Surely each of us in the twilight time had the opportunity to observe the flight of bats. Terrible, disgusting, they associate people with something demonic and mystical. What if these animals dreamed a dream? This question and answer dream.

Bats: to dream of – what?

If the bat had people in marriage, it is not a very favorable sign. Husbands and wives should fear the emergence of a worthy opponent. The dream advises us to give each other and not spend their happy time on petty scandals and quarrels. Otherwise, the gap can not be avoided.

Dream interpretation: bats

What does such a vision before the serious business? It says that dream interpretation? The bats in this case represent a failure and a serious loss of money. If this terrible animal had before the end of the case, then successful completion should not count.

If a bat dreamed a dream a working man, it says that the work "sucked" out of the dreamer all the juices. The dream recommends to take a vacation and relax a bit.

Such a dream dreamt of a man? Dream interpretation says that it is not worth the risk to his good name. The least that lies ahead is the debt of money. Otherwise, you will be responsible before the law. Do not take chances.

For women to dream of bats means that soon awaits them a severe test. Probably will have to endure the loss or the loss of a loved one. Also this night vision says that troubles and problems will soon absorb snovydiv.

Flying mouse in a dream

In your dream you saw these animals in the traffic? That will tell you about this dream? The bats in this case means getting the bad news, which will bring you a lot of problems and troubles. Also, this dream says about the impact on you of evil forces. Be careful to keep an eye on shady characters!

Also, such dreams indicate the possibility of insulting or humiliating a person who is related to witchcraft or magic. Before it's too late, apologize. Go to church for communion and confession of sins.

The meaning of dreams about bat is almost always negative. So please be careful. For example, if in your dreams you saw flying over your head mouse, it means that your enemies build you a trap. The dream advises not to enter into questionable transactions and did not participate in unproven projects.

If this animal flies over you in the light of day, and you distinguish it well, the danger will pass you. Does it fly at night? Be sure: you are in grave danger.

A bat hovers far in the air? All the troubles and problems soon leave the dreamer. Certainly, it will be because your endurance and persistent nature.

The color of the bat

The value of dreams in which appeared a bat, depends on many things, and environmental factors. Especially important role in interpretation is played by the color of the animal.

What does the dream mean, bat which white? Unfortunately, such dreams means death. It may not be physical death, but spiritual. The dream book says that in this case, the animal may symbolize your rebirth and the transition to a new stage of life.

If you had a grey harbingers of disaster, it means various ills, misfortunes, wounds, injuries (both psychological and physical). Unfortunately, in this situation, troubles can trap not only the dreamer but also his loved ones.

Black bat, ghostly in a dream, says that your mood in recent times - dark and oppressive. Dream interpretation advises for some time to retire and relax.

This dream (bat black) can also mean that there is something mystical, occult, the devil. The only way out of this situation is the Church. And the more you turn to God, the more likely that you will not become a victim of witchcraft.

Sleeping bat

If you see how this animal sleeps, know this: your intuition will tell you what direction to go. Dream interpretation often advised to listen to it, then you will be able to avoid serious problems and difficulties.

You saw that the bat was hanging upside down with your eyes closed? This means that your sharpness and confidence will allow you to achieve this. The animal woke up abruptly? Do not expect anything good.

Also, this dream means that you should look at the problem from a different angle. Perhaps it will quickly resolve the difficult situation.

The emotions of the dreamer

If in your dream you feel fear at the sight of this animal, so the danger comes from your friends. Do not blindly trust them.

Do you have feelings of fear? This suggests that you are much stronger than those who are trying to harm you. It is thanks to this quality you will be able to get around all the difficulties and troubles.

The attack of the animal on the dreamer

Did you dream of a bat sitting on your head? Be careful in reality. Terrible changes will happen in your life. Dream Interpretation advises not to lose heart and not to make rash decisions.

I dreamt that the animal village to your head and start to pull hair? That will tell you a dream? The bats in this case represent an elderly woman who has a profound influence on your life. Perhaps it affects you witchcraft. Be careful!

Animal in a dream bites you? This means covering the fear in you, immersed in their own problems and bad thoughts. Perhaps in your life really soon an event will occur that will bring you a lot of problems.

Do bats attack you in the dark? This suggests that you are consumed by the fear of reality. This feeling prevents you from living for a long time.

Seeing bats walking around your body means your fall down, the path to the abyss.

To harm, to kill the bat – why this dream?

You throw in a mouse with a rock? This means that you will be the only witness to the fire, so don't forget to grab a phone to call the fire service.

Killing a bat in a dream means that you will overcome all your fears, overcome all problems and enter a new stage of life.

Different situations in night vision

Bats in the house mean that you will experience the joy of the fact that your sworn enemy is suffering from the troubles that have befallen him.

If you dreamed that you marry a bat, it means that you are waiting for marriage with the best woman in the world.

You watched five of these dangerous animals? It speaks of happiness, luck, profit success.

If you dream that you are flying next to bats, it means that you walk on the edge. Be careful!

Have you been chased by a bat? Fire is expected in the house. Do not forget to turn off all electrical appliances before leaving.

I dream of a huge number of mice that are trying to attack you? You will be a lot of claims. This will happen both at work and at home, and in the process of communicating with friends. The dream advises not to pay attention to it.

Watch the flight of flocks of bats? All your secrets will soon be implemented.

A small bat in a dream means minor difficulties that will later turn into intractable problems.

Pleasant dreams!