Man is a multifaceted creature. Often, it surprisingly combines completely different character traits that already don’t fit into the pattern of behavior of a single sociotype. As a result, it fits the description of both one and the other subject, which are similar to each other. People belonging to the category of Dumas (socionics) also have their ideological "twin". The dual of this group — that is, the mutually complementary component — is Don Quixote, a sociotype whose character is just as whimsical and cheerful.

Man: appearance

Usually this is a short, slightly full-bodied guy. He has rounded shoulders, a small “beer” tummy is often drawn under the wide shirt. If it is very fat, it becomes like a good-natured fat man, soft and open lump. He is funny and amusing, while he has a good sense of humor and can even make fun of himself. According to socionics, Don - Dumas is a tandem, where each of the representatives of this bundle loves to dress well and tries to be neat and tidy.

Socionics: DumasDumas often has a little curly hair, which he cuts short and fashionable. It is dressed in different ways: sometimes it is a tracksuit, on other days it is a business attire. But be that as it may, in any guise he looks organically and pretty. This is a forever smiling man, ready to listen to even a stranger. He loves to care and to patronize, care and help.

Here is what he writes about this type of socionics: “Dumas knows people very well. He has a lot of friends and acquaintances, in whose company he spends all his free time. ” It is not surprising that he also chooses a profession in which it is necessary to meet with the public, conduct a dialogue with it, discuss and exchange ideas. Dumas can make an excellent career as an artist or manager. But given the fact that he loves to make with his hands, he will also suit the specialty of a fashion designer, a tailor, a hairdresser and a cook.

Such a man will always be the soul of the company. He will easily support the conversation on any topic. The doors of his house are always open: this is a hospitable owner who will feed you deliciously, and, if necessary, will comfort and shelter. Very insightful, he sees a person through and through, therefore he intuitively distinguishes bad people from good ones. This is not a hero, he will not climb on the barricades in the name of justice. On the contrary, it will be soft and patient to solve a conflict situation, trying not to climb into the embrasure.

Socionics Dumas feminine and soft. He is drawn to the representatives of the opposite sex, because he feels a kindred spirit in them. Despite this, he masterfully curls the young ladies, knowing how to be not only a friend, but also an enviable gentleman. Dumas jokes and flirts, easily moves to informal communication, nicely cares for and fascinates with her charm. If the girl really likes him, he will do everything possible to ensure that the marriage takes place. In this case, the soul will live with his wife, even if the character of a woman is nasty and capricious.

This is a family and economic man.

Dumas can also be a bachelor and freedom-loving reveler. Socionics describes this type of description as follows: “When choosing a life not burdened with family ties, he will change girls like gloves. Able to build relationships simultaneously with several women who are unaware of the existence of rivals. But even finding a hoax, no one takes offense at Dumas - he is such a “sweetheart”. When the situation is heated, he knows how to calm her friend and get off dry. ”

Female portrait

Gentle, sweet, courteous. She is characterized by the so-called fascinating femininity, which she successfully emphasizes with elegant furs and flirty hats. Her figure is elegant and proportional, so in any clothes she looks stunning. Anguish and stoop never notice in Dumas (socionics). A woman always moves smoothly, gracefully: an aristocratic gait characterizes her as a real lady who knows her own worth and dignity.

The girl’s face is round, the look is blurred and romantic. She often goes deep inside her own consciousness, but at any moment a thoughtful laughter and jokes replace the thought. The woman is very educated and delicate, has a sense of humor. She loves handicraft, especially brings her the pleasure of making wardrobe clothes - she can make a masterpiece of art from any plain blouse, decorating a simple thing with beautiful drapery and fashionable patterns.

Such women are inherent willingness to always and all to help, as well as extraordinary patience and endurance. Bringing such a young lady out is almost impossible, her humanity has no limits. The girl understands the partner, forgives him, smoothes out the roughness in the relationship.

Often pretends not to notice his rudeness, slip or awkwardness, since he treats everything with a truly angelic understanding.

According to socionics, Dumas often becomes a kind of pillow for friends to which you can cry if necessary. She knows how to listen, sympathize, empathize and advise. At the same time, a woman can heal not only mental wounds, but also physical injuries, since she loves to cook, groom and create comfort. Believe me, you will never taste such delicious donuts, gingerbread and jam anywhere else. The girl often invites guests, creating a real holiday in her house.

It is simply created for a family, - socionics describes a woman so. Dumas - the real keeper of the home, an excellent hostess, caring mother and husband. For the sake of her husband and children she is ready to sacrifice her career, personal time, favorite hobbies, so long as they feel comfortable and warm. At the same time, she takes great pleasure in caring for the household, living their interests. It is difficult to endure loneliness, it can even get sick if there is nobody to look after her.

Dumas turns his house into a real nest - everything is chosen with taste, the interior is distinguished by comfort and functionality. She always has a lot of flowers, vases, napkins and cute trinkets that make the home atmospheric and cozy. The girl loves children, pampers them, but subtly feels the edge when kindness should be replaced with a firm hand. Therefore, heirs rarely go beyond the boundaries of what is permitted, not wanting to offend or disappoint their beloved and tender mother.