At all times people worked on the creation of cooperation mechanisms and the outbreak of conflict. These methods are used in many spheres of human life and society to achieve the goals of a certain person or group of people. It is often a joint activity of the organizations, States, businesses, brings effective results in a particular area.

What is cooperation?

Cooperation is a complex mutually beneficial relationshipCooperation is the activity of several parties, through which all participants receive some benefit. Today there are various forms of economic, political, military and environmental cooperation. In our time, particularly issues of cooperation, involving financial support, use of natural resources, the military-political unions, environmental protection, space exploration, business development and communication networks.

About the essence of cooperation

In fact, collaboration is a process in which the communicating parties without the use of violence are looking for ways to meet common interests. The circumstances in which one party can achieve its goals only if the same can achieve the other party to the agreement can be called mutually beneficial cooperation. In other words, the objectives of partners must be related.

The essence of the cooperation is to achieve common objectives of partners expectation of specific benefits from the execution of the agreements, mutual benefits. These three points are fundamental to any joint venture agreement.

About international cooperation

There is an inaccurate understanding of the expression “international cooperation”. Sometimes this term means the absence of conflict or the deliverance from its extreme forms.

Cooperation is a measure of the interdependence of States and organizations. The development of international relations has built political, economic, environmental, cultural, and religious systems of interaction. For example, the recent escalate unresolved issues related to global problems of mankind. In this area, very objectively, the expansion of international activities that contribute to solving the world's problems.

The elements of the development of business relations include diplomatic means, coordination of efforts to ensure security, plans to resolve military conflicts.

Why are international relations developing intensively?

There are a number of reasons forcing to improve the formation of mutually beneficial relations. Here are some of them:

  • Uneven economic development in some countries. Each state forms its structure of agriculture, the development of certain types of industry, infrastructure, education. If a state is known by the fact that efficiently produces some specific product, then this specialization will stimulate the development of foreign trade.
  • Inequalities in financial, commodity and human resources. About 25 million people each year migrate to another country to find work. Some countries of Asia and Africa have a huge workforce, whereas in America and Europe not enough workers. The extraction of minerals and other raw materials contribute to the development of mutually beneficial relations between the two countries, which have concluded a cooperation agreement. For example, some States lend to and invest in different organizations and other countries.
  • Inequality in the field of scientific and technical progress. If countries exchanged research staff, conduct joint research, develop new technologies and sign contracts in this area, it will also benefit both parties.
  • The specifics of political relations. This factor greatly affects the volume of trade turnover. Friendly foreign policy increases foreign sales, and militant contributes to the rupture of economic ties.

The cooperation agreement implies the active involvement of the partner States for mutual cooperation in the sphere of Economics and politics that do not bring harm or negative consequences of one or another party to the agreement.

Search and development of international relations contribute to the creation of access to a state partner to the world economy, increase the economic potential, provide the resource requirements of the nation. So, what today is meant by cooperation?

Cooperation is a set of relations developing on the basis of the interchange. In today's reality of international relations appear as a process of dialogue, mapping of interests, consensus-building, adjustment mechanisms in cases of mismatch values and in conflict situations between regions, countries and organizations.