Socionics is a special method of studying personality types and relationships between subjects belonging to different groups identified within the framework of the concept. According to her, Huxley belongs to the fourth quadra. This is a man whose motto is "There is nothing impossible." He intuitively senses the potential of objects and hidden opportunities. An extrovert, a soul unruly, sociable and loud - all this is said about Huxley (socionics). The test, developed by psychologists, will help to determine whether you belong to this joker and humorist or to another type of personality.

What does a woman look like?

Usually a girl belonging to this type does not have magnificent forms. She is slim and slender, often with a strange angular plastic. For many years it looks like a teenager, surprising everyone with youthfulness and freshness even in venerable years. Serenity, politeness, affability - those qualities that Huxley attributed socionics. A woman is therefore always ready to support a friend in trouble, she is sensitive and caring, in any situation tries to come to the rescue. Even casual people necessarily receive from her as a gift a generous smile and a portion of consolation.

Socionics HuxleyThe girl dresses smartly and brightly, that's why she often looks rather unusual and bizarre. She does not try to wear decent clothes, on the contrary, a complete abstraction, a combination of colors and styles is what she needs. The extravagant view helps to amuse those around who notice the rainbow image from afar. In addition, she is cheerful and carefree, it seems that this person completely has no problems. In a word, the ability to invigorate others is the main vocation of the young lady.

Communication with a girl

It will please you with ease and ease. People need her like air. Socionics Huxley testifies that she constantly strives to be in the company of friends and acquaintances, who are enthusiastically told by the latest news. Being a giggle and a little windy, she sometimes forgets to fulfill the promised, but close people always forgive her this small minus. As for serious matters, you can always rely on a young lady.

To be in the midst of all sorts of adventures, to visit where the human foot has not set foot - dreams that are characteristic of Huxley. Socionics: a woman on the concept is an extrovert, so she can be called an eccentric fidget and a lover of traveling. She manages to visit everywhere: from a neighboring village to the Canary Islands. Despite the conspicuous levity, it can be collected. Adequately and naturally behaves in any situation, finds a common language with people. Such a girl is appropriate in any society.

Traveling around the world and attending a lot of different activities, the girl does not seek to get married. First, she simply does not have time to build relationships. Secondly, it's too late to grow up. Therefore, early marriages with such young ladies are doomed to failure: they are not ready to get used to the role of keeper of the hearth. However, if they suddenly meet a patient and confident partner, he quickly and skillfully can ring the girl.

Becoming a wife, a woman is changing, - says socionics. Huxley is a complaisant, tolerant and compliant wife. She adores to be engaged in an economy, every day conjures in kitchen over the next culinary masterpiece. It is prone to experiment with diets, so the husband is doomed to try on his own separate food, vegetarianism and other fashionable trends. His second half Huxley loves and carefully cares for the chosen one: suits are always ironed, socks are sewn, the shirts are starched. In return, requires compliments and praise. If a girl sees that her duties as spouses take for granted, she quickly loses interest in routine work.

Man: appearance

Like a woman, she is lean, fit, slender. He has big eyes and a penetrating look. Always smiling, showing perfect teeth. One gets the impression that before you is an eternal ageless young man. Despite the affability, the impression of a fairly calm and reasonable person. A benevolent enthusiast describes Huxley Socionics. A man of this type is a real optimist, he is able to easily and competently avoid the troubles and conflicts that occur in his path.

He likes to wear lush hair, which forms on his head a certain artistic mess. The same chaos reigns in the clothes of a man: often he puts on a coat with a carelessly hanging scarf or shirt over a T-shirt. It looks relaxed and stylish. Huxley's men are rarely disciplined and neat. Despite this shortcoming, women adore them. Such sotsiotipy constantly surrounded by fans, even problems at work, they decide with the help of charm and charm.

Men of this type describe socionics as follows: Huxley is resourceful and charming people, able to make contact with anyone with the help of a sense of humor and a benevolent glance. At the same time, they are familiar with the subordination, that's why they behave absolutely naturally both at the party and in the boss's office. Are ready to respond to any request, help and advise. They are able to support the conversation on almost all topics, are erudite and well-read.

A man has a lot of friends. He likes people: around such a person life is constantly boiling, from him emanates exclusively positive energy. Live and active Huxley (socionics). Relations prefer to have informal and open. He likes to broaden his horizons, learn and learn. But the idea of ​​public education does not recognize: wiping your pants on pairs and dust from countless volumes of encyclopedias is not for him. Huxley curious, but at the same time thoughtful. It is important for him not only to learn, but also to get to the bottom of it.

He is ideally suited to an educated, unruffled and calm girl who balances his unbalanced and brisk character a little. It requires only one thing - to be able to hear and support. As for marriage, Huxley usually marries late: in the second half of life. Up to 40 years they enjoy freedom and independence, trying to tear off the most appetizing piece of pie from life. Often representatives of this type are submitted for divorce, and failing to reconcile with the restrictions and prohibitions imposed on them by a strict wife.

According to socionics, Huxley can stay in the family. If this happens, praise your spouse for your wisdom and penetration. She managed to adjust the way of life so that a man not only loved her and helped around the house, but also fumbled with young children. By the way, Dad from Huxley turns out wonderful. Children love him for their cheerfulness and optimism. In addition, such a man can get used to the role of economic spouse: he will actively glue the wallpaper and paint pipes. Praise him, otherwise the global repair started will not be brought to its logical conclusion.

Huxley, men and women, can not stand the routine work. They hate to mess around with documents, draw up plans and draw up reports. As convinced socionics, Huxley's type is active and mobile, respectively, and the profession they need to choose to match their temperament. From them excellent journalists, actors, politicians turn out. It is easy for them to work if the schedule is free, and activities are associated with frequent business trips and relocations. Huxley can also be realized in the humanitarian and pedagogical spheres.

He likes to get good money for his work, although they are not the main criterion that keeps them in this or that organization. After all, if the work becomes more interesting, they will gladly leave their place of refuge, no matter how much income they receive from it. In the office, Huxley is disciplined and responsible. Around them is always a good benevolent atmosphere, because they are not gossiping about gossip, intrigues do not weave. They always help colleagues and are often an example for imitation.