Socionics is a science that studies the peculiarities of human perception of information from the surrounding world, its reaction to certain factors, a behavioral model formed on the basis of this. The foundation of the teachings are the sensations and emotions of the individual, his logical thinking and evaluative qualities. Analyzing them, scientists divide people into 16 species. In this article we will analyze one of their psycho-types, which studies socionics. Dostoevsky, namely about him will be discussed below, is a friendly person who loves to silently observe others, rather than actively support the conversation.

Boy Dostoevsky

According to socionics, Dostoevsky-man is a born intellectual. Since childhood, he is delicate and tactful, loves to read and learn. Loves to wear long hair, collected in a ponytail, and modest clothes. His voice is quiet, his eyes are gentle, and his smile is gentle. When you talk to him, it’s impossible to lie. There is a feeling that conscience itself looks into your eyes. It is impossible not to believe him, he perfectly understands people, goes to meet them. Able to empathize, comfort and share adversity companion.

Socionics: Dostoevsky (psycho)Quiet, imperceptible and obedient - this is how socionics characterizes a boy. Dostoevsky maintains friendly relations with all the children in the class. He does not take part in the fights, as he believes that any trouble can be solved peacefully. Not ambitious, so for the leadership is not fighting. He studies well, especially he is a mathematician. But more it is not science that takes him, but the personal life of classmates, for which he observes, analyzing and drawing conclusions.

Upon admission to a higher education institution gives preference to the humanities. Getting an education, stars from the sky are not enough, trying to get lost among students. But among Dostoevsky there are also truly unique personalities who can easily graduate from Harvard University with a red diploma. Sport young man does not like. But can be carried away by yoga. In addition, he enjoys cross-country skiing, as well as any entertainment where an instant reaction and iron endurance are required from the participant.

Constantly being in society is the main goal pursued by Dostoevsky. Socionics describes this psychotype as follows: in spite of its quiet, sometimes closed nature, it loves the company of people, tries to support the conversation on any topic in every way. The character of the young man appeasable and soft. Already at this age, he is popular with women. Since it is very gallant, attentive gentleman with a sense of humor and good manners.

Family life

Young men of this type make good husbands: loyal, caring and gentle. There is absolutely no aggression in them - and socionics places a strong emphasis on this trait of character. Dostoevsky, the man will never raise his hand to a woman, he will not furiously prove the correctness. If he disagrees with something, then he will just quietly do what he thinks is necessary, since he will never back down from the principles. At home, Dostoevsky knows how to maintain a pleasant, friendly atmosphere: he jokes with all the members of his family, he often has a playful mood.

Communicating with children, choose similar tactics. It is absolutely not conflict. It is not a strict father, a friend-a teacher who is respectful to kids, knows how to interest them, to pass on life experience, spiritual guidance and your higher purpose. Here's what else writes about the eternal romance of socionics: "Dostoevsky has a huge reserve of patience. But if you still managed to hurt him, gentle eyes and full of sadness eyes will make you just fall under the ground of knowing their own worthlessness and stupidity."

Characteristics of the girl

Cutie - this is the name for a young lady who belongs to the psycho-type Dostoevsky (socionics). A woman from the cradle is kind and docile, so she does not give parents unnecessary grief and trouble. She is very charming, delicate, modest and shy. Despite its fragility, it has tremendous resilience when problems collapse like snow on their heads. The eyes of such a girl are always luminous, a spark wanders in them. He dresses modestly so as not to attract too much attention.

According to socionics, Dostoevsky, in which a female portrait is very similar to a male, usually is always a delicate and fragile creation. Sport does not like, but loves to dance - this lesson is the most consistent with its image of "lyrical young lady." Such girls often finish school with a gold medal, after which they necessarily go to the university. With teachers to keep courteous and with dignity, what amazes them and causes sympathy. Her knowledge is strong, and her behavior is modest.

Despite this, she loves to have fun, Dostoevsky (socionics). A woman prefers a society where she is valued and loved, noticed and allowed to open up. Here she can relax, having fun chirping with friends or flirting with potential gentlemen. By the way, the man of whom she dreams must be reliable, intelligent and self-confident. And most importantly - the right. The man who abused alcohol and swearing never win her heart.

Marriage with a woman Dostoevsky

This is the case when my husband was lucky. Such a wife - a quiet angel who has the most developed sense of duty and responsibility. Not grumble, will cook, wash, iron, darn, clean. To be honest, the housework does not attract her, but she will never give up their execution. And if the husband demands constantly fresh food, he will cook three times a day, without repeating a single dish. He cares about the health of his family, so he carefully writes down herbal recipes for all sorts of diseases.

Her attention will not be deprived, neither the children nor the old parents. With the babies and play, and lessons learned. Pensioners will constantly see to call several times a day, wondering health of even the most distant relative. Sometimes it is difficult to make important decisions. According to socionics, Dostoevsky-the girl in such cases relies on the man: she will happily listen to his opinion and will go at the specified path.

Career for man and woman

Always loves to live according to plan Dostoevsky. Socionics of the attitude of this psychotype to work is characterized as follows: rigor, clarity and integrity. Therefore, they always produce excellent workers: thorough, punctual, responsible. They always execute the plan, in time pass the working standards, sincerely support the common cause. The inherent human qualities allow them to occupy a special niche in the team. Employees appreciate and respect them for their reliability, responsiveness, ability to help and listen.

Their abilities can be in different areas of life. Here is what socionics says about these personalities: “Dostoevsky chooses different professions, from technical to humanitarian. It makes an excellent teacher. And no less talented engineer. Representatives of this psychotype can also become journalists, editors, librarians, designers. But the career of a psychologist is most suitable for them, because by nature these people have a rare gift to penetrate into the subconscious of the interlocutor. ”