Much time has passed since the news of the terrible injury received by the Formula 1 racing champion Michael Schumacher. As is known, an incident that happened to him while skiing, led to a prolonged coma. For the health of the pilot of a racing car continues to experience the whole world. However, reports about the stable poor condition of an athlete are gradually replaced by rather encouraging news. What is the state of Schumacher today and does he have any prospects of returning to a normal life?

What happened to Schumacher?

Schumacher's condition after head injury

On December 29, 2015, the sports community was shocked by the news spread by the popular French radio station Europe. As it became known, on the eve of Michael together with his son Mick went to ski in the winter resort of Meribel. During one of the descents, the racer flew off the track, stumbled and hit a stone. Despite the presence of a protective helmet on the athlete's head, he received a terrible head injury. The victim was urgently taken by helicopter to the intensive care unit of the hospital in Grenoble.

Numerous media outlets began to declare that nothing threatened the life of an athlete. However, later, doctors assessed Schumacher’s condition as critical. Immediately after the incident, the racer was put into a state of artificial coma in order to maintain stable vital signs.

Public reaction

Immediately after there were reports in the press about the disappointing state of Schumacher, fans of motor racing immediately occupied the hospital where the athlete was. The stream of numerous journalists rushed to the entrance to the hospital, trying to test the strength of the door of a medical institution. However, only a few succeeded, at least in the corner of his eye, to look into the victim’s ward.

It is known that there was a daredevil who decided to tell the public how Schumacher Michael feels. The condition of the athlete, which was noted in his medical card, interested one of the hospital workers. However, he did not manage to obtain the entire case history of the victim, but only a few pages where there was information about the surgical interventions performed after the tragedy. The young man tried to sell the document to journalists, but the police soon detained him. However, the high-profile case never reached the final trials in court, after all, it was soon reported that the offender hung himself on a sheet in a prison cell, where he was awaiting sentencing.

All this time, Michael Schumacher was unconscious. Perhaps it was even better for his health. After all, who knows how to change the state of an athlete, he learned about the incredible excitement around his own person.

Schumacher: health

Currently, Michael Schumacher is discharged from the hospital. About this in a recent interview with BBC News told the lawyer athlete Felix Damm. However, the former rider cannot move independently. The lawyer said that Michael is not even able to stand on his own feet without help. So the state of Schumacher is still disappointing.

Today, the former champion is in Switzerland in a private villa on Lake Geneva, where he is undergoing rehabilitation with the support of medical personnel and relatives. Prior to this, Schumacher, as already mentioned, was in a state of deep coma for half a year.