loud voice a complaint, not to conceal them along with the offense at heart.

Sexual compatibility: male Libra and female Capricorns

Incredulity Capricorus can lead to some zakompleksovannosti in sexual relationships. She flirts with pleasure, accepts courtship. But in bed it may be too tight. If she finds a partner that she will fully trust, then in intimate relationships she can achieve emancipation and self-confidence.

Such a partner may well be a man-Libra. His courtesy and delicacy will help to awaken the passion in the partner. But his selfishness can push a Capricorn woman away. And her inability to express feelings will bring misunderstanding into relationships. Therefore, even with an incredible sexual attractiveness, they can part, without understanding each other.

Marriage compatibility

Do not think that the Libra man is docile and patient. He does not go into open conflict and tries his best to avoid him. But by its manipulative actions it tries to settle the situation in its own direction. He is a leader by nature, but he tries to soften his statements.

Capricorn woman used to insist on her. She often does not hear the opinion of a loved one. Therefore, confrontation of these signs is possible. Man-Libra will not long tolerate a relationship in which they do not listen to him - he will simply leave.

The compatibility of Capricorn-women and Libra-men, based on sexual attraction, can be destroyed under the influence of misunderstanding. For harmony in living together they should adopt the features of each other. Capricorns - take the softness and pliability of Libra. A man - to develop the confidence and determination of a girlfriend.

Financial issues can also be a stumbling block for this couple. Scales, an esthete by nature, loves to spend money on beautiful trinkets. Capricorn woman prefers strict clear forms in the apartment. She can pester a partner for a long time with a nagging about an unnecessary statuette or soft rug.

She should pass all expenses on the shoulders of her husband. Then he will understand that it is not always necessary to buy a painting or an antique clock, but it is better to spend money on medicine for a child or to postpone it for joint rest.

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac: male Capricorn - female Libra

And if we consider the opposite, in which Libra is a woman and Capricorn is a man? Is harmony possible in this relationship? What prepares a pair of horoscope compatibility? Woman-Libra, man-Capricorn can be a wonderful tandem. She is feminine and romantic. He is decisive and responsible.

A woman born under the sign of Libra has inner strength. She is capable of active actions, covering her confidence with soft helplessness. Her bright appearance is attractive to Capricorn men. He will be completely devoted to his partner.

His prudence and stubbornness may at first frighten off the fragile companion. But over time, she will realize that his restraint and conservatism are capable of creating a good material basis for marriage. And her sweetness and femininity will form the psychological comfort of their common home.

Their compatibility in marriage

Will female Libra, Capricorn male be happy in family life? Marriage compatibility of these marks consists not only of physical attractiveness. They are real partners. This couple can be joined by a family business or children, but they are capable of becoming a team ready to solve all the problems that have arisen.

The woman-Libra intuitively understands that stability and confidence in the life she can bring Capricorn. It can strengthen their relationship dolenim contact, family affection. The woman-Scales can invisible threads tied to a partner. But she is very smart and always provides the freedom for action men Capricorn.

The problem in this family can begin with the fact that the spouse will spend more time at work, trying not to be involved in family problems. Romantic Scales adore gifts and joint appearances. They should listen to each other's wishes. Capricorn needs to learn to pamper his wife with sudden surprises. And she should reduce the circle of girlfriends who envy the stability of their relationship.